Forged by Flame, Hammered in Bronze Hatchling

Crafted by a master, the elegant framework of this dragon is a sleek shape forged in molten bronze. From his finely sculpted angular head, down to the last arch of his tail, there is a sense of a deft artist's touch along each ridge and shading each hollow. His neck is stolidly built, angling into wide shoulders with an even deeper, well sprung chest. Thick haunches rise above legs solid with sturdy bone, down to talons curved cruelly of bright molten metal thus giving him the structure needed for endurance and completing a picture of a casting built to stand the ravages of time. Flame bright bronze hide follows each ridge along his neck, capturing the light as if hand hammered to its final shape, matte polishing across the smooth surface. His wings are a masterpiece of hand finished work, brightly polished and metal hammered to near translucence over his wingsails, shading his body with dappled patches as the light travels along. His wingspars are thicker, darker bronze in tone and rising from the metal leafing as arching caning upon which the 'sails are spread.

Kalendaeth is 28.9 feet long, and has a wingspan of 48.2 feet.


Kalendaeth is basically fun loving as a youngster, he's still finding his feet with you, and with the weyr and learning how he should behave. While he'll have his stubborn moments, what youngling doesn't, he's generally more easy going than most. It is as he ages and grows that he becomes more of a handful for you, with his own ideas of what is appropriate for a bronze pair to be doing. It's during the last bit of your weyrling training that he becomes especially willful and this may prevent your graduation for some time. Even after graduation, he's not going to make it easy on you or the others in authority over the pair of you, always with his demands of why, and whatfor.

Kalendaeth is fascinated by fire, and once you hit the firestone training, he's going to be very difficult to hold back from wanting to practice all the time, on every target including a few that perhaps are not quite appropriate. « I /know/ you donÂ’t approve of Janja. Let me take care of her. » And if reprimanded for his sometimes tactless comments. « I know you don't like her. » He'll be all sulky and sullen for days. Still, he'll be over it eventually and honestly confused when you bring it up later. « I did what? » He also adores flying, even if he is not as acrobatic as some of the greens and blues of the weyr, he's going to try some of the tricks they pull. « It's just a matter of practice, Ya'ri, that's all. » It is perhaps this optimism that is one of his best features, and that you tend to bring out the most in him. For Kalendaeth truly believes that together, the pair of you can do anything.

He will chase during flights for both green and gold dragons, as that is what bronzes do, and he will attempt his best because he does not have it in himself to do less than he can. But if there is someone that you truly like, or a flight you truly wanted to win, that would spur him to greater efforts. Should he sire a clutch, he will be enthralled with idea of it, although less so with the actuality of it when it comes time for any support that he might have to give. Once the inevitable eggs hatch, he will be back to wondering what the fuss was, although there will still be a bit of wonder. « I had a part in making some of the dragons for the Weyr. »

I hope, that I have provided what you were looking for in a dragon, and as always he is yours to play as you see fit.


Heat of the Fire

This mind is smoke and fire, underlayed with a will of pure iron. It has strong presence, used to command and oft times not easily gainsaid on something it believes in, until it forgets it of course. It has a problem with jumping to conclusions, only to have to apologize later as the entire situation unfolds. It delights in beauty, of watching dawn color the landscape of the weyr, or enjoying company with those of a convivial nature. Lastly, it is utterly devoted to its rider, choosing to believe him above all others.

Egg Name and Description

Ancient Texts and Modern Stories Egg

Curling pages seem to form across the surface of this massive egg, the edges ragged and worn before they disappear back into the rounded curves of the shell. Black script forms elegant words at a slightly tilted angle slowly fading from view as it follows the curve of shell down amidst the sands to be lost forever in the heat. Still the words seem to form snatches of the familiar, scenes that bring to mind something you've heard before becoming lost once more in the random scribblings.

Impression Message

A clang of metal on metal, heat and sparks and searing flame across your mind as you wait on the sands. No sound for several heartbeats except for the sound of metal hammering, ringing through your ears and sounding in your head, before « Ya'ri? I keep looking but I don't find you. » More clanging sounds and then the billow of heated steam. « Ya'ri, I am Kalendaeth and they never told me you would be so hard to find. » Finally he stops before you, a flame bright bronze unsteady on his feet as the sound of metal banging subsides.

Inspiration and Credits

Kalendaeth is from the Seven Spindles clutch 3, where the theme for the eggs was books, so his egg is based on the old handwritten accounts of mythos surrounding Vulcan, while the theme for the dragons was Ambitious Mommas. Vulcan perhaps had two, that can be counted, first Juno the one that threw him away, and the second Thetis that raised him. His personality is a mix of what I felt the three to be, and how any of them might respond to a given situation. His name is derived from the Latin Calends or Kalends, as the feast for Vulcan, or Vulcanalia is held on the Kalends of May. I've also learned far more than I thought possible about the Roman calendar, such as the Kalends of May are in the end part of April. This dragon was created for you by Scrabble.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Kalendaeth
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Dhavoth
Created By Scrabble
Impressee Ya'ri (Yahlenri)
Hatched 747.02.08 (OOC DATE)
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