Large and deep, the pool of wisdom and compassion which swirls in the depths of her eyes is perhaps the most colorful part of this lithe creature. An expression of her mood one can find an enormous array of blue and green mingling to mesmerize the casual observer, or warn those in proximity in blazes of yellow and red when tempers flare. These expressive orbs are framed within the elegant curved skull above blunted tapered muzzle and just below somewhat elongated head knobs. Knobs and eyeridges invite one's caress above the smoothly arcing neck, where the ripple of muscular strength is suggested without prominently bulging. It is a pattern of power which continues over her body. The strength flows into the deep curve of her chest, tucking back up along sensual belly, rippling just enough along flank to accent her haunches. It ends in the meditative flick of her tailtip at its overlong end. It is a strength which is given athletic grace in the smoothness of her movements on slender arm and leg. Even while deadly, the talons which tip each finger and toe fade into her being, rather than jump out and remind one of what an amazing predator she is.

A few freckles of evergreen spatter her blunted muzzle, distinguishable to those only up close and after a good oiling. Otherwise she appears to be a rather plain leaf green hue, simple and unbroken from muzzle to tail. Wings are rather longer and slightly more narrow than normal, the sails a translucent hue of the same which grasps her body. The wingshoulders, while plenty powerful, are deceptively slender, echoed in a series of fine boned wingspars looking to weak to support the still vast amount of sail she bears.


Nuaeth begins life as any other dragon, a small not quite helpless infant. The good thing is… she can tell you exactly what she needs… even if it’s at midnight, and 2am, and dawn, and well you don’'t really need sleep do you? As you stumble through those first months unsure of whether you are eating or she is you may not realize just how much you are stepping up to the plate to handle. The world suddenly isn’'t about you anymore. It’'s not exactly about her either, it’'s about the US. About the unconditional love that pours into every fiber of your being from this most amazing creature who asks, but never demands of you. Who needs so much and which you are ever so willing to fulfill despite some of the tasks being not the most pleasant. Growing in your life together, bringing you forth without realizing how much you are changing from that very moment of impression. A change you may not notice until she’s about a turn old and you look back at that turn and suddenly realize how much is different even as her personality blooms before you.

What you find is a gentle, caring soul who is growing in her own confidence and abilities. The once needy, but never demanding, infant is now blossoming into a young adult and all the struggles, transition and trials that implies. She is there for you first, but has also formed a close bond with most of her siblings. She is a compassionate presence, there when Esath injures herself yet again to nuzzle her sister ever so gently. Offering words both in wisdom and compassion, that the other really shouldn'’t try that again and expect a different result, yet encouraging for the want of experiencing and living life. Even sharing a moment lakeside with the fiery tempered Maleficeth who seems harsh to most others. Nuaeth finds a powerful balance in the nature of life, handling even this fiercest of personalities with a sage and deft hand that for the longest time may leave you both baffled and in awe. «Oh S’'eos, it is only that you must have a little patience and listen.» This ability to listen, to not impose and yet be a strong presence, offering sage guidance without forcing her will, will win her many friends and much respect.

«There are many paths to achieve the same goal. Listen, observe and then act. When you are in tune with those around us, then you will understand.» It is a balance she strikes ever more effectively as she ages, growing strong, confident and independent. Despite her gentle demeanor, with her keen observations she is very sensitive to the happenings of those around her and the way the world interconnects in the daily lives of all those she knows. This is a dragon who can be trusted, who really just seems to innately understand the nature of the world and any Wingleader will be happy to have her fly with them. As thread begins, so too does she grasp the sacrifices which must be made. «It is their duty, our duty.» Even when the price is one’s own life. A nobility and strength flows from her to you, helping over even the deepest grief, finding acceptance in the way life simply is.

