Crafted from a fiery and near luminous harvest gold, it is as though she has been hammered and formed in the very likeness of autumn’s glory when the leaves have turned brightest and most vivid, breathtaking to behold and she is no different. She is far from frail or dainty as those leaves however, deep rooted is her confidence and proudly will she carry herself as she moves with both grace and strength in each step she takes. Red-gold crowns her head, pure and whole, sweeping up and over her tapered headknobs and ridges and flowing down over her angular but refined features, accentuated with a subtle play between light and dark, never hindering and only drawing out her beauty. Further down does the red-gold tumble, rippling over her long arched neck and sweep along her narrow chest and shoulders, only to disappear as if tossed over her back to disappear along her topside of her wings. Where harvest gold leaves off, rich and dark goldenrod takes hold in a gradual and natural change of hue as it flows across her slender and exquisite build, from her long limbs to the graceful curve of her sides and back to her powerful haunches, luminous in its own right even while carrying a burnished look. Even the length of her slender and sinuous tail does not escape, formed of that same golden hue save for where it begins to lighten near the tip to a amber gold more reminiscent of the sun’s glow. The same striking effect is echoed on each of her limbs though subtle and ending in umber tipped talons, leaving her most stunning attribute her darker, fiery autumn gold coloring. Her wings, tapered and powerfully built to complete her balanced form, are a joining of all the golden hues that create her with red-gold shimmering over the top, while beneath is claimed with goldenrod from spars to sails and the edges fading again to amber that glows with the life and vitality of the sun.


Cougar people often admit that they do tend to act first and then think later.

“Act first and think later…” That will be the best phrase to describe Kayeth in her youngest months and Turns. She will be bold and brash as a young hatchling, hasty and rash with her decisions as she tackles each new step with boundless enthusiasm. For she is like a young girl, let loose upon the world, carefree, naive and simply caught up in the simple joys of life. « It is another day, Nyalle! Get up, get up! » she’ll call, her voice alight with laughter. « I’ve found this most wonderous thing! What trouble? You worry too much! Nothing can hurt me. » Kayeth will truly believe that in the beginning, so assured is she in her strength and abilities, her confidence unshakeable even when her recklessness leads her (and undoubtedly you) straight into the belly of trouble.

In such times, expect her to simply brush herself off, flick a wing and tilt her muzzle up with a slight sniff or snort before brazenly declaring: « So I erred and will try again. But next time, we will be wiser and stronger for it! » So there. Don’t expect to reason with her in these states, as her confidence becomes her fault and her stubbornness may have you setting in your heels and calling her to line. Never will she push you too far, for as shameless as her actions may appear, her love for you outweighs all and she will sucumb to your will. « Perhaps I was too hasty. But it was fun, wasn’t it? »

Therein lies the core of Kayeth: she is the embodiment of life and youth, a freedom found and expressed through her boldness, her desire to seek out action rather than idleness, to find amusement and happiness in all that the world has to offer. She will fear little in her early months, tackling anything set before her with a headlong dive and no looking back. « Why wait? » She’ll call and off she goes. Stay on your toes, Nyalle, for your Kayeth is full of energy and never does she seem to tire of it. Close eye will need to be kept on her, as so assured is she in her strength that she will not know her limits (at first) and will push herself to their very edge if allowed to, heedless unless called back. Do not remain too hesitant or… « So you agree with me, then? » And then she will be off again. So long as you are there to temper her brashness Nyalle, Kayeth will excel in her lessons during Weyrlinghood and so will you alongside her. No lesson is too daunting or intimidating and should she feel your reluctance she will only swell her chest, lift her head up and shamelessly declare. « We will master this! » Because you will. She knows you will and does not doubt and will scoff at any who dare to say otherwise.

And as Kayeth loves and enjoys life so freely, so will she try to encourage Nyalle as well, tugging at her much like a young girl would excitedly tug at her best friend’s sleeve. « Come on, Nyalle! We’re missing the best of this lesson! We should BE there! Think how great we will be. It will be fun! » For all her brazen and brash behavior, deep down it is only for her love of action and amusement. She may be gold, but she does not see why that means she cannot have fun! At first it seems only a childish thing, a young hatchling’s curiosity and energetic outlook of the world but as she grows it remains with her even when priorities must change. Always will she be young at heart, even as her brash and brazen behavior settles (though never truly gone).

