Beware the Forest Huntress Green Hatchling

Shimmering as the light touches her, this glorious goddess of the jungle floor is truly breathtaking to behold. Her wings held as if to shelter her virginal form from the basest of stares, she moves with the easy grace that no young dragon should by right possess. Her tiny feet with their slender golden claws hint towards her truly dominutive stature being a permanent feature. Her long tail is a slender whip, most dexterous and beautiful in its spattering of glorious golden touched emerald. It is as though her very hide, the softest green velvet, were pressed with an overlayer of golden and deepest emerald lace, casting odd traceworks of sunlight and shadow against her slender form. But it is not her body that is the most striking piece of this young dragon, it is her face. Gazing into that finely sculpted so expressive face, the tracery of golden lace over emerald velvet is captivating, the tracework combining to form exotic linings to her eyes, highlighting their shape in such a way as to make them entrancing and inticingly innocent.


This little lady in a word will be difficult as she grows up. Perhaps with a great deal of kindness and understanding she will no longer cower at life's trials or lash out in irrational fear, but it will take your unconditional love at every pain to accomplish it. Where other hatchlings are at ease with their companions, offering as much as they take, this matching is the road less traveled.

It is a hard and painful road that lies ahead of you, shielding one so sensitive from the barbs that lie all about, reassuring her that each and every new face is not out to hurt her, or you. You are her protector, her friend, her confidant, her strength, for in truth she has little of her own to start with. She will depend on you to the point that you may feel you will break from the strain of it…. but you will not. That soft voice in your mind…that firm belief that no matter what happens, you will always love her, you will always protect her…. they will keep you going through it all.

Eventually she will grow into a shy but glorious adult female, gifted with the form that will turn even bronze heads… But in truth this is not something she will desire. This is the time for you to teach her of something even Artemis was unknowing of…. love, and perhaps passion. In her fear of this unknown, she will likely drive you to your breaking point, being the very last of her class to rise in mating. If she had her choice it would be not at all…this is why you must be ever vigilant of her in this time, knowledgable of when she will rise so that you can encourage her to flight rather than flop.


Whispering Tendrils of Rose Petal Softness

As soft as the petals of a dew kissed rose blossom, with the faintest scent of sweetest honeysuckle, the inwardmost thoughts of this truely innocent and gentle dragon are indeed a pleasure to behold. It is her outer shell that one must be wary of. For while the rose is sweet and soft, offering good health and beauty, the outside is thorny and hurtful, driving away only those strong or truly caring before they can find her soft inner heart.

Egg Name and Description

Swamp-borne Cold Death Egg

Deepest darkness of unholy terror seem to swirl about this coldest of eggs. A touch of the shell reassures that it is indeed warm, and yet there is an aura of chilling sensations surrounding the barest contact with flesh. Green tendrils of sickly smoke seem to filter through a swampy canopy in a manner of a dark ghost slipping up from an oozing bubbly grave in the murky depths of the dark egg. The texture of this most foreboding egg's shell is almost bubbly to the fingertips…. and not in a nice way. All and all this egg seems to be the one that most avoid and those few that touch it step away with the chill of icy tendrils still holding their mind.

Impression Message


Inspiration and Credits

The egg is based on Malaria. Your dragon is based on the Greek goddess Artemis, also known as Diana in the Roman pantheon.

As Artemis was the wild and free, she was also the virginal and pure. She did not trust man or humanity and often reacted violently when startled…. but for all of this she was incredibly tender in her moments. Sheltering of maidens and nurturing of the wild, she understood the balance and was neither excessive nor greedy…. though she could be tempted.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Nadiath
Dam Gold Xaeth
Sire Bronze Kraketh
Created By V'ncent of PW Eastern Weyr
Impressee Emmaline
Hatched 21.09.743 (OOC DATE)
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