Pompous Taste of the Earth Brown Hatchling

Lost deep in the woods, the gloom of an encroaching evening settles in. A pronounced angular jaw seems to swivel about from behind an one of the trees. The hues of earth and woods dapple with an odd fluidity across his face, down majestic arching neck and into the wide girth of his chest. Rooting at the trees base for priceless treasure his dirty hued razor sharp talons seem to have found success. What might be mistaken for clusters of muddy splatter across the lean length of his belly are instead a delicious truffle brown. Up close the knobby irregular clusters reveal themselves a tasty delicacy. In some cases veins of lighter tan weave within one of the clusters, as if someone else has already had nibble of this deliciously handsome lad exposing the fine texture of the inner truffle. Protecting that tasty treasure muscled arms and legs are nothing to sniff at. Petrified wood grains shadow atop the forest hues on his flanks and down the lengthy stretch of his tail, adding to a visage of something half raw and half refined. Sturdy spars support proportioned wings. The sails an altogether different affair of lighter browns reminiscent of a piercing ray of light catching the drifting grains of dust in that remote deep wood.


Stelinth is a dragon. A brilliant, suave, attractive and completely egotistical beast. You are the one who completes him and will have to balance out his extreme's or else face many a chilly morning watching dawn break over the bowl rim. He's fairly independent, and certainly thus not the best team player a wing has ever seen. There's a lingering tension with any bronze who settles to near. A behavior and emotion you'll spend many a turn unraveling as to why he's that strange mix of wary, awed, curious and jealous. Beyond that, and beyond his undying adoration of you, his rider, there is the adoration of himself. «Yes, did I not just pull off that turn *perfectly*.»

Growing up, he seems fairly average but for the random bouts of incompetence. As if he's not just forgotten the typical what happened a few days ago, but like completely blanked out on what he just did five minutes ago, such as what orders the weyrlingmaster /just/ gave him. «So I'm sitting here L'av… were we supposed to do something?» It's a trait that fades over time, such that when he becomes an adult you'll see it happen just frequently enough to remember that it's typical for him but only just.

Of females, once he becomes of age to notice such things in that other way… just try to keep him from chasing. Late night, early morning, who cares! It's green or gold and he's up, up and away!! Proddy girl… he'll be sappily hanging around trying to impress and you'll have a heck of a time trying to get him to actually do something for you. «Sweeps?! The wingleaders can't be serious L'av?! I mean, look at those curves. Just another five minutes next to this radiant beauty. Please, pretty please?» Since of course no one is as good a dragon as he. He is in much better company when he catches a green. The one night fling over when they wake as he moves on to the next. Of golds, should he ever catch he may be a bit resentful of their demands upon him. Completely flabbergasted at the whole "eggs" thing. «She thinks this is my fault?! How is this my fault?»


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Egg Name and Description

Just a Pinch Does It Egg

A soft medium brown forms the base hue across this large shell. It is not a color which dominates however, for atop that in a lighter hue weather worn cracks ripple lengthwise across the surface. The edges and gaps are such that the weathering looks to be distinctly by wind rather than water. The cracks are dusted here and there with lighter patches of sand and tan hues that make the cracks appear deeper than they would really be. In consideration, it actually looks like the kitchen staff have played a very odd joke in the egg which rests nestled into the hot sandy grounds. For it resembles nothing less than a whole nutmeg seed, a GIANT whole nutmeg seed, but nutmeg at that. If it was in fact nutmeg rather than an egg it would surely be enough to cover the weyrs spice need for a year… or three.

Impression Message

The frantic energy of the sands suddenly takes on more dangerous and gritty edge. The drumbeat of your heart echoes a more subtle song that weaves around the chaos. A song of danger and desire that grows until you find yourself lost in a pair of red whirling orbs. An intensity of emotions, love, desire, a bond unquestioned created in a single heartbeat and as your vision clears you find him seated so elegantly before you. «I am Stelinth.» Simple. Purposeful. That single word now encompasses your entire world.

Inspiration and Credits

The 'Just a Pinch Does It Egg' is based on Nutmeg. The theme of the eggs was the color brown. The theme of the dragons was performers/entertainers. — Your dragon is based on a mix. For the performer… Barry Nelson, who played the first iteration of James Bond, albeit a bit more casually and humanistic than the way Bond has been developed in more recent films. This along with your desired inspiration of Sterling Archer forms the basis of your bond. (pun intended!) His description is inspired from the random colors the game rolled for him. In a way I felt it was quite fitting, the more gritty down and dirty mixed with the more elegant and desirous. — I hope you enjoy your new partner. He is yours now and if anything has gone amiss from your desires, well just play him as you see fit, for he is yours to grow and direct now. Your egg was created by Bingo.


High Reaches Weyr - Sevenspindles
Name Stelinth
Dam Gold Cassiath
Sire Bronze Jrairth
Created By Bingo
Impressee L’av (Pavel)
Hatched 24.10.757 (June 29,2014)
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