She’ll learn to be coy at times, another one of her skills that she loves to use in place of her less tactless manners. Neither is she afraid to use it either, no matter the situation or to whom she may be speaking too. Kayeth is bold and feels that she does not need to censor herself to others. If she feels they need to hear the truth, they will get it. No slyness, no cryptic words. Coy, fun and lighthearted but many will come to see it as a strength in her and not at all a weakness.

Cougar can teach you how to bring out your power and fill your heart with it that will enable you to take charge of your life … to defend yourself or to attack.

Don’t think you can fool Kayeth for long either, Nyalle. She loves you, of course, as you are but she knows that you have the potential in you for so much more. As she grows into herself, so will she try to reach into your heart and draw you from that uncertain and shy shell of yours. « You have the strength, I know you do! You only need to use it. » And she’s right — you only have to discover it and she will be patient as you work through your shell and insecurities, be it months or Turns. Kayeth is already solidly assured of her own confidence and strengths, she needs no guidance there (or so she thinks!) but she will steadfastly offer it to you. It will be through you that she will learn the lessons she needs as well to balance her boldness and set her on the path to maturity that will see her to her fullest potential. In that way you complete each other, even if unknowingly.

« You need to be more assertive, Nyalle. Don’t hesitate. We must learn and to learn, we must go forwards! » Get used to it now, for Kayeth will never cease, always stepping in to be at your side when she feels you waver, no matter the situation. Be it Weyrling lessons: are you apprehensive about the Between exams? « We have practiced. We are ready! » But what of your duties as a goldrider? « I look forwards to it and so should you. Oh… what we could become! Think of the possibilities! » To Kayeth, there are no boundaries in life, just hurdles she needs to assess and overcome and she will bring you, Nyalle, along for the ride.

Mountain Lion…
Oh kingly leader,
Of sleek, feline form,

Touch my heart with courage,
Then sound the alarm,

That I may lead with foresight,
Assurance bright and true,
To carry on the spirit,
Of the strength I see in you.

From Jamie Sams' & David Carson's "Medicine Cards" (Revised, Expanded Edition)

The cougar totem is how to balance power, intention, strength and grace.
It is the balance of body, mind and spirit.

As Kayeth reaches maturity, she will begin to find her balance, aided by her personal experience and from you as well Nyalle, for you are a larger influence than you may think. Her boldness and brashness will lessen but never disappear. Now she knows that her strength and courage is a form of power and her intentions must be a graceful balance between body, mind and spirit. « For how else to we succeed if we are at odds with ourselves? » Wise words, for one so young, but Kayeth will only laugh if one were to remark on it.

Celtic women then achieved high positions in society and a standing which their sisters in the majority of other contemporary European societies did not have. They were able to govern; they played an active part in political; social and religious life. They could be warriors, doctors, physicians, judges and poets. They could own property and remain the owner even when married. They had sexual freedom, were free to choose their partners and divorce, and could claim damages if molested. Celtic women could, and often did, lead their men into battle.

If there is one thing that will grate against Kayeth as you two progress from Weyrlinghood to duties as Juniors, it will be the restrictions imposed by the position. Having grown with freedom, to be suddenly thrust into a role that will restrict her (and you) in ways, she will chafe at first. « So what if you and I are female? Surely we are more than capable and yet they expect us to sit meekly by! » She will huff her dislike but in time she will settle and discover her purpose and once she does she will latch onto it with a fierceness and dedication that is likely rarely, if ever, to waver. Again, she will seek to draw the same from you. You may feel unsure of your duties, but Kayeth will be there as always to give you the gentle and encouraging nudge you need to excel.

Mountain Lion medicine involves lessons on the use of power in leadership. It is the ability to lead without insisting that others follow. It is the understanding that all beings are potential leaders in their own way.

