Delta River Bend Brown Hatchling

A dragon of wood and earth, Draith's coloring is much like that of the thick forests around Lemos. The main body of the dragon, including his wide shoulders, thick chest and rather long tail, are covered in a soft hide made up of maple and birch browns, forming the illusion of a finely stained wood grain. His massive head, in contrast to the othe colors, is a deep, dark brown, much like the charcoal writing sticks of old. The dark shade fades lighter around the eyeridges and down his neck, meeting with the soft wooden coloring. Strong forearms end in obsidian talons. Much like the maw, Draith's wings seem much darker than the rest of his body, with the sails being shaded in a rich sorrel brown. Along the wingtips, the maple shade returns to dot the outer edges. The long wood-brown tail seems to have its tip dipped in another palette, as it ends in the lightest of browns, as though bleached in the sun.


Draith (Pronounced Dray' th, with a long 'A' as the vowel) is an odd sort of dragon. He is playful and loving but gentle and has a deep serene core which is sometimes hidden by his playfulness. He will be notorious for his 'collections', made entirely of things either green or brown. If you're lucky, those things will at least be dead, though the various brown or green insect may make its way to your weyr via Draith's meticulous care. He will also be fascinated with human writing and drawing, and may often try to mimic those skills in his own way.


His mind-voice is much like the calming river, swift and strong, but soothing nonetheless. There is a depth to his mind-voice that all can feel when touched.

Egg Name and Description

Late Fall Frost Egg

The crescendo of the egg is covered in white or near-white, giving over to the illusion of mist seeping down. The heavy shading is pierced by darker shapes of brown and green, rising up towards the top of the egg, defying the grey that would drown it away. A silver-blue, opaque path winds its way along the ovoid, seeming to disappear at the bottom.

Impression Message

The smell moist earth permeates your senses slowly as a second presence makes its way into your mind. Taking its time, you feel as though you're being carefully examined by the most meticulous of creatures. « Yes, you, K'ev. I've been looking for you. I am Draith, you see. I have found you!» The soothing mind-voice colors your own thoughts in its happiness. « Come, let's eat and talk. Let's begin this life together. »

Inspiration and Credits

The theme of this clutch was all things aquatic for the dragons and autumn for the eggs. Your egg desc is based on the first soft frosts warning of winter's approach. His description is inspired by the dense bayous of the Mississippi River delta. His personality is based on what requests you gave, with enough room for you to grow him to fit your own special needs. He was created by Rayne and all questions should be directed to her. We hope you enjoy him, but as always, he is your dragon and you should play him as you wish.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Draith
Dam Gold Xaeth
Sire Bronze Mwoth
Created By Rayne
Impressee K'ev (Keaven)
Hatched 18.06.751 (OOC DATE)
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