Spirit of Adventure Green Hatchling

The richness of the tropics blossoms upon this sculpted green. It begins in a base of delicate and yet hardy mosses that grow upon salt misted rocks. Overgrowing the pleasant mosses are horizontal layers of verdant emerald and peacock greens of smaller plants and bushes. Their exotic leaves twist to form irregular shapes which dapple the majority of her hide upon the delicate yet sturdy frame of her body. Neither far too spindly a creature, nor a bulky one, she bears her strength in a lithe build. All flowing smooth curves and feminine grace from base of jaw to the arc of her tail, she is flirty and functional all in one. Entwined around her headknobs and draping playfully down her neckridges one can trace the pattern of small leaves and tiny tropical flowers like a leis welcoming and celebrating her presence.

Talons of sharpest obsidian echo a violent beginning of a time distant past. Smudges of volcanic pumice stone are also found along the underside of her main wingbones. These few hints of the land are nearly obscured by the vibrant canopy of tropical trees and palm fronds that sprout along her back and along the edges of her wings. They form the illusion of these great trees leaning over crystal like blue-green waters of some distant ocean shore. The endless stretch of her wingsails reflects the beauty of such tropical waters, as warm and inviting to the eye as they are healing to the spirit.

Esath is feet long, and has a wingspan of feet.


Playful and adventurous your Esath is not one to relax and watch the world pass her by. She is alive, vibrant and rejoicing of the fact as she charges out to greet each day, dragging you along whether you are ready or not! In her earliest days there will be ever so much to discover. «The world is so BIG Raelii. How will we ever see it all?» and of course this just from the trip from the hatching grounds to the weyrling barracks. Wait until she finds the lake, the caverns (when she can still fit) and oh the dimension of up. «Up… up… UP!!! I. Can. Fly!!» Well yes, that is what she has wings for after all. Delightfully adventurous it she is as apt to get inot trouble without meaning to «You go in the caverns, why can not I» and innocent in injury as she tends to learn things the hard way «Ow, ow, fire hurts! How can something so pretty be so painful! It is not fair.» Yes, weyrlinghood will be full of adventures, big and small. One thing you’re likely to notice is her tendency on not knowing when to stop, not knowing her own limits. At first she’ll just be running and running and finally just collapse inot a nap exhausted. Only what you might think is normal, without your guidance and later a firm hand in restraint later would be ever injurious. Like a child she’ll rebuff your restraint. «I’m not tired, not one little bit. I want to swim longer!» she’ll complain, testing your will even as you see her yawning and drooping with fatigue. Should you relent when she’s gotten a few months or turns on her and you’ll find yourself dealing with pulled muscles, cracked talons and cut hide. It’s your choice whether you’ll be the weyr healers new best friend or not.

Flight will open up the rest of the world. Her first look over the rim of the Weyr and you’ll know she’s hooked. There will be the most amazing feeling of awe seen through her eyes a world which seems ever endless in the white capped mountain peeks, shadowy green valleys and far, far off in the distance that hint of ocean blue. It’s like a siren call and the world await you both. The Weyr will always be home, but to her it is not necessarily somewhere to linger. Reliable yes, responsible… not so much. Being pinned down to one task or another on purpose.. what a drag. She’d much rather be off doing her own thing with you. You will have to provide that sense of duty and responsibility. For if indulged you are again apt to be in trouble, your wingleader grumbling with the words “flighty” or “irresponsible” as he deals out your punishment. One thing, sweeps will never really be a punishment to her, for she gets out to survey the world AND she gets to be with you. You, her most precious and dearest love in the whole wide world.

Of that she is not particularly interested in the males. She has plenty of looks and is likely to draw more than her fair share of attention even as she enters her proddy cycles but you’ll find her more reserved and aloof. As if shy of suitors, she really has no need for any other attachment for she has you. Her flights will tend to be wild but rather short, and she favors no particular male, switching partners nearly every time. Of your own affections you’ll find a rather confused and possible jealous mate. «Well I suppose Sazey has a point of you providing for the Weyr’s future and all… but do you have to like him so much?»

At the end of the day the Weyr is her home, and she’ll be glad to return. In rare moments, perhaps as the sun sets over the rim she’ll reflect on the days adventures. As her memory is as bad as any dragons she’ll encourage to write down her thoughts so you can remind her later of exactly what you two did. A legacy of your life together, a window for future generations to discover what life was like as thread returned, as the number of females on dragons dwindled, as holders and crafters and weyrfolk settled inot their routines and relationships both straightforward and complex.


Rhythmic Surf

The tang of salt rims the mind touch of your Esath. Hardly unpleasant it blends well with the tropical blue and green hues that accompany her thoughts… and opinions. Plenty of opinions, for you won’t find this lady holding back. A mindvoice fully feminine, the tones are in mid-range. Hers is a mindscape that is pleasant to touch, to interact with. It invites one in both relaxing and refreshing as the waves of the ocean crash gently upon the shore.

Egg Name and Description

Eternal Debate Egg

This middle sized egg is striking in its appearance. Two extremes meet in well defined bands of all hues and none. For it is but black and white that alternate, with one end of the egg ending in a circle of white and the other end in a circle of black. It is quite a conundrum for depending at how one looks might this egg be black stripes upon a white base… or no that is white stripes upon a black base? However you look at it, it has another trick up its sleeve. For it seems to move and sway in an echo of your own movement, teasing the eyes into seeing what is not. How very strange.

Impression Message

A cooling tropical breeze stirs across the sands and you can taste the salt of sweat on your skin. And yet the taste is more, a ocean tang carried on the rhythmic surf pounding in your brain. Wave after wave of ocean water washes over you, relaxing you and cooling away the hatching madness, until there is only you and the tropical green standing before you. « Raelii! » She laughs, like the call of a spritely island bird. « Really, Raelii, pay attention! I am Esath and we are together now! » The demanding feminine voice rings within you like the missing note from a chord. « Hey! I'm hungry! »

Inspiration and Credits

The Egg theme was Mimics. Yours is based on a Mime! What better to represent the Mimic theme… than a Mime!

Moving along the theme of the dragons was… Hero’s and Villains! Yours is based on Isabella Bird. She is heroic to me because of her qualities and achievements given the era she lived in. She travelled the world and into regions females generally didn’t go travelling, did it despite poor health, and was also quite the writer. Enough to support all her travels! Detailed information about her can be found here:

The name Esath was inspired from Isabella and your preference to keep to a very short name. I chose a name which sounded feminine, yet related to the inspiration, obvious and yet not. The dragon personality is drawn much from the qualities in a world traveler and writer. The description is inspired from Hawaii, where she resided at one time. This picture in particular: which is a view I remember from when I visited the islands.

She is now yours to grow with, and whether it follows the ideas outlined here, or takes a different direction is entirely and completely up to you. Best!


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Green Esath
Dam Gold Xaeth
Sire Bronze Mwoth
Created By Bingo
Impressee Raelii (Raelii)
Hatched 02.09.755 (June 5, 2013)
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