I've Got a Fever Brown Hatchling

Pale tan hide covers most of this dragon, from the tip of his blunted muzzle and his heavy jowls to the broad, wide spade at the end of his thickset tail. He is seemingly short and rather stocky in build, and while not overly pudgy he does seem thick with muscle and bone that is out of place for his smaller size. Streaks and whorls of darker sienna hues float above his pale hide limning his shoulders and down his back in a gratuitous display of brilliance, dark flashing over light that moves along forearms and haunches and even to leaving the talons capping his feet mottled. Almost translucent wingsails throw more of the patterns against his hide, splashes of lines and dotted circles that flex and disappear with each movement of light.





Egg Name and Description

Aganisia Egg

Deep blue is the background color of this egg, on it rests a flower of pale lilac. This flower has five petals in a star pattern and a sixth petal is in the center of the flower. As one looks at the egg they might notice that the flower appears to sparkle just the tiniest bit. The central petal is shaped strangely. It looks like a dolphin leaping in the ocean. In front of the dolphin is a shallow magenta cup.

Impression Message

It is hot, so very hot. Are you melting yet? Another wave of heat to burn you, reduce you to your core and leave only the best behind. «I see you now.» A cooling breath, a fix for the overwhelming heat. « I've got you, Ph'yn. I am Brifuth, and I have you. Do you have me?» Then a hesitance as that cooling breeze moves further and further away, so very scared.

Inspiration and Credits



High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Brifuth
Dam Gold Cassiath
Sire Bronze Renth
Created By Scrabble
Impressee Ph'yn (Ophynn)
Hatched IC DATE (30 Jan 2015)
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