Bold, Brash Brazillian Walnut Bronze Hatchling

Swirls of dark bronze float across the hide of this large dragon, from his broad wedge of head and thick sturdy headknobs and muzzle before slipping smoothly, liquidly down a sturdy neck, delineated by thick muscle and heavy bone. Wideset shoulders spring into a deep chest and then thickset forearms before his body seems to narrow slightly through the belly and down to his haunches, but even as they are narrower than his shoulders they still remain bunchy with muscle. His tail is sturdy, overtly heavy before the sharp points of his ridges are ornamented in slightly brighter, brassy bronze that that decorates various parts of his hide in swirling patterns. Even his wings are a study in a dark bronze base before they remain decorated in liquid brushstrokes of brighter bronze over the wingsails, moving from leading edge to trailing in an almost feathery appearance, of brindled brilliance.


…and then there is Dharryth!

The not so loveable scowling youngster who wants you to pick the couch in the farthest back corner of the barracks on the edge of all the others. He's not part of the group, at least not yet. He may have hatched at the same time but there is a leeriness to him that has him hissing from ever behind you, with wing, talon and tail curling protectively about your form. «What strangers are these to give you orders, brother!» Of you there is no doubt, a loyalty, a firm unfathomable depthless love that is unwavering in its support. Of everyone else… eh not so much. His loyalty will have to be /earned/.

Luckily he's not adverse to taking cues from you! «Are you sure I should try that, those straps look awful tight… and worn. Is that a hole??» but of course it's a hole for the buckle and it's supposed to be there, and you'll adjust things and you'll have to reassure the gruffy aloof youngster that everything is ok. He's not going to be attacked and the Weyrlingmaster isn't really going to make you muck the barracks forever, and so on. Not that he minds attack. He's a fierce warrior at heart and when he gets to flame thread, watch out. It will be /incinerated/. Until then he'll have to settle for ropes and drills and lesser satisfying things. «What do you mean I wasn't supposed to set fire to Lentith's couch? It was clearly going to attack me! He never cleans it you know… it was /moving/ I swear!!»

…and so weyrlinghood will go. There's plenty of growing for both of you to do. Your partner slowly coming out of his gruffy aloof shell, the Weyr earning his loyalty in all things until that wonderful day of graduation when you look up to your partner and find a more matured bronze. A strong willed but ultimately loyal, if somewhat temperamental creature, who turns into quite the kick-ass thread torcher. WooHoo! No better thrill than that!! He won't quite completely lose the rough bits of his personality, and succeeding generations will still need to earn his friendship and loyalty.

A solid fighter he is ever an asset to the 'Reaches. He may even some days indulge in chasing the ladies. Of greens it will be more at your preference, of golds good luck holding him back. His growing popularity among riders and residents may some day result in the ultimate win, entangling with the hide of shiny gold and the resultant clutch. He'll be somewhat torn. A doting father while the eggs are on the sands, proud and blustery to the rest of the weyr's dragosn because only HE caught her, and it will be HIS offspring, the next generation of fighters taking on the mortal enemy. Torn only away in those moments when the weyr is threatened by such enemy. In those moments there will be no holding back that torch that is Dharryth, warrior and expert marksman.



Egg Name and Description

Aplectrum Egg

A leaf of dark green with white stripes running the length shows against a pale brown background. A medium green stem shoots up from the base of the leaf. A cluster of flowers crown the top of the stem. The tiny flowers are a yellowish green with purple on the outside edges.

Impression Message

It is a faint touch, a bare brush against your mind as if it almost but not quite sure of itself. Then the touch comes again and it is pure determination. «There, There. You are. Stand up. I want you.» All goes silent for a long moment before another quiet thought breaks through. «We shall be Dharryth and Fl'zel and woe betide those that cross us. »

Inspiration and Credits

Dharryth's clutch is based on a number of things. The eggs of course are based on Orchids! The dragons themselves are based on tropical woods and Darryth's is based on the Brazillian Walnut. His description was also influenced by your preference for a feathered pattern upon his wings, and particular physique. He was given the name of Dharryth because you liked Darryl so much. Of personality he is much influenced by it, changing and growing over time, much as the character has. Of course he is yours now and you can play him as you like.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Dharryth
Dam Gold Cassiath
Sire Bronze Renth
Created By Deimara, Scrabble, Bingo
Impressee Fl'zel (Florizel)
Hatched IC DATE (30 Jan 2015)
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