The Migrant Star Gold Hatchling

The shifting ambered hue of sunstone, one that seems drawn from the raging heart of a star for it shines with a soft continuous brilliance. This unique stone has been carved by a master's hand into the rather slender form of this overlarge queen. Broad wedge shaped head is rather elongated, but ends abruptly in a blunted snout. It sits atop a sinuous neck studded with topaz ridges down to the junction of neck and back. Slender arms snug against curving chest to elbow and then push away to keep her gracefully aloft from the worlds surface. Delicate talons tip each finger and toe, plated in antiqued gold. Belly tucks upwards hiding behind decently muscled haunches and tail flows out behind in a casual affair that ends in a spade of topaz inset into the sunstone. Wings are held by spars which seem to slender to support the broad swaths. Perhaps what saves them is the immaterial nature of the sails, so thin that they barely seem there are all. Veins are like cracks in the thinnest slices of sunstone that are impossibly joined together giving the ever palest of hues to indicate presence, and the translucency to imitate the insubstantial. For all her delicate looks, her size gives her a presence which cannot be missed.


Yours is an amazing lady who's strength with see you through the best and worst of times. As with any beginning the foundational elements are all there but the bridge is not yet built. That moment of impression has joined two beings but it will take time to truly grow together and act as one. Your pilgrimage is no longer one of choice but of need and as she leads you to her first bloody meal, and a quick cool drink of water to quench the dry burning in your throat after such a momentous moment. You'll need to neither lead nor follow but act as a team and should you survive such a journey the resultant dragonpair will be impressive to behold. Of course there are many pitfalls along such a path, but don't worry you have your clutchmates and teachers to help support and guide you as well. Take hear in the strength of your partner who unhesitatingly will lean on others too. It is not in a manner of abuse of her power, for she knows not what she yet has, but in a manner of one to whom loyalty, trust and cooperation are those building blocks which cannot be changed, only arranged just so.

It'll be up to you to balance the hint of naivety which clings to one so young. For blind trust can be a double-edged sword in a cruel world where harsh realities do not match the purity within one's heart. Yet faith must neither be lost, and you'll feel her chase away the uncertainties, ever your support in an eternal link. Even as a weyrling she'll have a knack of working as a team. She isn't there to be out first, or even on the forefront. «Are we not stronger together than apart. Why do we impress after all?» such deep questions that flicker through that vast starlit obsidian mindscape to which you may not have answers but will give pause to the consideration of the question. Sometimes it is the asking after all which is more important than the answer. The Weyr is a community with one focus, one goal if not one being. Fighting and winning against thread, though everyone's part is different. She'll help you to understand on an emotional level, how things just fit and work together. Nor does that mean you'll not have to step in and pull her back "I don't think that's such a good idea" in her moments of inspirational brilliance you'll need to keep her from running the team off the cliff at times as it were. Just be ready to answer the inevitable «Why? Eo dear, isn't my idea brilliant?!»

If there are more personal moments you'll find she has an odd fascination with technological items. SO many things have faded, even the idea of the crossing is diminished with time but who else might puzzle at how the food shafts work, and why the hatching sands are always hot, or how come only the lower third of the weyrs can have a bathing pool. Since she can't get her talons on anything more interesting than creating a sundial in the middle of the bowl floor, you'll have to step up as substitute for at least some of her fancies.

Eventually you'll both be acknowledged in gaining of value, in being an asset to the Weyr more than just the simple color of her hide and you'll be queen and rider. Your gift and value to the 'reaches beyond words, understood and accepted as you graduate from the weyrling wing and into your junior weyrwoman status. From there it is up to you just where the path leads.

As to her mating flights you'll find her to pick a picky one when it comes to the males. Certain one's don't even deserve to be acknowledged and she'll give clear favor towards those she wants to chase as the time draws closer and hide glows brighter. When that final moment comes you'll need to cede to her desire in this affair. In this sense it is nothing about what you want but all about the survival and sustainability of dragonkind. She'll reach for the starts, flying higher, farther, faster to ensure the largest and most diverse clutches from only the best bronzes. She'll be extremely broody over them as well. Her babies representing the future are second only to you. Even after they've hatched you'll find she may ask and check in on her "children" now and then and when any are lost to thread or by other means she's sure to mourn for days.


Egg Name and Description

The Nightmare Inferno Egg
From a distance this is every Weyr's dream. The unmistakable gleam of gold which crackles along the shell slowly becomes ever more a nightmare the closer and longer one looks upon the flawed surface. No placid, fluffy welcome is found here. Instead an inhospitable fury of flame and molten hues flow in liquid rivers across the surface. The surface of the shell itself is broken into flaking plates of antiqued metal around which are lava-like flows of butterscotch and tequila. Volcanic mountains flare here and there like odd pimples across the plated surface, exploding in sparkles of lemon, citrine and topaz. A hellish world that might give pause to any onlookers. Just what sort of queen lies beneath this roiling nightmarish shell?

Impression Message

The sands are hot, and fairly miserable but thankfully the number of eggs has dwindled from two clutches to one, and now even less than that. You begin to feel even warmer, a hot flash of impeccably bad timing. The temperatures begin to rise, a molten burning throbbing that leaves you parched and longing to be anywhere but here. At that precise moment a crystal cool thought breaks into your own. Was it always there, somehow it seems perfectly fit to you, of you, but not you. « Well then let's leave. » what reason more is there to stay after all and the large queen who has come to a pause cants her head to give you a 'look'. You know then that Orayth is quite correct. There is no more reason to be idling on these hot grounds and the heat fades as you come to realize « Yes, I am hungry. Can we wander that way first? Surely there will be a drink for you too? » Factual, sensible there seems no reason to resist.

Inspiration and Credits

The Egg theme was based on real alien planets, expressly from: http://www.space.com/159-strangest-alien-planets.html. Of these worlds you egg was inspired from #7 - Volcanic Nightmare. More formally known as planet 'CoRoT-7b' it is tidally locked with its parent star. It sees hellish temperatures and may even rain rocks. Lovely! It morphed a little to be more gold-volcano than lava-volcano to fit being a queen's egg and all.


For your dragon they are a mix of the continued space theme with your preference of a little Tali'Zorah nar Rayya. Although I think it came out more generically to some of the traits of the Quarian generally since you are at the start of your journey together and so you can lead her development to follow a similar path, or not, though hopefully you won't feel the need to transfer to another Weyr upon the completion of your weyrlinghood pilgrimage.

Her name was rather difficult to determine. I like short names myself but to find one that also reflected her inspiration… I guess I took inspiration from both the planet name (Or) and the Rayya (Ray) part of Tali's since it seemed more reflective to include the ship for a space-ish themed inspiration. Then of course to find a name which hadn't already been used. So I hope you like it. You can find nicknames if you like. 'Ora' might suit which is similar to oro in spanish which means gold, fitting. Or perhaps 'Ray' or Raya' to more fit the specific side of her theme, or something else altogether, because many nicknames derive from something entirely different than one's name.

Your dragon was created by Bingo. I hope she is something you will have an enjoyable time playing, and if you'd rather take her a different direction then please don't feel constrained by anything written here. She is yours! Go and have fun!

Artwork of Tali'Zorah vas Normandy by andersoncathy : http://andersoncathy.deviantart.com/art/Tali-Zorah-Vas-Normandy-349271640


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles MUX
Name Orayth
Dam Gold Ilsoth
Sire Bronze Tjainth
Created By Bingo
Impressee Eodarin
Hatched Turn 760 (Aug 31, 2015)
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