Dreaming the Night Away Green Hatchling

Where most dragons are well-formed, with sleek lines and proportionate builds, this fern-colored green is all awkward shapes and sharp angles. With legs too long for her compact frame and wings smaller than the ideal, nothing about Rinanneth suggests agility or grace. Her blocky snout and narrow cranium are set upon a short, thick neck, all evenly toned with only the sun to cast shadows across them. Her hunter-splotched chest is wide and deep with well-defined musculature while her shoulders are more subtly muscled, causing her wing joints to appear undersized in comparison. Myrtle dapples her shoulders and haunches before ghosting across the breadth of her belly, highlighting every protruding angle and depressed ridge in stark contrast with her primary hue. Hunter green emerges again along her wings, the erratic banding creating an illusion of uneven dimensions across the span of her wing sails. Even her tail is marred, the fern hue scored by myrtle shadows all along its slender length.


While some might view their physical differences as disadvantages and mourn the challenges they face as a result, Rinanneth is perfectly happy with her gawky build, and she brooks no teasing or complaints about her abilities. If she can't fly as well as her peers, no matter, for she has other talents in which she holds great pride. Her melodic voice is her greatest vanity, for the green is able to produce clear, flute-like tones in sharp contrast to the brassy bellows of her brethren and is always willing to give a demonstration of her vocal talent at any hour of the day or night. What she is really interested in doing, however, is proving her mettle as a Search dragon; Rinanneth /knows/ she has what it takes to find candidates with great potential, she just needs someone else to agree with her and give her a chance to prove herself.



Egg Name and Description

Reflections of Doom Egg

At first glance the silver surface of this egg seems unremarkable, uniformly colored if nearly mirror bright. Upon close inspection, however, it appears that something lurks in the deceptively bland surface; a hazy white outline appears to become more distinct each time you look at the egg, as though something were creeping closer to you with every glance. No matter which angle the egg is viewed from the haziness persists, creating an unsettling illusion of a formless watcher stalking you from within its surface.

Impression Message

Silence. Deep, echoing silence fills your mind as one by one you are isolated from your senses. First your hearing fades out, that vast silence stealing in to take its place, followed by the fading of the heat of the sands from your awareness. The salty tang of the sweat off your lips goes next and finally a wash of color obscures your sight - all of this happening in an instant. As the colors stream through your mind's eye soft musical tones slide become noticeable, pulsing in time to the swirling colors that only you can perceive. After a moment you realize that the tones form words. « Ah, yes, you understand. The looks are not what matters, it is who we are inside. » The warmth of acceptance and unconditional love suffuse you as you begin to regain normal use of your senses and an aching hunger sets in. « I am Rinanneth. You are my Z'koud. It is time for us to learn who we are, together, and perhaps we might begin with a meal? »

Inspiration and Credits

The egg theme for this clutch is 'After Images, Shadows, and Specters' and the Reflections of Doom Egg is loosely based on the haunted mirror depicted in Disney's 'Haunted Mansion' ride, which superimposes a ghostly form over your image as you ride along in the Doom Buggy.
The hatchling theme for this clutch is 'Things Related to the Night' and Dreaming the Night Away Green Hatchling is based on, you guessed it, dreams!
Created by Tralisea.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Rinanneth
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Kaeoth
Created By Tralisea
Impressee Z'koud (Zekkoud)
Hatched 14.08.753 (OOC DATE)
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