Pale Powder Blue Suede Hatchling

A slender, angular muzzle frames this pale powder blue dragon, with his upswept headknobs and strong boning to his face. A thicker neck before broad shoulders and a well sprung chest form next, traced by lighter designs in glinting ice blue over the slightly darker powder blue of his hide. Sharply pointed neckridges trail down along his back to the long length of his tail, ending with the same glinting ice blue at his bluntly pointed finial. Narrow hips lead down to fine boned legs and feet capped at the very end with talons of slightly darker robin blue, curving crescents that are wickedly sharp. His wings are draped in powder blue, from his leading edges to his trailing, the wingspars slightly darker under the thin translucent hide while here again the same glinting ice blue designs show. This tracery pattern follows through, with a delicate design at odds with his build and overall stance.


At his core, Aronth is a somewhat suspicious dragon. He wants to believe the best of everyone, but can't quite make that leap. The only person that he trusts fully is you, Safiya. This distrust doesn't mean he picks on others or goes out of his way to antagonize other dragons. He's more apt to ignore and disregard those that he feels are beneath his notice or that might not have his best interests at heart.

He is eager to please as a youngling, wanting to do what is asked of him always and prodding you to do the same. It is only as he grows older that he becomes more cynical, wary of why certain things are asked and what might be the reasons behind the request. Make no mistake, he will always trust you. It is those other folks he is wary of.

Aronth is a very quick study, very eager to please and do what is wanted of him. This translates into learning what is expected, and following orders nearly exactly when he is young. It is only as he gets older that he starts to question what is right and even then, he will still go along, just questioning to you if you two should.

He will be a good wing dragon, your Aronth, steady and rather sober although sometimes prone to flights of fancy, or going off and doing rather daring maneuvers that might, just might get you hurt or killed so be prepared for the telling off that comes with that. Especially if you do not try to rein him in.

He adores female dragons, although he will never be able to quite settle on one, mostly because you hold his heart so completely that while he chases, he will be a sort of love and leave them fellow. After the flight is over, he will have completely forgotten the girl he was so worked up over, with the chase done his heart his yours once more to have and to hold.


Love Me Tender

Innately suspicious of newcomers, this mind has a hard time trusting. It wants so badly to be loved and appreciated but taking that leap of trust is difficult for it. Once it does trust, it does so completely even in the face of evidence that it should not, or should be more cautious. In your head, his voice is a smooth middle baritone, calming and relaxing as speaks although he can growl out orders with the best of them, and as well his voice can soar to high notes so many of the male persuasion cannot.

Egg Name and Description

On Little Cat Feet Egg

Sleekly ovoid, this egg is more elongated than the norm, standing out amongst its siblings both by shape and by the odd picture it paints of being slinkly furry. Agouti stripes stand out, marking tiger patterns in an odd grey brown over the surface. Outlines of other markings delineate delicate lines that suggest a whiskery face and moody gold eyes, or are those simply more spots in the yellow brown furry patterns? Finally wrapping all around the egg and near buried sometimes is the sleek long length of a ringstriped tail.

Impression Message

It is a nearly musical tone that filters through your mind, becoming very quickly overwhelming as it builds, ever louder. As you strain to filter out anything but that noise it is hard to see what else is happening on the sands. Until right in front of you is a pale powder blue hatchling that is looking anxious. « Safiya? Please tell me that you'll love me. I have been looking for you and searching everywhere and then you were here and you're so quiet and I don't know what to think and how will I cope if you don't like me…» Then he is silent for a moment before he brightens. « Oh yes. I am Aronth, Safiya. And I am yours and you are mine. Right?»

Inspiration and Credits

This clutch was based on two themes. The egg theme was brown things, and your Aronth's egg was a brown tabby cat, with agouti stripes. While for the dragons they were based on dead famous performers and your Aronth is based on Elvis Aaron Presley. This gives you a dragon that wants to please, adores you as a woman, and generally wants to have fun while he is suspicious of those in authority over him and is generally predisposed to melencholy. I do hope that Aronth is close to what you were looking for, and please play him how he suits you. Scrabble.


High Reaches Weyr - Sevenspindles Mux
Name Aronth
Dam Gold Cassiath
Sire Bronze Jrairth
Created By Scrabble
Impressee Safiya
Hatched 24.10.757 (June 29, 2014)
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