A Decadent Trap Brown Hatchling

Whorls of dark chocolate slide across the hide of this brown dragon, marking him from the narrowed tip of his nose to the even narrower tip of his tail, in carved lines and curved forms across his body. He's lankily built, rather more slender than the norm for a dragon and it shows in his longer than average neck and lean body with his wiry forearms and narrowed haunches. Lighter whorls show up on the underside of his body, more thick lines seemingly carved into his hide and showing the lithe muscling there into plain relief as his supple hide stretches easily and outlines his fine boning. Grasping feet are capped with cut crescent talons burnished to a pale marzipan, delicately glossy against his darker hide. His wings are a fantasy of dark chocolate spread across each wingsail, making them dark enough to be only barely translucent, separated by the winding ribbons of paler marzipan wingspars and dusted across the entire surface with a bare sprinkling of taupe.


Your Enolth is a sentimental dragon, caught up in the traditions and pageantry of the past, as well as the love he carries for both you and for those he considers family. He's fiercely protective as well, unwilling to back down if he believes you or anything he loves might be hurt. This underwelling theme of adoration and protection will continue from the time Enolth is a young hatchling until the very last breaths that the pair of you take.

He's a tiny bit impetuous as a youngster, just always wanting to be doing, if he can, caught up in the joy of life, of living and taking each day and wringing as much as possible from it. Don't be surprised to find you're up with the dawn and only get to bed long after the sun sets as he's determined to do, even if it does leave you rather exhausted, and trailing after.

He mellows some as he grows, settling into life although he retains a streak that wants adventure, not for excitement but to simply see all that there is. He constantly seeks to know, everything and everyone and quite frankly, there's never anyone that he dislikes upon first meetings. Now, after getting to know them, well that could be a different story. He's also determined to prove himself, and you of course the best there are on Pern.

He's perhaps overfond of flying, adoring the freedom that comes from being in the skies and once the pair of you are cleared as weyrlings, expect to be there as much as possible. This is only surpassed by his love, strangely enough of between although he'll understand that you don't love it quite as much as he does.

As for what jobs the pair of you get after you graduate, well he's not that particular as long as he gets his flying time, but he's not overwhelmingly altruistic like some of the dragons. But really, he's willing to follow in what you want to do, although you might here some snide comments if he really doesn't like the job.

He's fond of the lady dragons, both the greens and the golds and isn't likely to show a partiality toward one color or the other if a female is rising. He is willing though to listen to your choices, however and back off if you do not care for the dragon's rider, more so than perhaps many other dragons in that he's found his perfect partner in you and is willing most times to try and put aside lust for you.

Should he ever sire a clutch, he's an attentive father to the mother, however the eggs are a distant second in his affection, while the dam is showered with his adoration and even she pales besides his love for you.

I had a great deal of fun creating Enolth for you, and I hope you love him.


This is mind is frozen winter mornings warmed up by mulled, spiced cider and the scent of steamy horses. It is chilled hands warmed around hot bricks and the hint of cinnamon and clove and apple that brings the feeling of the holidays home. It's the bite of the chill air, and the smell and feeling of woodsmoke against your skin, the air so crisp and nearly bone dry. It is also the feeling of a dry sense of humor, of trust and love for ones family and settling in for the long winter evenings.

Egg Name and Description

Awash in Fire Egg

Inky dark sky is split by brilliant streamers of light in glorious shades of purest reds that slowly fade into eerie greens, illuminating between the glittering pinpricks of stars and the darker shadows of the landscape. Wide ribbons of the brilliant red wind around the narrowest part of the egg, a counterpoint to the black that forms across the middle and that is nearly overshadowed by the color. Silhouetted against the bright colors are the dark forms of cold weather trees, stark reminders of the cold against the fire shaded night sky.

Impression Message

It crosses your mind again, that faint jingling sound that you've heard before on these sands. Somewhat louder it seems, as if it draws closer and bringing again the chill of winter and the close smell of smoke with it. « There you are, P'wyn. You were so difficult to find. Such a confusing mass of people out here today. But never you mind, your Enolth has found you now. » There's a slightly wistful pause before he speaks again. « Although, I am rather hungry. Do you think I could eat? »

Inspiration and Credits

The theme for the eggs of this clutch was books and your Enolth's egg was based on books about the Aurora Borealis and the pictures found within. The theme for the dragons themselves were ambitious Momma's, and your Enolth is based on the Winter Queen from the Narnia series, and the treats she uses to bribe away folks. While it may not be the turkish delight that got Edward, it's dark chocolate and well, that will get me every time. Enolth's name is a recombination of Noel, that you came up with yourself, and also ties into the Wintertime theme.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Enolth
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Dhavoth
Created By Scrabble
Impressee P'wyn (Penwyn)
Hatched 08.02.747 (OOC DATE)
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