An Old Fashioned Fellow Brown Hatchling

He is a sturdy, blockish sort of dragon, from the large very squared off wedge of his head to the heavy set of his shoulders and squat length of neck in between. He has a barrel chest, leaving him thick through the middle and that meets up with his very heavy hindquarters and lowset, thick length of his tail. His coloring though, is much brighter than would be suggested by his build, a warm liquid brown that flows across his hide and pools across body, covering every inch in a dark amber hue, and leaving even the hidden bones underneath somewhat highlighted under Rukbat's light. His wings are a trifle over long, larger than the norm to support that heavy body and colored again in brandy shades over his wingsails, in a satiny liquid display that supports his 'spars above them as only barely lighter in honeyed brandied colors.


Gosturth is a rather old fashioned sort of dragon. He's one that likes how things are set up and is more than a bit afraid of new changes, or those new fangled ideas as he calls them. He'll be more willing to try new things as he is younger, settling into well worn paths as he gets on in turns and becoming not cantankerous but set in his ways. He won't approve of you learning or wanting the new out of life either. « This was good enough for us then, why should we change now, just because Waiith thinks we should? » Even if he grumbles however, he'll go along with what you suggest, because you are his rider, and he's your dragon.

He works well with the others as a weyrling, wanting to impress both you and them. « Come along Z'en, we've got to get going. We don't want to be late for this lesson. It's on between. » Woe betide you if you express frustration with your progress or how long it takes. « It takes what it takes. We are doing well. » Nothing really bothers him during this time, his bond with you so new and strong that even remarks from others seem to roll away from him. « It's just people talking, let them. »

He is a good flyer, as a mature dragon and he settles well into a wing. While he doesn't have the ambition to lead, he would be the support system you need if you would like to do so, either as wingleader or a wingsecond. One thing he is not fond of though as he gets older are the weyrling dragons. « So many questions. Don't they know it will all be answered in time? »

He's not so avid a chasing in flights as some dragons, although if he knows the green or gold he's going to want to show up. « I know this one, Z'en. We could win this time.» And of course, he will win his fair share of flights. How could he not? He's a brown dragon after all. Should he sire a clutch, he's not likely to play the proud papa, instead coming to you with questions of why should he be interested in eggs. « They are eggs. Nothing to them. » The hatchlings will garner only vaguely more interest because they have personalities. Which he may not like.


Sweetly Bitter

Gosturth's mind is generally very sweet and kind, anxious to please but he has a tendency to get his feelings hurt easily. Any rebuff, can set him off and he'll start feeling lonely, blue and has potential to send him spiraling into a bitter sort of melancholy. Despite all this, with your presence he tends to stabilize and you provide him with a happy equilibrium, allowing the easy going and generally lovable dragon out.

Egg Name and Description

Always Entertaining Egg

This paler egg is covered in splotches of brighter colors, in reflective squares. A square with delineated rectangles along the outside edges, marred with bright colors that change in threes is partially covered by a different square with checkered pattern of black and white. Tinier rectangles of intricately patterned designs are scattered over the apex of the egg, some showing the blue design, others flipped to show plainer designs of numbers and symbols. While along the curve of the egg's tip plain colored white little cubes with dots are shown, the dots varying along each side.

Impression Message

It is a ticklish feeling in your mind, before the slight rush and burn of an alcoholic feeling as your entire body tingles. «Zathen?» It takes a little bit longer but the voice becomes more confident, stronger. « Z'en, yes you. I am talking to you.» Then you realize that there is something more to your being, a dragon there always and forever beside you. « I am Gosturth, and you are Z'en.»

Inspiration and Credits

Gosturth's clutch is based on two things, the eggs were based on things you'd do with a child, and his Always Entertaining Egg is based off of board games, card games and dice. The dragons were based off of alcoholic drinks, and his is Julian's Old Fashioned, a mix of brown sugar, angostura bitters, orange bitters and bourbon. His name is a derived from the angostura bitters used in the drink. I hope you have fun with him, I had fun making him.


High Reaches Weyr - Sevenspindles
Name Gosturth
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Denskith
Created By Scrabble
Impressee Z'en (Zathen)
Hatched 749.01.13 <Jun 10>
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