Because I Said So Green Hatchling

So deeply green as to appear black, the soft hide on this dragon drapes from her narrow nose and on back along her wedge shaped head to the sinuous winding length of her neck. Sharp cut ridges follow, tracing her back and along down the length of her winding tail to the edges of her knife cut finial. She has a narrow build, more lithe than the norm for a dragon and her hide shaded so deep that only the brightest of light brings it out along her angular curves, leaving the prominent hollows darkly shaded toward midnight hues. Her body is fairly slender, shoulders narrow with her chest and belly scarcely wider and faintly dapped under the deepest green, rimmed with the hints of brighter frosted green. Her arms and haunches are rather skinny and seem over slender, merely finely wrought bone under hide before being capped by capricious talons of deepest cypress green. Her wings are a captured netting of deep green coloring across her 'sails, cypress hues limned along her leading edges and down from each wingspar to shadow across and drape along until it disappears into the deepening green that films up from her trailing edges.

Matajith is 19.3 feet long, and has a wingspan of 32.2 feet.


Matajith is as much a childlike dragon as she is a wise mothering type. She finds a continual wonder in the little things in life and where most dragon memories are poor, Matajith's is worse than most. You may have to remind her daily of things that you told her only yesterday or the day before. Still, she doesn't mean to forget, it’s just with the wonder of each new thing she finds to see and look at and explore, everything else flits away. She is very much a trial with this as a young weyrling, constantly asking why and how and when. Then she'll ask you again the next day until you'll probably grow exasperated. Still, she will settle into training with as much childlike wonder as she finds her first snowflake, or her first pebble, or her first stick.

She's a fast growing dragon, so the pair of you are held back more by the fact she's not going to be a very large green than by anything else, because she does want to please you. If that means that she has to practice and train, why she'll do it, even if your answers aren't that satisfactory and « You should work on those Chandi, dear. I'm sure the other dragons don't get told because I said so. » As she matures she will start to hold her own with you in arguments, only hampered again by her poor memory and that may send her into sulks when she loses because of it.

You'll graduate neither first nor last with your class, but you'll be picked up for the weyrleader's wing fairly quickly and have to settle in maturely to the duties of a rider in O'mohe's wing, as he doesn't tolerate much in the way of dissent, although some discussion is allowed. It's around this time that Matajith will begin pushing you to find someone to spend your time with, for as she puts it. « You don't want to end up alone, now do you dear? Now, what about that nice, Ed'ard? » No matter what you tell her, she's not going to give up until you pick someone, but she'll be happy with whoever you pick as long as you are. « You just need to be settled, Chandi. No more of this flittering from one person to another. »

While she may want you settled, she certainly doesn't intend to settle herself down, and her flights are a marvel of this with Matajith picking someone new nearly each time if she can. Part of it may be her search for something new and different, and part of it may be simply that she can't comprehend how the grass couldn’t be just a little greener somewhere else.

However she ends up, Matajith is your dragon to play now.


Born of the Mountains

This mind adores the mountains, the smell of the air from the valleys to the prevailing freshness as you rise higher into the peaks. It finds something distasteful about moving to far away from them, and while it will go, it won't go without complaint. « It's so /flat/. » It is also something of a whiny dragon on occasions, when there is something it does not want to do, although only you may hear of the complaints. Still, it has beneath the whining and complaining a genuine care about others and for others and a rather careless generosity with things, and time if it will make others feel better.

Egg Name and Description

Are You Sure That's Possible Egg

Fuzzy images seem imprinted on this egg, where it rests on the sands, indistinct enough to blur focus and leave only vague impressions of something. Still it's enough to cause a second look, to try and locate just what might have been seen in the swirl of imagery across the crowded surface of pale peachy beiges. It darkens toward the apex and rounded bottom, muddier browns that show even less of what might be there and given the sense that what's seen is accidental and better left hidden. Whatever is hiding, soon enough it will have to show itself as the egg hardens further on the sands.

Impression Message


Inspiration and Credits

Matajith is based on the concept of both a child and a mother, and as such encompasses both. She'll have a childlike wonder toward things, and a genuine compassion that most mothers possess. She is from Seven Spindles third clutch, where the eggs were based on books, and Matajith's book is the Kama Sutra while the dragons were based on Ambitious Mommas, with Matajiths momma being the hindu mother goddess, Parvati. In fact her name Matajith is based on another of Parvati's names, Mataji. This dragon was created by Scrabble.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Matajith
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Dhavoth
Created By Scrabble
Impressee Chandi
Hatched 747.02.08 (OOC DATE)
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