A Swift Desert Run Brown Hatchling

Darkly brown, this angular dragon is pointed from the tip of his very narrow muzzle on down the lean length of his body to the finishing point of spearpoint tail. Deep browns collect in the various hollows along his slender head, from the arching headknobs to the sharp points that begin along his lengthy neck. Delicate specks of lighter, pale dusty browns begin to show up on slender shoulders and down his thin chest and forearms. His thin sides seem almost concave from the bright speckling, that continuing back to narrow haunches, lined with wiry muscle. Bony feet decorate both his forearms and his back paws, before they end in needlesharp talons that are dark, dark brown and curved past half crescents. Finally his wings are streamlined, and sharply cut in shape with his wingsails seeming only just large enough to support his lithe body, while they remain that dark brown before they too are dappled all over, flecked in the pattern of light after dark.


Idaeth is a pretty straightforward sort of dragon. He likes mostly, the simple things in life. He knows what he is good, at: being a dragon and what he has to learn as a youngster: a lot. He expects a lot of help from you, especially in explaining the things that he doesn’t quite get the first time around from the instructors, but he is not one of those dragons that needs everything explained a thousand times for him, or a dragon that will argue back with you. He has some quirks, your dragon, most notably his penchant for playing with his food slightly when he is not overly hungry, slinging it about and back and forth as if it must be killed again. He is also, once he is of age to hunt one of the quickest to find his meal and invariably it ends in a snapped neck for the unlucky herd animal.

He adores you most of all, considering you the best thing that ever happened to him and is likely to be your best booster as far as ego, or anything else. Idaeth will not be the first dragon to get everything right as a youngster, but he will be far from being the last, leaving the pair of you solidly in the middle unless it is something that catches the interest of you both and then you will move up.

Unlike most of his brethren, Idaeth is rather good at moving around on the ground, not for him the awkwardness most dragons display. He moves with a quick sort of decisiveness that can be a little off putting if you are not the one it is on display for. He is even quicker in the air, something that might cause no little bit of envy from a few of his clutchsibs and even a few older dragons.

Once graduated, he moves easily into a wing and will become one of the backbones of that wing, always steady and reliable in formation and quick to spot any clump or tangle that may not be falling correctly. He will not be one to take glory for himself, but work for the good of the team although he will always work to make sure that both he and you are safe and sound each time you return from threadfall.

He does not care much for flights, or for chasing every green that rises although he will have his favorites of course and will pay attention to those with a near religious ferver. It is just if the rider does not interest you, then the dragon will not either. Should he ever get the chance to sire a clutch, he will be protective of his mate and want to help perhaps more than she expects, becoming somewhat pestering of her.


Day's Sleeping Desert

His mind voice of a Day's Sleeping Desert will always remain very dry, with a wry sort of humor and an unwillingness to really explain what he might mean to those that don'get the joke first hand. A bit dismissive of those that have to be brought along. His voice, though is a bright tenor in pitch, light and clear for one of his size and apt to allow him to fool those who are surprised that he may be playing a joke on them before they realize just what dragon he is.

Egg Name and Description

Anacamptis Egg

A tan egg with two pale green stalks shooting up in the center. The tops of the stalks are covered with flowers in a cluster. The bottoms of each cluster has open blooms of pale magenta with darker magenta spots. The tops of the clusters have tightly budded flowers awaiting their turn in the sun.

Impression Message

It is a quick patterning against your brain, so very fast and harsh before it retreats. Suddenly it is back again, clattering away as if to wake you up from your heat fogged slumber. «There you are.» Another clattering call, before a soft cooing to ease the ache. «A'rin, donÂ’t forget that I am talking to you. I am Idaeth and you are mine.» A trembling coo now, with the clattering edged in fear. «A'rin, you do care for me, do you not?»

Inspiration and Credits

Idaeth's clutch is based on a number of things. The eggs of course are based on Orchids, and Idaeth's egg is the Anacamptis. The dragons themselves are based on tropical woods and Idaeth's is based on the Joshua Tree of the American Southwest. While not exactly a true tree, being a yucca plant they can grow to forty feet or more. His description was also filled out being based on some of the Greater Roadrunner of the desert southwest, Geococcyx californianus. Idaeth's name comes from the family name for the roadrunner, Cuculidae, roadrunners being a member of the cuckoo.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Idaeth
Dam Gold Cassiath
Sire Bronze Renth
Created By Deimara, Scrabble, Bingo
Impressee A'rin (Alorin)
Hatched IC DATE (30 Jan 2015)
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