« Power comes with responsibility. » She will be oft to lovingly remind you. This she knows but she wants to be certain that you do as well, deep down and unquestioning. Kayeth has a knack for leading and yet never imposes it, preferring if others choose to follow her. She also has a sense for seeing these traits in others, great and small. To her, all beings are potential leaders and you are among them Nyalle. Even if neither of you ever attain Seniorship, she will always view herself (and in retrospect you as well) as Queen, not in an egotistical sense, but simply in a logical way. « I am what I am. If we are to have this power, then we will use it for the better. »

In assuming the place of power that Mountain Lion affords, you must constantly be aware of keeping peace. However you can never make everyone happy unless you lie to yourself or others. This is human nature. Therefore the first responsibility of leadership is to tell the truth. Know it and live it, and your example will filter down to the tiniest cub in the pride. Responsibility is no more than the ability to respond to any situation. Panic is not a part of this sacred medicine.

Nor will she tolerate an abuse of this power, no matter what either of your positions may be. Kayeth is all for keeping the peace, but not to the point where you would be put in a position where your hand would have to be cruel or deceiving. She will come to know that you are both part of a greater whole, one that may never quite allow you to be human and either of you vulnerable. You both must always be strong and sure and steady, no matter the many pitfalls that come your way. « But the rewards are great! » Indeed they are and Kayeth will forever remind you of them. Never will she forget the joys of life or lose her playfulness. There is simply now a time and place for it and coyly will she surprise you (and others) from time to time. Always will she strive for the truth and politics are not entirely to her taste, but she will learn to play coy or honest where it best favors her and in times where you find yourself caught, she will be there to be sure you do not get tangled in the webs of lies and begin to mix your own truths. « For that is a power in itself. Never lie to yourself, always be true. Know it and live it! ».

Settle down, victory-women,
never be wild and fly to the woods.
Be as mindful of my welfare,
as is each man of eating and of home.

When it comes to Threadfall, Kayeth will be alive with restless energy, almost akin to when she is ready to rise. She feels it is her duty, as well as yours Nyalle, to oversee everything in preparation for Fall. Here her courage comes into play, for she wears it with pride and will rally even the most uncertain of Wingriders to their cause. One may say she even overshadows the Weyrleader at times, with her encouraging calls to arms and rallying words and it may cause some issue among the ranks. Not that Kayeth will allow herself to be silenced. « For we choose the fate of those men and women who fight when we cannot. » Ooh, and does that irk her! Another restriction, to not be able to join the others in the levels above, barred from breathing flame, left to fight Threadfall on the lower ranks. Kayeth takes pride still for being tasked with the duty of flying in the Queens Wing but always will she strive for more and likewise pass that desire on to you Nyalle. « We will find another way. We will NOT be idle! »

If for any reason she cannot be out flying Thread, then she will be certain that the Weyr is prepared for it. This is, of course, where you step in Nyalle. She will insist that all is in order, everyone prepared, supplies organized and most important of all, the Healers at ready. For she will guide each and every injured soul home, holding strong and steady even while theirs may falter. A loss will be hard, but still will her strength remain and even in your shared grief, she will focus more on the lives that remain and continue on. « They will need us, Nyalle. We must be strong for them too. » For even she knows she cannot save them all, cannot protect them all. But that will not stop Kayeth from forging onwards, all the same.

With maturity come flights and Kayeth will not be one to surprise you or leave you guessing. You will know, just as certain as you know the gathering clouds could herald rain or that the sun will set and the moons will rise to follow. So will Kayeth’s cycles and when it comes to be her turn to rise, she will revert back to her youthful days. Brash she will be, bold and restless but feeling conflicted and restrained. She knows what she must do and yet not when or exactly how and you may find that she will tackle her usual routines or push you just that much more in the days leading up to her flight. At last her hide will begin to vibrantly glow and she will simply proclaim: « It is time. » For it is time, HER time, and now she will be able to display her strength and prowess, calling all the males to her who dare to challenge her. It will be a match of wits but also a match of power and stamina for those who chase and the male will have to be evenly or closely matched to even stand a chance to snare her. When it comes time to clutch, she will be a protective mother but not overly possessive and broody. She will allow others onto the Sands, so long as they are respectful and do not overstay their welcome and this will extend to the Sire as well. Once the eggs Hatch, she will look on proudly as her offspring find their match, filled with pride and satisfaction of purpose fulfilled until the memory fades and she returns to her normal routines of her life.

