Attractive and Pleasing Bronze Hatchling

Solidly built from his large feet on up, massive coppery bronze talons adorn his paws and lead into the thick, strong boning of his forearms and haunches. Bright hide continues, flowing over his back and along the ridges there in brilliantly bright and glowy shades that seem to highlight each curve and muscle along his back and down to the extraordinary sweep of his tail. His head is massive, and quite angular with a vaguely roman nose that stands out against the rest of his plain build, even to the rather short, stubby headknobs. Vast wings help support him, wingsails of golden coppery bronze that stretch between darker wingspars that seem outlined even further in touches of darker whiskey hues and mottled patches that seem splashed against the leathery skin.


Phineth is a generally happy go lucky dragon. He's nearly always in a good mood from the moment he's hatched and he's going to strive to keep you that way, in whatever way he has to, to keep you entertained. He'll also enjoy entertaining others of his clutch and others of the weyr. While he can mean business, most of the time he simply wants to enjoy life to its fullest.

He doesn't mind learning new things or going to lessons, but he will mind having to do things for rote repetition or lessons over and over just because someone in charge thinks that is a good idea. Still, this eagerness to learn means you'll graduate early in your class, some of the first in fact.

Phineth will want to be a wingleader, because more than anything he feels he is a leader and wants you to be as well. Even if this was not in your plans, expect to be goaded along this path until you give in and do as he wants. He'll be good at leading, as he cares about those who work under him, although he'll not have the intrinsic ability to understand how a wing functions right from the start.

He is always interested in chasing after female dragons in flight, whether they are gold or green makes no difference to him, although your opinion will sway him. If you can't stand the dragon's rider he'll try to sit out the flight but it will be hard on him. « Please, B'ton. CanÂ’t we just try. You could like her for the duration and then go back to hating her. » If wheedling doesn't work, he may just try to take off after whatever female it is that takes his fancy without your permission, regardless.

Should he sire a clutch he's a somewhat distant father, willing to help out the dam of course but somewhat confused at the necessity of it. « Doesn't she have a rider of her own to arrange food and the like? Why do I have to do it? » He's confused at the idea of offspring, and more than a little off put. « I had help in them? But they're so small and not special?»


Pay Attention to Me

It demands attention, always. Never happy to be ignored or not focused upon, it cannot handle being left alone or by itself. It needs the constant stimulation of an audience to have a foil, someone to play with and off of. It can handle an audience of just you, but the more the merrier although always it will need your opinion first of its ideas and thoughts, of its games and gambits.

Egg Name and Description

Collapsible Housing Egg

Slender and so very angular, this long egg seems somewhat blocky, squared off where it should be more rounded. It also appears to have hollows where curves usually are in its pale even brown coloration. Looking like just another good soaking might do it in, it sits just a little bit forlorn out on the sands, away from the shelter of the rest of its clutch sibs. Finally one last bit of winding tape almost appears loose until close enough to see it is a bit of mere decoration across the shell.

Impression Message

It's an overwhelming rush of affection and love, coiling all around you. It spreads and wraps you up, cocooning you completely in a bubble of laughter and joy. Just as quick as it surrounds you, it recedes slightly, leaving a bit of room for a voice. « B'ton? Is that you?» The voice seems to be from a great distance away, albeit coming close to you all the while before it is once more there, with laughter ringing just behind it. « My name is Phineth and I think we shall be great friends now. But first, may we eat?»

Inspiration and Credits

There were two themes for this clutch, the first for the eggs was brown things, and your dragon's egg was a cardboard box and the make believe forts children make out of them. The second theme for the dragons was entertainers and your dragon is based on P T Barnum, of Barnum and Bailey's Circus fame (And other sideshows). His name comes from what the P in the PT stands for, Phineas. I hope you enjoy Phineth and of course he is your dragon now to play as you like. He was created by Scrabble.


High Reaches Weyr - Sevenspindles
Name Phineth
Dam Gold Cassiath
Sire Bronze Jrairth
Created By Scrabble
Impressee B’ton (Barton)
Hatched 24.10.757 (June 29, 2014)
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