I am a Legend Gold Hatchling

Overwhelmingly bright gold, this larger dragon is painted in glimmering metallic brilliance from the first touches across her sharp featured face and then down her lithe, swanlike neck. She is solidly built, with sturdy shoulders and steady forearms, captured in light shades of buttercup gold that simply flow down before leaving even the sharp half moons of her talons caught in a web of frosted yellow light. Her back is spangled in glinting hues that float from her neckridges down her sides to wrap around the paler sections of her belly, giving them up while limned in sugared crystalline salt. The longer length of her tail contains those selfsame ridges, still wrapped in bright colors and flecked in paler sections before wrapping up at her tailspade in a final splash of brilliant pooled cast gold. Even her wings are caught in that same bright liquid gold, with the salty splash of designs worked out across her wingsails as a delicate traced design to simply enhance the beauty of the filmy transparent membranes.


Merth is a dragon of two extremes. When she has an audience, she's always on and out, an extravagant performer up to playing with her followers. When it is just the two of you, she'll become more quiet and shy. Even though you're going to be the one of the few she shows the introverted part of herself to, you'll be the one that has to reassure her when she's down or just not sure of herself. To the outside world, Merth is completely confident, glamorous and always put together.

She's a bit more shy as a youngster, growing into her confident persona as she gets older and wiser about how to pull things over on folks. She'll depend on you as she grows to help her out, to project that bold and fierce personality that she wants to show off to others, that she is capable of as a queen.

She's a wonder as she gets older and graduates, fully able to bedazzle just about any other dragon into doing what she wants with a bit of coaxing and cajoling, or plain sweet talk. She's a queen, she doesn't think it odd that she can do this. It is just part of her nature. It's something she'll expect you to learn as well. So that you to work well together to get what you want out of life, and still lead High Reaches the way it should be lead.

Her flights are high soaring things, where she tries to shake loose her chasers as she flies up high and away from them, only coming back to earth once she must when she's at the end of her endurance and absolutely has to accept help. For it is only then that she will. Otherwise, she depends on only you, Kerali.

She is a perfunctory mother, taking perfectly adequate care of her eggs but she's not an overly broody queen that must guard them from any and all comers, because they are eggs and as long as they're not being roughhoused around they will remain safe. She's also not that interested in her children once they hatch, beyond a vague. Oh, was that one mine? And then it's forgotten again.

For all of this, one thing remains constant, her love for you against everything else. No matter what, she loves you.


Love of my Life

Even when it gets hurt by those it loves, this mind forgives for it knows it has found something rare and special in those close to it. It chooses to have only a few close associates and then only acquaintances, never anything more for it only needs a few friends. While capable of putting on grand performances in front of others, when it is just the two of you, it reverts to shy and retiring ways. Her vocal range moves from the coloratura soprano range down to a deep alto.

Egg Name and Description

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Egg

Scintillating colors dazzle over the shell of this very large egg, bursts of rainbow flashes that seem to come from deep within, but never the less glow from the golden brown coloring. The coruscating color is almost blinding, a nonstop flash of light that starts at the apex of the egg and continues along until it is nearly hidden where the egg rests on the sands. But even in shadow, sparks of color form, glinting starlight on the surface.

Impression Message

It starts out with a very low pitch, only growing stronger and louder the longer it goes on. It seems to come from all around you, all encompassing as it grows. Just when you think it might become to much the noise stops and you hear a voice, speaking from all around you in your head. « Kerali? Is that you? I am Merth and I have to admit, I didn't think it would take quite this amount of time to find you out here. Where exactly are you?» The slight noise comes back, separating out as music now. « Kerali? You do love me, right?»

Inspiration and Credits

There were two themes for this clutch, the first for the eggs was brown things, and your egg was a brownish yellow diamond, in all of its scintillating glory. The second theme was famous dead performers for the dragons, and your dragon is based on Freddie Mercury of the group Queen. Her name Merth, is obviously from his last name that he chose for himself and her personality is very closely aligned with his. But as always, she is your dragon now and please play her how you chose. She was completely created by Scrabble.


High Reaches Weyr - Sevenspindles Mux
Name Merth
Dam Gold Cassiath
Sire Bronze Jrairth
Created By Scrabble
Impressee Kerali
Hatched 24.10.757 (June 29, 2014)
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