Cougar medicine is the lesson of the use of power, how to be an effective, fair leader and not abuse power.

Strong, courageous, playful, coy, brazen and brash — all these words could describe Kayeth but they would be only scratching the surface. It will be what others see, but for you Nyalle you know just how deep and complex those traits go. Assured in her role in life as a gold, she will try to impart the same confidence in you so that together the two of you can learn the lesson of balance and power, to be fair leaders and not abuse what is given to you and most of all effective so that those who do follow are kept safe. Yet through all of this, never will she let you forget Nyalle to enjoy the simpler things in life, to remember that you are human and vulnerable, that mistakes will happen but you should not linger behind a shell of indecision or you will miss out on so much experience and potential. Let go of your insecurities and she will be there to support you and no matter what the Turns to come bring, she will forever be standing at your side, an unmoveable and unshakable pillar of strength and courage.


Timeless Strength and Wisdom


Kayeth’s mind is like another world entirely, just as vast and beautiful but not without it’s mysteries and secrets. For most others, they will only ever glimpse some far away land from where they stand on the precipice of a rocky shoreline, kept away by a broad and wide sea, unable to cross without her invitation (which she may rarely, if ever, give). From there they will see the distant shoreline of another island, it’s verdant rolling hills stretching out over the horizon, beautiful, teeming with life, mysterious and alluring but forever held beyond their reach. Often they will be cloaked in mist, especially if she is feeling particularly uncertain or untrusting.


But the greatest attribute of her mind is the sky above the ground below, an endless and timeless expanse. Ever will the sun or moons and stars be present, but always in the same positions as if time holds no sway where her mind is. The world around will rotate and fall whim to the ages, but her core, the island, will endure as it is the center of everything. The only change will come when she feels the need to express her mood or thoughts beyond mere words and emotions and the change could be subtle or severe, depending on the situation. So the sun may set and the moons may rise with the skies remaining clear, a time where she may be at peace or happy or simply calm and reflective. Other times may bring overcast to those skies, casting the island below in an eerie and mysterious glow, shrouded by mists of a troubled mind, to echo her worries and concerns. Wind and storms will come with her anger and upset, fierce rains to fall and drench the ground below but never for long. Once her mood has past, the island will be renewed and resume its timeless air as if that moment never was. In this way, you will always be able to glimpse her true mood and nature, if you spend the time to learn the signs, for you have the insight to see beyond the masks she dons for others.


But while she will hold others at bay by the length and stretch of the sea, for you Nyalle she will never barr the way. Kayeth will allow you to cross those waters and join her on that timeless island that never seems to shift its seasons and where the plants never seem to grow old or wither and die. Just as with the skies, here is the pressing sense of a timelessness, of youth and beauty, happiness and strength and life and she will always welcome you with an ever loving embrace. Never will the island quite be the same twice, as if she molds it to suit a purpose. She will shelter you in forests, ‘walk’ alongside you in endless gardens bursting with color and various plants — especially trees — and winding stone paths that lead on endlessly and often you will come across various arrangements, be they a group of flowers, rocks or plants, but always in threes. Three of the same kind or a different variety of each, but never less or more. Occasionally a glimpse of a white runner may be seen among the trees or bushes, always on the outskirts and always a comforting presence though it may never approach you.


