Sere as the desert, and shaped and angled by the wind this gold is lithe and long, slender to the point of near emaciation. From the elegant but spare planes of her head with its dainty muzzle painted in light golden sand to the sweeping ridges that start on her neck and march down along her body to the deeply cut point of her tail finial brushed in that same antique hue. With those selfsame speckles of golden sand to decorate her neck and fall in greater splendor along her shoulders, her gold coloring deepens as it falls back along her body. Each of her sender limbs is covered in that darker gold, coalescing up from her paws to eventually fade away, but leaving those feet dark, dark gold and glittering in the light. Even the lightness of coloring that floods her wings, does not take away from the shadows that pool underneath, patches of frosty gold that glimmers even in uncertain light before it is lost to darkness.


She is ungainly, your Ruebalith as a young dragon, awkward and all angles when she tries to move, even to eat. She welcomes grace as she grows older, although never enough to make her truly elegant and her moves remain stilted and rough on the ground. She is ever lanky as she ages, growing slowly into her full form but never into true beauty. She is also somewhat uncertain as a youngster, not quite aware of all the power she will hold and allowing herself to be teased or confused by some of the older dragons.

Ruebalith will gain confidence in herself as she grows older, more sure of what she is, and the power that she will wield in the weyr. She has a way of listening that is comfortable, and easy both with other dragons and with you, even if she makes no move to counsel you on anything, she will always be there. In this matter, she will seem mothering, even if she has not much of gentleness in her manner of speech or her actions.

She is one that will burn both hot and cold, much with a temper in her youth that leaves her to a cold arrogance as she gets older, burning with the frost of her disapproval. If she is uncertain of anything, she is likely to retreat even further into courtesies and blank words meant to mark disdain.

Ruebalith is always one for duty however, pushing you and herself into whatever is needed to make you both better for the weyr, even at the expense of your personal life. So what if you never take a weyrmate. She will be all you need, her and the weyr.

She has a tendancy toward imperiousness, when she grows proddy, definitely all a queen in her movements . Her flights tend to be straight forward events, with Ruebalith simply leading all bronzes and browns on a test of endurance. She doesnÂ’t try to damage the males in flight, only seeking the one who best can keep up with her.

She is not overly broody over her eggs, and while she takes excellent of them both as eggs and encouraging them when they hatch, she is not overtly maternal about them. You will never really hear her talk about her clutches or wonder how they are doing after they hatch.

Whatever comes, however Ruebalith is now your dragon to play, and please play her as you see fit.


Hasten Down the Wind

She has a rather high pitched voice, that sometimes dissolves into almost a screeching noise when she is upset, a thin soprano that can be unpleasant. Still when she is happy it modulates out into something approaching musicality.

Egg Name and Description

An Endless Expanse Egg
The shimmer of a mirage follows the smooth arc of the eggs shell as it pokes out of the sands at a sixty degree angle. The smaller end of the ovoid seems to be the exposed end although just by looking at it, it is hard to tell just where the egg's surface begins and ends due to the strange visual effect the shell manages to pull off. The one thing that is undeniable is the hues that cloak the visible parts of the shell. No trick of the light, just a countless number of grains of golden sand pooling into the overlarge orb. There is some variation in hue due to pale shadows cast beneath the burning sun upon cresting dunes which ripple outwards like a sandy sea from a central circular section. Within the oasis is a liquid pool of gold, although to the weary traveller it is unlikely to offer any actual refreshment.

Impression Message

It begins as a low thrumming, a whistle that occurs only in your mind. Slowly it increases in pitch and intensity until the noise is all overwhelming. It is only when it is physically painful for you that the noise dials back a bit, into a voice that winds through your entire mind. « Shailaja. Shailaja. Where are you? » Then an absolute absence of sound for a long moment. « My name is Ruebalith, you are Shailaja and we are meant to be together. »

Inspiration and Credits

Ruebalith is based on just one thing: from her egg to her description, to her personality and that is an arid desert, and more specifically the Rub al Khali in Saudi Arabia. Everything about her looks, her voice and her temperament comes from this basis, or at least how I interpreted how that would form a dragon. Her egg was written by Bingo, but the rest of her was written by Scrabble.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles MUX
Name Ruebalith
Dam Gold Ixtabith
Sire Bronze Unvreth
Created By Scrabble
Impressee Shailaja
Hatched 05.02.760 (August 30th, 2015)
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