Bronze of a Thousand Voices Hatchling

A river of scotch pours over the large, muscular bronze quenching the eye with liquid heat. Rivulets of scotch mold his broad blocky head and the thick arch of his long neck, cascading down the rocky muscles to pool across the barrel of an expansive chest and shoulders. The amber liquor winds down a great stretch of back, lingering in little eddies along the taut abdomen and narrowing before the haunches. Great gushes tumble down the long, powerful limbs, coated by light bronze to drench the darker paws, spread wide and tipped by pyrite talons. Rills of scotch mold each of the massed muscles in the haunches, meeting at the base of the tail to stream ever downwards to the ground below. Brushed bronze highlights limpid expressive eyes and deepen the breath of jowl line. It mottles along the high points of neck, back, and sides, adding an extra satiny sheen to the silken scotch hide. The brushed bronze encroaches onto the ridges of neck and back as a dark shadow chaser and caps the split tail. Vast are the pyrite wings held aloft above him, the near transparency of the sails sprinkled with true gold stars while more scotch weaves ribbons of color through the fragile wings bones.


The heart of your Suarath is humor. He wants nothing more of life than to bring joy and laughter to others, especially you who might come to need it so badly. He loves people, both the human and the dragon variety and enjoys nothing more than interacting with them, especially children. He is a prankster to both young and old and with both the unbelievable expressive nature of his mind voice and even more unusually expressive body language quite able to speak to any and all he chooses. He is especially fond of the slap-stick ridiculous, often trying to turn you into the straight man like it or not.

Suarath is something of a method actor, completely immersing himself into whatever character he feels he must be in each situation. He is most often seen by others as a sly, tough guy with a wise-guy attitude. But in point of fact, he's much more complex. Both cunning and intelligent, he is an excellent judge of character, knowing just how to approach each person to get the results he desires. He has superb timing, both comedic and in life and this will stand you well when it comes to flights and fighting thread. He is hard working, needs less sleep than the normal bronze and wants to try his paw at everything. He has enough energy for ten small children which is good because he'll often seek out the children for their and his own entertainment. But when the audience is only adult, Suarath can be a little more spicy with his humor: smart, biting commentary on things he doesn't like.

But for all that, Suarath is still a bronze and as such, he is a masculine sort of fellow. It is nothing as overt as with most other bronzes. He feels no need to constantly prove he's stronger, better, or more manly than the next guy. He doesn't necessarily want to be the lead bronze. But he is strong and powerful. He is also confident, dominant, and has an eye for the ladies. And if there is something he does want, no force on Pern will stop him in his pursuit. In flights, as with everything else in his life, he will give it his all to get to his goal. In threadfall ,he is a fierce and deadly flier.


A Vast Range in Pitch and Timber

Large as he may be in size, Suarath is truly immense when it comes to voice. His mind has the richness and range of a whole host of dragons, capable of going from the very light and airiest soprano to the deepest and smokiest bass. It is the type of voice that is all encompassing, never doubtful or hesitant in touch and filling your whole head with his voice. It seems to develop into characters with age, each emotion becoming a different combination of color and sound unique to that emotion only. At times it can feel as if you are talking to multiple dragons, rather than just the one for each is so distinct and so complete it is as if he is dozens of dragons at once.

Egg Name and Description

Beyond the Wall Egg

Brick by brick the egg builds a monstrous wall of earth-toned shell to try to keep the being inside safe from danger. Worn and weathered burnt umbers rest snuggly against strong rust reds. Bulging sand mortar glues in raw umber, cracked and crazed with glistening bits of auburn meshed within. One whole section of shell is perfectly aligned sienna, stone on stone, rising in even lines up from the sands. Another seems likely to tumble down at any point where cracks sink down into the shell and loose bits bulge out ready to fall at any moment.

Impression Message

As rolling thunder, the voice enters, deep and all encompassing. «L'el…». It calls, searchingly with a just the strangest feeling of snide humor. « Eh, what's up, doc? » A bright but somehow husky laugh rings in, like thousands of children laughing in sunlight. Suddenly the touch slows, meandering long in lazy southern drawl. « I say..I say, boy. I'm quite hungry. Do you think we could eat about now?» The withdraw is short, returning in what might be the most normal voice heard to date but somehow holding all the others within it. « I am Suarath. »

Inspiration and Credits

The theme for the eggs was the color brown. Your egg is based on a bricks. The theme for the hatchlings was famous performers who had passed. You bronze is based on the amazing voice and acting skills of 'Mel' Melvin Jerome Blanc, known as the man of a thousand voices, and one of his most famous characters, Bugs Bunny. His name comes from suara, the Indonesian word for voice. All were done by Trouble with input from Bingo.


High Reaches Weyr - Sevenspindles
Name Suarath
Dam Gold Cassiath
Sire Bronze Jrairth
Created By Trouble
Impressee L’el (Lemuel)
Hatched 24.10.757 (June 29, 2014)
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