But if she feels a need to really make a point or focus your attention she will wipe away all the comforts and security of the gardens and forests and leave you exposed on a hilly peek to the winds and elements with only the grass and strange rocky pillars and sky all around while her presence surrounds you like a looming and unseen force, her strength and power laid bare and open. Yet for those times when she needs to shield you, protect you or feels a necessary need for peace and calm, she has a special place tucked away, secreted and only shared with you, for this place she considers almost sacred — her heart of hearts — where no veils or illusions lie between the two of you. This secluded spot will be nestled among one of the many forested pathways of the isle, one whose path you will only find if she deems it so and in the middle will be three trees: oak, ash and hawthorn forming a sheltered ring where she will guide you and keep you safe, where you will never have to feel need or hurt (if she can help it).

Kayeth’s voice is layered and difficult to pinpoint, but to most it would appear youthful and musical, gentle upon the ears and warming like a summer breeze or sunlight, constantly flowing from one note to the next, full of life and strength and laughter. Some may venture to call it melodious, others find it strange, if not a touch ethereal, but she lets none of that concern her. Her tone can be richer, deeper yet still feminine if she so chooses and feels it necessary, drawing her inner strength to manifest it into her voice, shedding her more youthful and maiden like tones for one that is commanding and matronly, like the steady thrum of a rising storm or the beating of drums to some unknown and primal beat. Rare will she ever raise her voice to a yelling fury, but woe to anyone who stir her temper still. For her tone will become gruff but wizened, exuding the power she normally holds at bay to swell her strength and voice without so much as raising the pitch.

Egg Name and Description

Intertwined Fate and Mystery Egg
There is no mistaking the golden hue to this egg. Even if paled and subdued, it stands out among the rest from where it is placed among the clutch. At first it seems as though the shell is made of one solid hue, unmarred by any imperfections. Closer inspection would reveal however that there is a cunning subtleness at play here and an air of mystery about the egg. Spread out over the broad sides are finer lines of light and shadow, variations of the same hue but so subtle as to be almost impossible to see at a distance. It is as though they have been worn by time and yet stubbornly remain, forever caught in an endless loop. They form a triangle like shape but bent and rounded in a way to almost appear like a strange three-leaf plant. The lines intertwine each other, simple and yet masterfully carved that lends to a rather stunning beauty even if one cannot quite fathom the design or purpose.

Impression Message

The sands are hot beneath your feet, so hot and uncomfortable even with the sandals they provide but who can focus on that when the chaos of the Hatching is echoing in your ears? A cooling touch sweeps you, like the sweet smell of the breeze of the sea and yet richer with the scents of forests and stone, sun and earth, of time and age. It caresses your mind and no more do you feel the discomfort of the sands and instead before you lies a swath of water, calm and smooth where it laps against your feet. But surely that cannot be? « Nyalle. » A voice calls out to you, melodious and warm, young and full of laughter and life. « Come Nyalle, my love. It is time! I am Kayeth and at last we will be together now, forever as one. » For there she stands, the autumn gold on her small island of sand and at the edge of the waters, beckoning to you as she continues to embrace your mind and soul, drawing you out and forwards. « Cross over and join me and let our first task be to settle this nagging desire of mine. »

Inspiration and Credits

Egg Name and Desc are based off the Triple Goddess symbol. Simple, unique but with a bit of meaning behind it. Fitting that she would hatch from such an egg!


She is Maiden, Mother and Crone in the eternal Celtic mysteries of the feminine. The design captures this natural relationship, also reflecting the earth's cycle through 24 hours: daylight, then the darkness of night, then daylight once again. The Triple Goddess creates an atmosphere of Stability and Security so necessary today.

Kayeth’s Description: I love, love LOVED the link you gave me of that leaf and I ran with it as best I could while still making her believable as a gold (and not an orange). So most of her reference came from that, as well as a teeny sprinkling from the description of Niamh (Neev) of the Golden Hair. The image reminded me of the leaf and so I went with the same sort of gradual, natural golden fade though for Kayeth she is a bit darker and richer than that.


NIAMH OF THE GOLDEN HAIR, was one such maiden goddess, daughter of Mannanan, the Celtic God of the sea who roamed our west coast waters and gave his name to the Isle of Man. It was Leod (Liotr) grandson of Godred the Black, King of Man, who established Dunvegan castle as the seat of Clan MacLeod. Niamh is described thus:
her golden hair hung in tresses, and at the end of each plait hung a bead. To some men her hair was the colour of the yellow flag iris which grows by summer water; others thought it like ruddy polished gold. Slender and exquisite as a birch tree, of shape as sweet as the fine clover, of colour as fair as a summer morning, she is the type of the glory of all lands.

