Magic of the Cypress Swamp Green Hatchling

A great spread of cypress sails rises up as if from the murky depths to shelter the large swamp born lass. A wash of yellow-green duckweed speckles the sails and spindled spars, running over the edges to splatter the broad shoulders and deep cypress chest. Her limbs are wide and ropey, like gnarled tree trucks growing out of the brackish waters and wielding wicked ivory talons. Both tail and neck are long and heavy, whipping with sinister speed. Her ridges are darker still, murky cypress kissed by shadow. The darkness cascades over her elongated head and into the hollows of her cheeks. She slinks thru shadow, somehow hard to see. Glittering pools of dark sea green sparkle in the play of the hard muscles as though lights flicker in the water. She carries in her flanks the magic of twilight on the bayou.


Like the murky swamp from which she springs, Byouth is a lady of unknown depths and mysterious secrets. She’s quiet and reserved, preferring to keep just to herself and you. Outsiders need not apply. She can be a deep thinker, for a green. Not that she’s always or even often right, but she does always think before acting, something often out of character for this notoriously flighty color. And she’s as patient as the day is long. Why she can wait for hours just for that one spot on the beach she most prefers to bath at and woe be tide you should you press her to hurry up. In temperament, your lady is generally very placid, though one wouldn’t go so far as to say easy going. She has very strong opinions; she just doesn’t allow herself to become upset easily. When she does, she is as unrelenting and unstoppable as the tide. In true anger, she is vicious and violent and her actions all the worse for being those of a dragon, thought-out but still childlike and capricious.

Weyrlinghood went relatively smoothly for you, though you did have to contend with a certain amount of stubbornness on the part of Byouth. But with your older age and her innate poise, you muddled through just fine. The worst for either of you was waiting out her full growth. Not that she took unusually long to grow, but she’s big for a green and had the awkward stage more like a blue or a brown then her more delicate sisters.

Byouth is something of an average flier, neither especially aerobatic nor particularly ungraceful. She won’t impress any wingleader but she’s not going to embarrass you either. She is, however, somewhat of a crack search dragon. Her attention to detail and patience helps her to find not just the obvious choices but those rare shy hidden gems as well. Her mating flights will be nothing out of legend but she’ll have a bit more endurance than some of the other greens and might take as many brown suitors as blue over the turns. None of them will hold her heart even a quarter as much as you do.


Beneath Still Waters

Murky waters hide the depths within this mind. Still and silent, the touch creeps up on one with soft warmth in shades of muddy blue. It smells of damp growing things, of good green earth and brackish water. Anger rumbles like the great deep growl of the gator and joy is the wind rustling the cypress branches, the creak of the wood, and the soft chirping birds at dawn.

Egg Name and Description

Reap What is Sown Egg

It rests on its side in the sands, an egg of moderate size and colorful appearance. The bottom half is shades of brown interlocking into a pattern almost like the plaiting of a woven basket, lacking only a handle to pick it up with. Rising up and out of the basket in lumps of bright fall colors are vegetables, fruits, and grains in all the colors one would expect to find. Red apples roll around a big orange pumpkin. Sweet green cabbage tumbles up against a bunch of bright orange carrots and spilling over it all are greens and beans and onions.

Impression Message

It starts as a smell of muddy water and rich wet growth, seeping past the stand and stone smells around you. The hustle and bustle of the cavern fades into the soothing chirping chorus of frog calls. You hear a splash of water, a fish jumping, and the low alto rumble. « Where are you, Dr’stin?» The chirping stops and all is silent as your eyes lock with those of the awkward cypress green hatchling. « There you are! » She rumbles again, contentedly. « I am Byouth and I am ever so hungry!»

Inspiration and Credits

The theme for the eggs was Autumn. Byouth’s egg is based on the harvest aspect of the season. The theme for the dragons was all things aquatic and Byouth is based on the Louisiana bayou country. She was created by Trouble.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mu
Name Byouth
Dam Gold Xaeth
Sire Bronze Mwoth
Created By Trouble
Impressee Dr'stin (Drustin)
Hatched 751.06.18 (OOC DATE)
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