Beware the Poison Apple Green Hatchling

Hers is a cold and regal beauty: the kind of distant, untouchable grace that is as much a function of bearing as of appearance. She stands with an upright commanding poise that somehow adds stature to what is in fact an average size and build. Neither bulky nor overly slender, she is a being of supple bright apple green hide covering muscles that slide over a well-sprung chest and strong limbs. The apple green hide darkens slightly where her gathered haunches rise a touch on the high side and her tail flows neatly behind to the tips. A willowy bright apple green neck supports her sharply angular head, graced by especially tall headknobs sweeping skyward. Veins of the palest jade ribbon through the gentle mounds of her ridges down neck and back while more jade tendrils rope all along her underbelly. They seem to spring from a fist sized patch of purist jade right in the center of her chest. Furled wings are a dark, murky absinthe green hiding the great expansive of her elongated wingspan. When lifted aloft, the great billowing sails catch the light, setting the absinthe afire with eldritch flames so it nearly seems to fluoresce from within.


As regal and poised as any gold, your Cloicroth comes off to the rest of Pern as a very cold, if unusually majestic green. Most don't necessarily like her, as they find her cold and harsh, but nearly all respect her for her drive and presence. But you know her secret for at heart, your Cloicroth is a true actress, with tremendous skill and range. She can and will play any personality, be it villain or heroine, though only for a short time. And even more amazing than that is her ability to swap back and forth between villain and hero at the drop of a hat. But she can only keep up the fa├žade for a short period of time, and once in a position of respect will rarely bother at that.

Why is she such a consummate actor? For one simple reason only you, who see her heart, will know. Cloicroth is a being split in two by two equal but opposing forces who must always walk a balance beam so as to not fall into the abyss. Cloicroth is at her core a dark easily angered dragon with a taste for revenge and jealousy, bitterness, and a propensity for taking the easy road. If left unchecked, she would revel in that darkness until it drew her down and destroyed her. Luckily for you both the darkness is tempered only by the redemption of your love and hers for you. It is your need for her to fight against the darkness and be the very best of herself that allows her to win against the void sucking her down. And this only leads her to love and need you more.

There is a best to her as well. She is, as seen even by others, very driven and capable of throwing every ounce of her energy into whatever project holds her attention. She also has a tremendous ability to love and once her love is given there is no force in the heavens or the world that can break that love. She does not need or even want lots of people in her life but those special few she takes to, she will love without restraint until the day you both pass on. But she has trouble expressing her love and will seem in turns distant and smothering. She does not know how to show her deepest feelings and will need your help.

Cloicroth is nearly magical in the air. She's grace and airy lightness with sharp snapping turns and great speed over short distances. But as if to compensate for this, she has slightly less endurance even then the average green. Still she will be an asset to any wing, so long as she keeps her temper under control. Her mating flights are likely to be quite wild with dramatic aerobatics and speed but also very short. And it's possible if you do not curb the tendency she could get a little overly aggressive towards her suitors as well.


Sonorous Regal Chill

Cloicroth's mind is as cold and regal as her bearing. It rings in chilly tones: rich and full with a deep resonance that touches every part of you. Always elegant in both tone and word choice, her language almost seems to lean towards the grandiloquent but with just a hint of snark underneath. To others her mental touch is always chill, somehow both distant and invasive at the same time. She can come off as harsh even to the point of pain, especially when angered. But for you, she melts, turning ringing chill into regal, if somewhat expressively awkward, warmth and love.

Egg Name and Description

Hedging Your Bets Egg

A perfect ovoid in shape and size, this smaller egg has a curious texture. It is as if someone has affixed a forest of spines to the shell, making of it a spiky ball. The illusion is created by long over lapping rows of tan and black stripes, tipped by creamy white. The spines seem to lay in one direction all across the exposed surface, even to the point of curling up underneath. They stop there, just before the sands start where creamy white with an undertone of pink can be seen. Two final black spots are visible, and for just an instant it seems as if one winked in and out of existence.

Impression Message

A cold, pervasive chill slips across the heat of the sands into your mind. It frosts over all thoughts and every feeling, leaving you frozen in silence. Then a presence steps in, at first harsh and almost cruel, but rapidly fading to a rush of joyful warmth. « Mariel! At last, I have found you! » The sonorous regal tones resonant through your mind, ringing into your soul like a bell. « Come away from those others, dear. They aren't your quality. » The voice retreats but returns again, stronger than ever. « I am Cloicroth and I would very much like to eat now, if you don't mind. »

Inspiration and Credits

The theme for the eggs of this clutch was brown things. Your egg is based on a hedgehog, all rolled up in a protective ball. The theme for the hatchlings was famous performers who had passed. I took your dragon requests and meshed them to come up with Lucille Laverne as the performer. She was the voice of the wicked Queen in Disney's version of Snow White. She most influenced the mind and acting inclinations of your dragon. The rest of her is based on Regina of ABC's Once Upon a Time, both her inclination towards taking revenge and looking on the negative side and her redemption in your love. Her name comes from the Irish Gaelic 'Gcroilar na Cloiche' which is Heart of Stone, another reflection of Regina's cold, missing 'stone' heart. All were written by Trouble.


High Reaches Weyr - Sevenspindles
Name Cloicroth
Dam Gold Cassiath
Sire Bronze Jrairth
Created By Trouble
Impressee Mariel
Hatched 24.10.757 (June 29, 2014)
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