Look But Don't Touch Green Hatchling

The lush, verdant lines shimmer like the hazy glare of mirage as she slips across the ground making her difficult to take in at a glance. Though sleek, she is neither lean nor bulky, but rather a generous flow of curved muscles and trim limbs perfectly proportioned to her diminutive size. From delicately flared nostrils to the soft round of her tail spade she is a deep, vibrant jungle green. Twining about the small spires of her headknobs and down over and around the gentle slope of her neck ridges is a knotted rope of vine green, ever so rarely speckled with hints of brown shoots. At the base of her neck, the vi
ne splits and multiples, trailing down slim forelimbs to stop just shy of the pale leaf green talons, and creeping down and around the barrel of her chest. Here, leaves sprout from the vine to paint scattered pale green triplets across chest and flank and fully engulf the tightly set abdomen. The leaves dwindle away as they move across her haunches, till only the original vines remain to climb down the muscular rear limbs and thick, short tail. The canopy of her wings is that of an ivy patch where each fragile leaf overlaps the next in an unending mosaic of pale green, supported only by the fine bones of the spars.

Isleyth is feet long, and has a wingspan of feet.


Isleyth (EYES leeth)

Very much a mixture of light and dark, your lady is a complicated green. She is smart, selfish, and somewhat self absorbed. She can be highly focused for a green, and a bit reserved. She rarely makes friends as she has a short temper and an inclination to snappishness. She has a sharp wit, bordering on cruel, but loves a good joke in any form especially puns. She is highly distrustful of strangers, especially alpha style males. She is not particularly feminine of and in herself, with neither a naturally flirtatious temperament nor an inclination for things feminine and frilly. However, she is highly manipulative, and smart enough to use her feminine wiles and so might be viewed by those she's fooled as rather girlish. But she has her good qualities as well. Once she makes a friend, she is a friend for life. She becomes a very firm and protective for those she cares for, standing by him or her under any circumstances. She has a great abiding love for you and any children you might have, though your partners are most often viewed as rivals rather than family. She has a secret love for children in general and is very tolerant of them. She loves all plants, almost to an obsession, and will likely either attempt to grow things on her ledge or beg you to when she fails miserably at her own gardening attempts. She mourns when asked to flame vegetation to prevent thread.

As a weyrling, she is both very small and rather slow to grow and for that reason often finds the physical parts of learning and development difficult and frustrating. She's likely to lose her temper frequently when young and might get you both into trouble. She's also strong willed and will test you over and over in a push to get her own way at all times. Beware of her rebellions which might lead to rule breaking if she's forbidden to try something she wants to try. As she matures, she'll prove to be sharp at picking up strategy in fighting thread. She will likely prove to be a real asset when you finally graduate into a fighting wing. She's a nimble flyer but no more or less so then normal for a small green. However, when it comes to mating flights, she tests her suitors almost as strongly as a gold might, due to her natural distrust of males. With her active dislike of alpha males, she's much less likely to accept a bronze suitor than even most greens.

I hope you enjoy Isleyth but as always, she is yours now to do with as you will. This is just a base for you to build on and you should add to or adjust her as you see fit. If you have any questions or would like to discuss her, please feel free to contact me.


Southern Bite

Her mind is a place of rich loamy soils and green growing things with just a hint of dark and decay. It has weight and depth and can be overwhelming to those not strong willed. It smells of hot and humid, of life and death, and just the slightest tinge of overly sweet poison. Her voice is that of a genteel southern belle, sweet, drawling and capable of cutting like the sharpest knife.

Egg Name and Description

Attempted Omnipotence Egg

An unnatural looking hue of matte gray ensconces the surface of this egg. It doesn't seem so much a shell as a layer of something un-pernly covering it. Straight seams can be found etched in ever the slightest darker gray hue, but no other obvious holes, latches, buttons or such contraptions to show how it is so perfect and tightly encapsulating the dragon within. An eerie glowing electric blue hue forms a small, perfect circle about the side of one's thumb in one spot on the surface. At times it seems to fade, or alternately brighten, as if measuring the pulse of some strange intelligence biding its time on the warm grounds.

Impression Message

It begins as a slow wet heat creeping over you, easily lost against the general heat of the hatching sands, but it starts to take on the smells of rich damp earth and lush growing things. A gentle lassitude overwhelms you, sleepy and soft. « That's right, Aryn. Just relax and do as I say.» The voice is so sensible, genteel with a hint of drawl. She must be a kind heart. She? « But of course! What else would I be? » And that's when you realize the feelings and thoughts are coming from the vine laden green before you. «My name is Isleyth.» Suddenly you feel the sharp bite of hunger and her voice comes back with a snap of its own. « Will you feed me now?»

Inspiration and Credits

The theme for the eggs was Mimics. Isleyth's egg was based on a computer which mimics the human brain and was written by Bingo. The theme for the hatchlings was Heroes and Villains and in this case, you drew a villain. Isleyth is very loosely based on the villainous Poison Ivy from the DC Comics Batman comic book series. Her name, Isleyth, comes from the character's name Dr. Pamela Isleyth. Isleyth's description has both English Ivy in her wingsails and poison ivy along her body to continue the theme. Isleyth was created by Trouble.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Green Isleyth
Dam Gold Xaeth
Sire Bronze Mwoth
Created By Bingo, Trouble
Impressee Aryn (Aryn)
Hatched 02.09.755 (June 5, 2013)
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