Tidal Pool Explorer Blue Hatchling

The many shadings of this blue's gleaming hide swirl together subtly and flow over his hide like the incoming tides of a Pernese sea. The clear blueness of polished, watery topaz covers his face and neck, gradually darkening as it flows down his back and over his long, long tail. Underneath his muzzle and washed over his underbelly and legs, the change is more abrupt as dark follows light, giving the impression of a suddenly deep, intensely blue pool of the clearest tropical ocean, trapped away from the sea to be warmed by the sun. Small oval shadings here and there call to mind the silhouettes of flitting silver-and-blue fishes. This dragon's eyes whirl like the eddies that are created by the ebb and flow of the evening tide, making you wonder if the owner's temperament has quite the same turbulence; surely they contain depths that will only be revealed to the one that is invited into them.
Riordanth is feet long, and has a wingspan of feet.


Riordanth is the smallest blue of his clutch, and when older will be one of the smallest blue dragons of the Weyr if not /the/ smallest. He is perfectly aware of this, and the reaction that his agile body gets when performing some marvelous maneuver. Empathy seems to flow from him, as he seems to understand what someone is feeling without experiencing it himself, and seems to know exactly what to say to defuse a bad situation or make a good one better. He also has almost unlimited energy, within reason. While yes, his small body means he won't be able to last through an entire fall, his mental energy almost never flags. This will both tire you out and raise you up, for he will constantly want to be doing /something/ whether you're tired or not, but his energy levels can be contagious. He will be a handful, and it is a lifemate like you, strong in your own right, who will be the stabilizing and maturing force he most needs.

In training he is very attentive, beyond what most young weyrling dragons are. While some will get distracted easily, he will listen intently to all lessons, even those directed more to you than to his. And because he has the usual short term memory of most dragons, you will be confronted with the same questions over and over again so he won't forget what he learned. You'll also catch him reminding himself of one tidbit of information or another, before too many days have passed and the knowledge is lost. He eagerly practices his lessons as well, determined to be the best, or if not that, to at least be the best he can be.

In Flights he likes to show off, as much to impress the greens and shake the confidence of the other males as to bolster his own assurance in himself. It won't be uncommon for him to perform amazing feats in the air as he keeps his eyes on the glowing prize. And when he finds a female dragon with the same extra bit of effort that he has he really goes crazy. In fact you will likely have to keep a mental leash on him to keep him from injuries as he pushes himself too far too fast for too long in a flight. His joy of showing off his prowess affects all aspects of his life and particularly comes out in his constant flirting.

In Fall he will do his duty and nothing less, but he will not miss the opportunity to show off his abilities as well, as long as it won't endanger anyone. Defeating the Thread is the priority for him, and his spectacular twists and turns are secondary. He takes his duty very seriously, and strives to be the best, for his own satisfaction and to please you as well. He would consider it a personal insult if he let Thread through, and you as his rider must keep a tight leash on his so he doesn't continue to go for it past his ability. It would not be surprising to see him someday as a leader in a wing. Organizing the other dragons, and encouraging them on to greater glory in the battle against thread.

Riordanth will always mean well, but you must temper his enthusiasm as his lifemate. He will need you to learn that everyone has limits, the two of you included. Once he figures out these limits he will push at them, but never attempt to cause harm by going past them. This won't stop his from trying to prove that the limits you have set aren't right, that together those limits can be achieved. And more often than not, he'll be right.



Egg Name and Description

Old Men's Dreams Egg

Shadowed in deepening greys, this egg is notched and cut across its surface with a multitude of grooves that each seem to reach deep into its interior. Granite slowly hardening, before it may flake apart and with each pass around the egg showing a different view, a hidden glimpse of something else in the solitary stone. Something both new and ancient captured here, a body both young and old.

Impression Message

The joyful mindvoice of the Tidal Pool Explorer Blue touches your very core as he tells you his name «I am Riordanth!!» and then goes on to tell you all about how he loves you, «Mohria! You are so beautiful! I knew right away that you were the one person I want to be with for always and forever!» . The voice that you feel as much as hear is clear and bright, like the ringing of a bell or the flowing of a mountain stream.

Inspiration and Credits

As requested, I have simply copy and pasted for you on your blue Riordanth. The only things that have changed have been his egg and egg description, where to fit our theme of Mimics, he now has the "Old Man of the Mountain" from New Hampshire, in the USA and his hatchling name where he is now a Tidal Pool explorer. I hope that these very small changes are alright with you, and that he is still the same small blue dragon that you came to know and love.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Blue Riordanth
Dam Gold Xaeth
Sire Bronze Mwoth
Created By unknown, Scrabble
Impressee Mohria (Mohria)
Hatched 02.09.755 (June 5, 2013)
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