Rites of Summer Bronze Mwoth

Midsummer's haze shimmers, distorting images by ripples of heat rising through the air, light refracting off scattered dust motes before they speckle, covering up and hiding the glint of bronze hide. Finely boned head is head aloft, wide set eyes deeply set before his swept back headknobs while that sinuous neck is turning and twisting to give him a better view. Silken hide, hammered from molten bronze, wraps around his coltish body, from garishly brassy markings on the fabric of narrow shoulders to the softly muted tones of the oxidized metal as it cascades along his back. The bronzy shade deepens as it begins flowing back toward gangly legs that are then wrapped in a soft patina of faintest green over tarnished dark metal that ending with talons of grayish sub metallic hue. Tangled threads appear, to weave across wingspars, metallic brilliance muted, but never completely hidden in the warp and weft of bronze and brass strands that comprise wingsails of surpassing delicacy, lavish fabric of pure metal veiling.

Mwoth is 27.9 feet long.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles MUX
Name Mwoth
Dam Gold Gienith
Sire Bronze Kaeoth
Created By Bingo, Scrabble, and Trouble
Impressee O'mohe (Osimohen)
Hatched 20.02.736 (Off Camera)
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