Kayeth’s Mind: I wanted to try something a little different with her mindscape and voice, so hopefully it is not too vague or oblique. Essentially, I used Tir Na Og as the base, which is the fabled island home of Niamh. Here is a quote:

Tír na nÓg was considered a place beyond the edges of the map, located on an island far to the west. It could be reached by either an arduous voyage or an invitation from one of its fairy residents. The isle was visited by various Irish heroes and monks in the echtrae(Adventure) and immram (Voyage) tales popular during the Middle Ages. Contrary to popular assumption, Tír na nÓg was not an afterlife for deceased heroes, but instead, a type of earthly paradise populated by supernatural beings, which a few sailors and adventurers were fortunate enough to happen upon during their journeys. This otherworld was a place where sickness and death did not exist. It was a place of eternal youth and beauty. Here, music, strength, life, and all pleasurable pursuits came together in a single place. Here happiness lasted forever; no one wanted for food or drink. It is roughly similar to the Greek Elysium, or the Valhalla of the Norse, though with notable, distinct and important differences.

So I took elements of that, as well as some more Irish folklore (three being symbolic and the sacredness of three trees to the fairy folk) and tweaked it a bit. The appearance of the mare and reference to Kayeth’s voice being musical also come from the tale of Niamh, but with more editing and tweaking to flesh it out. I also added some other hints of Niamh, referencing the white mare and how her voice sounded like the music of the harp. Not wanting to just leave it at that, I fleshed it out a bit more to make it fit with her personality.

One day, when Oisin and the Fianna were out hunting, they saw an extraordinary sight. It was a beautiful young woman with long red hair, riding on a spirited white mare. The sun glistened off the maiden's hair, casting a magical golden light.
The mare's movements were so fluid that she appeared to float across the ground. As her rider brought her to a stop before the group, the horse's hooves struck at the field stones impatiently, sending small sparks into the air.
"My name is Niamh," the woman said, in a voice that sounded like the music of a harp. "My father is the king of Tir Na Nog."

Personality: Kayeth was made from a mixture of the Cougar Totem, most of which influenced her youth and adult traits.

The women of the Celtic myths are a reflection of the historical women of early Celtic society with all their problems, loves, heartaches and triumphs. They display a range of characters and positions in society being powerful, weak, serious, capricious, vengeful and ambitious - there are no empty-headed beauties … The very phrase 'Celtic women’ evokes all kinds of images - fearsome warriors, romantic heroines and tragic, wronged queens - goddesses by the score, from old hags to screaming harpies, to beautiful wise women and learned Druidesses, to the great female saints of the early Celtic church.

Women in Celtic Myths, while a broad theme, I used primarily to flesh her out a little more along with using some sprinkling of lore here and there. Kayeth is pretty much the epitome of a self assured woman, well aware of her strengths and potential, even when some may say otherwise. She has no bounds and yet knows she holds a specific purpose in the Weyr and I tried to reflect that as much as I could in her persona.

A valkyrie (from Old Norse valkyrja "chooser of the slain") is one of a host of female figures who decide which soldiers die in battle and which live. Selecting among half of those who die in battle (the other half go to the goddess Freyja's afterlife field Fólkvangr), the valkyries bring their chosen to the afterlife hall of the slain, Valhalla, ruled over by the god Odin. There, the deceased warriors become einherjar. Valkyries also appear as lovers of heroes and other mortals, where they are sometimes described as the daughters of royalty, sometimes accompanied by ravens, and sometimes connected to swans or horses.

And last but not least, I borrowed a bit from the Valkyrie as a final touch, this theme showing strongest for her behavior towards Thread and Threadfall.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles
Name Kayeth
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Kaeoth
Created By The amazing Mr'az!!
Impressee Nyalle
Hatched Thu May 01 19:42:25 2008
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