I Met You in My Dreams Bronze Hatchling

Backlit, sparkling as the night throws shadows from smoky braziers across the silky henna touched hide of this bronze dragon, only to deepen in the hollows of his elongated face and allowing sections of his lithe body to slip and slide in and out of the light. Lightly muscled, elegant curves create the form of his neck, arching down from his head to the correct set of his shoulders and well sprung shoulders before leaving his back to be slightly short coupled. His haunches are fairly heavy, ridged with muscling before leading down to stolidly boned feet with arcing curved talons in a deeply hued blackened bronze. Still most of his body is veiled by his wings, spattered lightly with overtones of bloody rust that darken the lighter henna hued bronze 'sails and leaving them with a flowing pattern of seeming movement, watermarked and smoked from his leading edges to his trailing.

Jalath is feet long, and has a wingspan of feet.


Jalath, is first and foremost a willing learner, eager to pick up what he can from anyone, but what captures his mind most is his love of language and belief. He's in earnest when he chastises you for not keeping up with your lessons, or for not listening to what others speak of around you, he's in awe of those who have the ability to give speeches, hanging on their words long after others have left. Oftentimes, he'll talk to you after, telling you what should have been said differently, what way would have had a better effect. He adores the flow of words, how they sound, how they're whispered even when just given mentally, as between the two of you.

He is a little bit of a troublemaker when he is young, unwilling to sit still and that can cause problems when in lessons. He's overly fond of movement, and has a more than predatory grace both upon the ground and in the air. Because of his size, he may be one of the first of your clutch into the air, and at the very least he will certainly try to be.

He has a certain respect for authority, although it can be tinged toward the mocking if he's not careful, though he's only liable to ever let you hear it. To hear him say it, he is the only authority you're ever going to need to listen to, and he will only ever need listen to you. Which is not going to work out so great when you're still at the mercy of Yh'val. The skies help you if he ever talks back as much out loud, and when he's very little it's quite probable some of that will leak through.

Should Jalath ever lead a wing, he'll make an exacting taskmaster concerned with having practices and drills. Keeping the others in the wing in tiptop shape and ready for whatever may come. Otherwise he'll fit right into whatever wing you go into, carefully practicing to be a part of it although there may be some clashes if he doesn't believe the leadership is going about it the correct way.

He's a great believer in love, the overwhelming love between the pair of you, and the casual love between friends and even those who might be more, always encouraging you after your chances. Jalath adores females of all colors, be they green or gold and is always willing for a cuddle up, or the chance to spend some time in the company of one. He'll also be encouraging of your own chances with ladies and the occasional male greenrider. As long as they make you happy, he's going to be delighted with them. He will also be delighted should he ever sire a clutch, enough to the point of probably driving the gold dragon crazy and you up a wall with his constant demands of what should he be doing now to help.



Egg Name and Description

Not So Tasty Egg

Bright red dots speckle this darker egg, covering it from apex to end in a multitude of larger and smaller circles that only seem to affect the upper parts. The lower part of the egg is darker a smudged grey brown, except for smaller splotches of yellow that are placed at random and almost hidden in the dark sands, streaks that show up almost as beacons to light a path or impart a message.

Impression Message

It's the heat of the desert and the dry winds over the sands that seem to sear across your mind. « K'llian. I have found you. I have searched and searched, forever is seems for you, and now there you are. Were you hiding from me? » A smell of dates, and jasmine flowers heavy and thick, before the voice is back once more. « K'llian. I am Jalath, and I really am tired of waiting for you, please? ».

Inspiration and Credits

Jalath is based on Jalal al Din Rumi, a thirteenth century poet and theologian. He is considered one of the most important of both Persian and Turkish poets and his followers founded the Sufi aspects of Islam, including the whirling dervishes. How I heard about him though, was his poetry – including this small snippet on love: "The moment I heard my first love story. / I started looking for you, / Not knowing how useless that was. / Lovers don't meet somewhere along the way. / They are in each others souls from the beginning."

This small bit has meant a lot to me on how I focus on love, both for how I feel about my spouse and somewhat how I feel about lifelong friends. Somehow, when you find the person that you're right for, it just works out with basically no input or effort from you or so it seems. It is also, as I was told by a friend a measure of how optimistic or pessimistic you are as a person. I take comfort from that snippet, because I immediately thought. Oh, there is someone for me. My good friend said it was depressing, because obviously there would be people without love.

I had a great deal of fun creating Jalath for you and I hope he is what you were looking for. Scrabble.


~High Reaches Weyr- Seven Spindles Mux
Name Bronze Jalath
Dam Gold Xaeth
Sire Bronze Mwoth
Created By Scrabble
Impressee K'llian (Killian)
Hatched May 5, 2013 (02.09.755)
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