The War Maid's Mount Green Hatchling

Celadon glazes this lethal beauty in a light green crackle so pale she seems almost colorless. She is built much like a stoneware warrior, lean and feminine, but with a sturdy competence to her frame. The bulk of her is lithe and limber, well toned but geared more towards aggressive speed then brute power. Her head is narrow and sharply angular as opposed to the cloak of her wings which are vastly over sized. The spars are thick and the celadon sails nearly opaque, rather than delicate and airy. The celadon glaze darkens in a very pale jade coif starting just over her expressive eyes and rolling back down the solid neck and round her throat latch, painting her forehead and neck in tiny rings. These jade rings reappear about mid-thigh on each agile limb where they descend downwards; steadily darkening to the deep jade daggers she wears for talons. A final emblem marks her keel bone, that of a faint cross design cut as much by the crackle texture as the celadon green color.

Ayreth is 21.2 feet long, and has a wingspan of 35.3 feet.


Honor and duty are the bylaws of Ayreth's existence. She has the thoughts of a warrior, as one might expect, yet they are softened by compassion and a wise acceptance of the flaws in others so that she is much more a companion and confessor then she is defender and champion. Ayreth is your sister in arms rather then your superior or commander.

As a youngling, she is energetic and full of high spirits. Though not fearless, she is very brave and she will meet any challenge set her, eventually. Just do not expect her to always march to your drum. She is an independent being with her own thoughts and opinions and is not going to change them without due cause. Even young she is concerned with what is right and just, rather then easy or expedient. Still she is a dragon, and a young one at that, and thus not always wise to the subtle nuances of humans which can influence meaning or action. In this you will have to be her gentle guide. She is diligent in her lessons, if sometimes a bit impatient with them. But they are duty and therefore must be done correctly, if not always with relish. Her compassion allows her to understand and even sympathize with some of her more reluctant classmates.

When Ayreth reaches adulthood she will rise to fight thread with an aggressive exuberance that counteracts the lesser stamina of the smaller colors. This is what she was made for and so she is nearly battle mad with the joy of flaming. You will need to tame her more wild impulses when the madness takes over. This same aggressiveness is present when your lady rises to mate. She demands much of her suitors, taking only the most agile and daring to mate. But woe betide the male too daring, he who would take before she bestowed. Her dagger like talons and gleaming teeth are all that will meet such attempts


Gentle Defender

Your Ayreth's mind voice is a husky soprano, obviously feminine but with a rough, masculine undertone. She thinks as often in pictures as in words and tends to color her thoughts with golden warmth and an embracing gentle love.

Egg Name and Description

Wages of War Egg

Nestled as deep as it is in the hot sands, this smallish egg seems more a heaped mound of salt crystals then a hardening dragon egg. Only the upper half of the shell is visible where it clearly lays on the long axis. Most of it is a glittering white from the rough, angular texture of the shell striking the light. However, the near end of the mound has been dyed a rainbow of sea foam green, pink, and pale yellow.

Impression Message

The winter snows outside only seem to make the heat surrounding you that much worse for a damp, sticky humidity. Sounds echo around you, hatchling cries and human voices drum away at your mind till you could almost go mad. Into this comes a warm golden light, soothing away the noise like an uncalled for blessing. Suddenly you feel as if you can breathe freely, as if a part of you that was gone has returned. This errant thought elicits a throaty chuckle. « Then fight back, my love. » A husky soprano calls. You become awash with a sea of loving thoughts coming from the pale warrior green. « Don't you know your Ayreth?» Again the throaty chuckle sounds, but a tinge of hunger is to follow. « I'm really very hungry, Leeana. »

Inspiration and Credits

The theme for this clutch eggs was books. The book used for the egg was We Few, by David Weber. The warriors in that story owe something of their set up to the Roman legions, and during that time period table salt was often used in lieu of money. It was used to pay Roman soldiers, eventually giving rise to the term salary. The hatchling theme was ambitious Mommas. In Ayreth's case, I used the inspiration for your own character to come up with the idea of a paladin. In fantasy, paladins are generally portrayed as holy knights of some monastery type order such as the Knights Templar, when a paladin was actually a word derived from a palatinus, a high level official attached to imperial or royal courts by the Roman Catholic Church. Her description and personality are based on a Knight Templar combined with a bit from her namesake, Gayressa, Leeana's courser. But as always she is yours now to do with as you wish. Egg and hatchling were created by Trouble.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Ayreth
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Dhavoth
Created By Trouble
Impressee Leeana (Leeana)
Hatched 08.02.747 (OOC DATE)
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