Catch a Falling Star Blue Hatchling

So deep a blue as to appear near black, the supple hide of this blue dragon stretches smoothly over his long and limber frame from the tip of his pointed muzzle to the inky cobalt flash of his sharp taloned feet. His head is finely boned, still that same dark navy to the even deeper shadows in the hollows of his face to the slightly brighter swept back headknobs and those first sharp points of his neckridges. His neck is sinuous, swan like before it melds into his narrow shoulders and his barely wider chest barrel. Slender haunches support the rest of him, balancing him back to a slightly shorter than the average tail, again with the sharply pointed ridges following its length whilst still colored that same deep navy that appears to swallow light entirely, to the final sharp point of his tail finial. Coruscating pinpoints of brilliant light scatter across his wings concentrating themselves across the wide expanse of his wingsails while leaving his wingspars untouched, shadowy lengths of midnight blue that slowly deliquesce into nothingness. The light is brighter by far along his leading edges, slowly fading as it traverses across his wingsails until it reaches his trailing edges leaving them to a final ribbon of pure unrelieved navy blue.


Dnocesth is a very calm dragon from the moment that he hatches. Hardly anything ever bothers him, little to anything shattering the calm that pervades his soul. Because of this, he is sometimes regarded as a dragon that is lazy or slacking off. This is not quite true, he just rarely responds with drastic urgency to anything that happens. He can respond to emergencies, he just rarely qualifies anything as an emergency. He is different than most of the other dragons in this even as a weyrling, he's not going to pester you at all hours to be fed or oiled, just expecting you to know what he needs and the weyrlingmaster may have to get after you take care of him better if you don't respond in a mature fashion to this.%R%ROnce the real part of training begins, though his pragmatism becomes very important and the two you make it through flight training, between training and even firestone training without a single problem except for rider errors. Others could only wish that had a dragon that listened and trained half so well as Dnocesth. You two graduate as soon as Dnocesth is large enough to be a fighting dragon and that is when Dnocesth also shows one of his other talents, that of being a search dragon. In fact, he's the infamous blue that searches Janja for Xaeth and Kraketh's clutch of 743. It's the one time you perhaps wish you hadn't listened to him about a candidate.%R%RHe's a eager participant in flights, chasing after greens as if there's no tomorrow and always convinced that he's going to come out the victor. He's even gone after a gold a time or two, despite you shaking your head at him at his sheer audacity. Should he win, he's on cloud nine for days, until of course something else comes along that preoccupies his mind and you may have to remind him that he's even chased after certain greens or caught them before. «I have Ed'ard, are you sure of this?» Still he is a wonderful partner for you, always calm and steady and keeping you on the same straight course he stays on.


Wish Upon a Star

Shimmers of pale colors, before being streaked with darker hues, this mind is mostly placid and calm. A welcoming oasis against the world and a seeming natural buffer to life, it provides a welcoming respite when things get too difficult or when you need someone calm and understanding. It very rarely has anything antagonistic to say, or even contrary, much preferring to not say anything if it cannot be complimentary and it behaves with overwhelming gentleness in almost all that it does. It is a dreamer, an explorer, a cautious wonderer about life.

Egg Name and Description

Hidden in the Viewing Egg

Dusted by varying shades of murky browns that fade into shadowy greens this egg's color scheme is designed for camouflage, even here on the remarkably plain sands of the hatching grounds. Flashes of darker shaded browns filter through the lighter colors, outlining in starts and stops before being hidden behind darker green splotches that represent the majority of colors. Now and again thicker lines seem out of place, lost where they should be found and a curiosity for what they may represent that wishes to stay out of sight, that delights in the game of peek a boo.

Impression Message


Inspiration and Credits

Dnocesth is from Seven Spindle’s first clutch where the eggs were based on Insects and his egg is based on the Preying Mantis. The theme for the dragons was things a child collects and I remember as a child collecting wishing stars, or falling stars. Dnocesth's name is from the star Dnoces - Second (So called by Astronaut Gil Grissom, as a practical joke), more commonly known as the star Talitha in the constellation Ursa Major. This dragon was created by Scrabble.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Dnocesth
Dam Gold Xaeth
Sire Bronze Coresanth
Created By Scrabble
Impressee Ed'ard (Eduard)
Hatched 16.05.739 (OOC DATE)
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