It may be that in time you find this understanding of her's nudges you two toward helping in the healing of dragons. The innate compassion and gentleness offers a touch to healing which the physical alone does not cure. Partnered with your own strength and deft hand you are a team that can tackle all aspects of healing. Should she be injured, that will be the most difficult for you. For she does not want you to feel her pain, her suffering. She'’d surely sacrifice whatever it takes… a wing… an eye… a limb, even her own life, so that you would remain uninjured and then suffer through her own healing in silence. Of course you know her, and you know she must never suffer this way alone. A prideful moment of hers to a fault. One which you must be aware and overcome in the simplest of means. Sharing back your own love and compassion, the greatest power which would see you both healed and renewed in the life you share.

Lastly there is her physical prowess. She is a green, the smaller end of the spectrum does her color well and she embraces all that is in the joy of flight and the acrobatics and quick sprints she can display. There is a grace and femininity to the way she flies, and ease innate that she’ll just laugh off. «Oh, I’'m not doing anything special S'’eos…! I'’m just being me!». Of flights there will be plenty. She does not have any particular suitor, unless you’ve a particular eye. She'’s playful and flirty and fun in her flights, and their conclusions almost spiritual in their raw intensity.


Although her body may be plain, her mind is full of color. The festivity of autumns colorful leaves are everywhere to be found. From the warm end of summer to the chill foreboding of winters to come, her mind can vary greatly depending on the need. Her voice is soft, like the whispered wind through the forest trees. Never imposing, for those that will listen, wise words it carries. To those that are tuned out, they will hear but the wind and rustle of falling leaves.

Egg Name and Description

Fancified Simplicity Egg
A broad wash of pastel spring green ripples like the base of a sandy stream over the surface of this rather large egg. Atop that is a latticework in finely wrought metal which seems to sparkle as if inlaid with precious gems. They form a diamond shaped lattice that itself is overgrown with the most precious of roses. Vines and leaves wend this way and that but about in the center of each diamond space blooms the palest most delicate pink rose. All in all a grand display which doesn't seem to suit the simplicity of being merely an egg.

Impression Message

Where once there was heat and noise and chaos, you now suddenly find yourself in a blizzard of autumnal leaves, whirling and dancing about you on the cool winds whispering of the winter to come. Gone is any real thought, any confusion or fear of the future. What remains is only an inexplicable joy and the overwhelming feeling of love and gentle compassion. « S'eos…» the soft feminine voice calls. « S'eos, look at me please? » The wistful tones pull at you. « I am Nuaeth and I'm ever so hungry. » And now you begin to feel the biting pull on hunger as your eyes meet those of the tiny leaf green hatchling.

Inspiration and Credits

The Egg theme was Mimics. Yours is based on a Faberge Egg, specifically the rose trellis egg. Which the Faberge Egg mimics… an Egg! I know, how original huh? Well now you are starting to get a sense of Bingo's sort of humor, for this is her touch you'll find in both egg and hatchling.

Moving along the theme of the dragons was… Heroes and Villains! Yours is based on Spottedleaf from the Warrior's series of books by Erin Hunter. She is a medicine cat, who is responsible for not just the physical well being of her clan, she plays a role in being a spiritual guide, of mending egos and soothing fights, of offering sage words to kit and elder alike. She is so many of the things you listed that I hope it has translated well. In the end Spottedleaf was a Heroine to me, not just because of the important role she played but that she ends up sacrificing herself for her clan… twice! Once losing her mortal body, and then her living spirit. The depth of that loyalty, devotion and most of all love is what I can only imagine a dragon of Pern would be like to be partnered with.

As to her name… Nuaeth comes from a combination of Cernunnos and Spottedleaf. It is perhaps not an obvious combination, but I wanted to find something which could be both feminine, easy on the tongue and eye, yet with that hint of unique quirkiness that seemed to pop up in the many choices of the names you liked.

In the end she is now yours. I hope I have managed to capture and translate your desired traits into a dragon who will help S'eos grow and discover how interesting and incredible he really is. However she and you may grow, her story is only sketched out like a dream here, it is up to you how that translates into the reality of her and S'eos growing and learning together, even if the course might end up quite differently… that is fine for it is your story that now begins.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles MUX
Name Nuaeth
Dam Gold Xaeth
Sire Bronze Mwoth
Created By Bingo
Impressee S'eos (Sevornos)
Hatched June 5, 2013(02.09.755)
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