Alcohol-Induced Pixie Hallucination Green Hatchling

On the smaller end of the size range for the smallest color of dragons, this green is truly diminutive compared to most of her brethren. For all her size, however, she is readily noticed, brightly colored and possessing an often cheerful bearing. Her dainty head is coated in a slick layer of dark Crème de Menthe, flowing from the peak of her narrow nose to grace dainty head knobs and cascade into brighter, seemingly froth-filled splendor along her sinuous neck before it drips upon the glass green expanse of her sturdy wings. From slender shoulders to supple haunches her color intensifies to the yellow-green hue of absinthe; a color that seems to shift from a mellow presence to extreme vibrancy as it spreads down her athletic body beneath the shelter of her more sedately toned wings.


Fremeth's nature is as sunny as her rider's, with an emphasis on being friendly and highly interactive. One might even call her a chatterbox, for she loves to speak with anyone who is willing to listen to her prattle. If ever there was a gossip among dragons Fremeth is she, cheerfully sharing out any rumor she has heard and soliciting the same in return. How accurate the gossip is does not concern her; when she cannot remember the details of whatever she is discussing she makes up interesting (to her) replacements and treats them as if they were truth. And woe be to anyone who calls her on it, for the green is fiercely protective of her 'stories' and takes it poorly when challenged, sulking and casting aspersions upon whomever might argue with the veracity of her gossip in a serious fashion.


Egg Name and Description

Flaming Death Egg

Craggy black spires rise up from the base of this egg, piercing the ash-gray mantle which coats the upper span of its shell. Thick rivers of rich yellow and red flow from these broken peaks to cut erratically across the spires as they descend, breaking up the solidity of the rocky prominences and bursting with violent force into the ash-laden crown. Here and there the rivers cool to orange tones and even to gray-black, forming a thin shell over the intense hues which erupt from the peaks. Even the far base of the egg is threatened by the flowing and falling spatters of fiery color.

Impression Message

Fuzziness invades your thoughts, forming a cushion between your senses and reality as a murky green haze settles over your vision. Warmth suffuses your skin while a tenuous greeting brushes your mind, bubbling with barely-contained excitement. « /There/ you are, F'siel! I have been looking all over for you! Did you see what Feyruth did, picking that girl? » The fizzy sense of a no-longer-foreign mind presses closer, sparkling against your senses like champagne tickling over your tongue, eager to make your acquaintance and share your experiences. « Oooh, it's so exciting! But would it be possible to get something to eat while we catch up? I'm terribly hungry. » There is a moment of almost absence as the touch thins before returning, easing the fuzziness from your senses as the other mind finds its place in your thoughts. « Oh, right. My name is Fremeth. /Now/ can we eat? »

Inspiration and Credits

The egg theme for this clutch is 'Natural Disasters' and the Flaming Death Egg is based on a volcanic eruption.
The hatchling theme for this clutch is 'Monsters' and Alcohol-Induced Pixie Hallucination Green Hatchling was derived from Le Fee Verte from _Moulin Rouge_, inspired by the alcoholic color options present in +hue green!
Created by Tralisea; credit to Trouble for the hatchling name!


High Reaches - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Fremeth
Dam Gold Xaeth
Sire Bronze Kraketh
Created By Tralisea
Impressee F'siel (Fetsiel)
Hatched 21.09.743(OOC DATE)
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