A Shot of Gold Hatchling

Evanescent pale honey gold clings to lustrous silken hide, as lithe, supple muscles roll beneath it. Rose gold flakes float within the honey as exquisite freckles. The speckles start on her face, limning the lines above and below her eyes. They glide across her hide, thickest on back and rump, while disappearing to nothing on the underbelly. She is an image of soft strength, sylvan head flowing into a slender neck with delicate ridges cascading down towards her back. The svelte form continues through lean, nimble limbs and taut high flanks with the sensitive tail held deftly /just/ so. Wicked rose gold talons curve from the long, sleek toes seeming as if they could pierce into the ground below. The oversized wings are a honey so clear as to be near transparent, sprinkled with the rose gold specks as if stars in a liquid sky. They line the delicate spars and leading edge painting the spindled bones even more solid against the insubstantial sails.


Cassiath is a naturally lazy sort of being, though very few besides you will ever know it. The way she expresses it tends to make her seem very responsible and driven from the outside. If there's something that needs to be done, some lesson that needs to be learned then by the shell, she's going to do it, do it right the first time and every time after that. There will be no putting things off until later or doing it half-heartedly! Procrastination and poor attention to detail just lead to stress and having to do it all again, sooner rather than later, and Cassiaith is not about to have her free time messed with! Because this is what all her drive is about, making sure you and she have the free time to pursue your own interests and joys.

There will be interests and joys. Cassiath is a curious lady, thoughtful and spunky, with a semi-sweet, spicy bite to her wit. She likes to hear about new places and new adventures. Oh, she doesn't really want to see them or have these adventures, but it is lovely to daydream about what if. Just don't expect what if to ever show up at your door. She likes for you to read to her and tell her about the plants that you love. And she is very fond of the snow and ice of winter. She likes to play with it, roll it about with her paws and head and just sink in as deeply as she can get. She loves to watch the children play and build in the snow: forts, holds, and castles alike.

Cassiath has a wonderfully terrible sense of humor, based mostly in the very worse of word lore: the pun. She loves them and collects them as one might precious stones. While most of the time disinclined to speak to anyone besides you, a good pun fest will have her opening up to complete strangers. Once started, she will gleefully pun with whom-ever is willing to play with her. In her mind, anyone who can pun is a friend.

She has a strong sense of duty to the weyr and yourself. What this means for her is that she knows her place as a leader, behind Xaeth of course, and most important breeder, for the weyr. She is always sure to test her mates as fiercely as possible to provide the best clutches she can. She's protective on the sands, inspecting each candidate carefully to make sure he or she is quality for her children. But once impressed, they fade off as less important to her. She's quick to step in assisting with injured dragons as needed, though you might not personally be a healer, and she expects you to fulfill your duties as well. You are also expected to provide leadership and children for the weyr.


Sweet and Spicy

Her mind is a wash of sweet and spicy. Sweet clinging honey coats in soothing sultry waves of amber. It is the close touch, the personal one used only for you and any special few Cassiath might attach to. Like true honey, once it touches, it never truly seems to withdraw completely, always leaving behind just a hint of the touch that was there. For most things and for others, she is refreshing cinnamon. She comes in a spicy wave of excitement searing a path in in a microsecond of heat that instantly cools and awakens the feelings. Of colors, she shows rust and umber. Her actual voice is a deep alto, feminine but strong and powerful.

Egg Name and Description

Playing Dress Up Egg

Brilliantly gold, this very large egg is almost too bright to look up and very shiny, the surface looking glassy smooth. Flecked here and there in spots with decorations of dainty white netting, that swoop in circular motions while the satiny folds of gold coloring shimmer over the surface to fall in graceful drops to hide below where the egg lays half buried in the sands. The apex end is adorned with more white, folds upon folds of netting that rest upon each layer, ruffles that crease back and forth in billowing abandon until they seem to fluff across the surface, clouds of lace across the sunshine gold.

Impression Message

Here in the middle of the miserable heat and humidity of the sands, a wave of refreshing cinnamon washes over you. It burns away the heat and exhaustion, searing your sinuses for just an instant. You feel as if you have awoken from a dream. « Yes, do wake up, Deimara!» The voice is soft but spicy, sultry honey laced with a cinnamon zing in the mind. « Well, that's nice, but I'm hungry!» The voice and feelings seem to be coming from outside yourself, from the honey gold hatchling waiting impatiently for your attention. « Feed me!»

Inspiration and Credits

The theme for the clutch eggs was things you do with children. Your egg was based on playing dress-up and the description is that of a gold satin princess dress with white lace sleeves and trim. The theme for the hatchlings was alcoholic drinks. Your queen is based on Goldschlager: cinnamon flavored schnapps with micro-thin flakes of gold floating in it. Her name is a play on the shooter Gold Shot which has both goldschlager and honey schnapps in it. The name Cassiath comes from the scientific name of Chinese cinnamon, which is the variety most commonly sold in the US. The egg was done by Scrabble and your queen was done by Trouble. We hope you like her.


High Reaches Weyr - Sevenspindles
Name Cassiath
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Denskith
Created By Scrabble, Trouble
Impressee Deimara
Hatched 749.01.13 (Jun 10)
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