Fall Into Darkness Brown Hatchling

Cloaked in darkness, shadowing all light, this huge brown surveys his surroundings, under a stern and unyielding frame. The cape of his dark brown wingsails flare and flutter about him as he strides forward on the pillared mass of his muscled legs. A square block of a head, crowned by short, blunt knobs whips quickly about on the heavy neck, all inked in Vandyke brown while a mahogany mask clings about the eyes and muzzle stop. His neck is armored in pointed ridges, marching slowly down to melt into the broad, deep chest where well defined muscles are outlined in mahogany against the inky Vandyke base. Whorls of mahogany flow over the bulky flanks and massive haunches while the thick, heavy tail and long rear limbs show only the inky base color. The taut belly is solid Vandyke with a single slip of mahogany along the keel bone. The broad plain of his back is the same dark brown as his wings and they meld together in darkness. Ebony daggers tip the massive inky paws and bite into the ground below him.

Skarth is feet long, and has a wingspan of feet.


A dark knight is your Skarth. Like any true knight, he is honorable and valorous. He is resolute, respects authority and the rules of law, pursues duty, and seeks truth and justice. He reaches for beauty, loving both art and design. However, his eye is that of a dragon and what he considers art or design has very little in common with that of a human. But underneath all these courtly virtues is a deep, unacknowledged rage. It has no reason or rhyme, just a blinding fire burning near out of control. Yet he keeps it reined so tightly that only the faintest hints show to most. But this darkness leads him to cruel and dark impulses. And so he stands on the cusp, balanced perfectly between the dark and the light. It is only you, your love and desires that will finally decide which way he falls, be it into the light or into darkness.

Skarth has a rough time as a weyrling. He tries so very hard to do what's right, to be the best he can at each skill and yet he seems to struggle constantly. He has no patience, and it takes him turns to develop it. He's easily frustrated so the minor setbacks of learning lead to explosive outbursts as he gives in to that darkness inside. He envies the bronzes in his class, fiercely resenting their supposed superiority and like any child he seeks to prove himself their better. With time, understanding, and the help and support of both you and the weyrlingmasters he learns to control himself and seek comfort in his own abilities. He has reason to, for Skarth is a glorious flyer. Though he does not love flying for itself, he is brilliantly precise and powerful in the air. His control over his flame is superb. He is a born leader, an inspiration to his wingmates and one of those rare browns who might just win a wing of his own.

When it comes to chasing the ladies, Skarth is a serious fellow. He wants to win, at nearly any cost. He'll chase greens and golds alike but his greatest desire is to catch a gold of his own, proving once and for all that he is just as good as a bronze. However, when it comes to true relationships, he's likely to form only one or two real true attachments and to keep those with him always.


Echoes of Honor

This mind is a stark but beautiful place. It consists of broad sweeping canyons and wind carved spires in a colorful desert landscape. It sounds with the whistling sound of the wind biting into rock and the strange echoing silence of the open sky. His voice is a deep, reverberating bass. It's stern and powerful, always controlled, always orderly.

Egg Name and Description

Mirror Mirror Egg

This larger egg is a perfect skyscape of blues, grays, and whites. A strange dark glimmer encircles the equator of the long axis. Above it rise rolling clouds of white, slate, gray and silver, stretching rounded cotton hills into wispy strings like the wing of a great bird, against an azure blue plain. Below the equator is a perfect mirror image, muted gray with a hint of green. The wings meet into a glory of wings as two perfect halves form one brilliant sky.

Impression Message

The madness of the sands begins to echo around you, surrounding you in a whirlwind of noise and heat. Just before it becomes too much to bear, the madness begins to fade, until the echoes are those of too much silence. Into this strange stillness comes a desert breeze. A deep bass voice calls, « M'le. Come to me, M'le. » The voice seems to come from the imposing brown glaring across the sands. « I am Skarth and you are mine. Come to me. »

Inspiration and Credits

The theme for the eggs was mimics. Your egg was based on the El Salar De Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia which mimic a mirror. The theme for the hatchlings was heroes and villains. Skarth is a villain, based on Darth Vader from the Star Wars series. His name comes from a combination of Darth and Skywalker. All were created by Trouble with a little help from Scrabble.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Brown Skarth
Dam Gold Xaeth
Sire Bronze Mwoth
Created By Trouble
Impressee M'le (Milreen)
Hatched 02.09.755 (June 5, 2013)
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