Fly Before the Bow Blue Hatchling

Though small in size, he is large in presence and the eye is drawn to his distinctive coloration. His muzzle is so wide that the wedge shaped head is nearly rectangular. It’s drenched in dark Prussian blue, a deep and rich hue. Prussian blue rises up the top of his head, over his forehead and headknobs and then rolls down a graceful serpentine neck to the bulk of his lean, muscular body. The deep blue continues over his dorsal side, sinking down a narrow rib cage to just past midway down his sides. It flows all the way back down the top and bottom surfaces of his slender tail, completely coating the spade. Across his flanks, Prussian blue wraps all down and slips into his underside just in front of his heavily muscled rear legs. In contrast, the shadows of his cheeks, his lean, tight underbelly and the sides of his neck and tail are a pale, pale shade of powder blue. Even the graceful slender forelegs are this pale powder blue, tipped with Prussian talons. The rear are two tone, powder blue on the outsides with a small thread of Prussian in the center of each haunch sliding up to join the color on his back. His wings are darkest yet, solid Prussian blue thru spar and sail with the pale powder returning just on the trailing edge of each sail.


Tapoth is an uncomplicated fellow. He loves you. He loves to fly. He loves the cold and he loves water. And he loves these things in that order. Anything else, while it might be fun for a diversion is really of no importance to him. He’s not a deep thinker, even for a dragon, but he’s not incapable of deep thought. He’d just rather be doing then thinking. He’s highly athletic and even for a blue incrediably aerobatic in flight. He might just be one of the best aerobatic fliers in the Weyr. He like to play, something he never outgrows and as a young weyrling finds all the exercises tremendous fun. He’s light hearted, friendly and just over all exactly what every wingleader wants in a good blue.

As young weyrlings Tapoth is very conscious that others think something wrong or out of place about your pairing. But he loves you and couldn’t care a smidge for what the others think. Once the initial growth sleepies wear off, there is nothing Tapoth would rather do more then be out and about swimming in the cold Weyr lake, playing or doing one of the many muscle strengthening exercises. He learns quickly and easily and once allowed to leave the ground, you feel you might never get him down again. During the winters of your weyrlinghood, when even the largest dragons are happily seeking their wallows, Tapoth will be out playing in the snow and ice. And he never does quite understand just why you don’t like it when he gets you all snowy and wet. Cold is fun! But he loves you and you are together.

As he becomes a mature blue, the greens will start to catch his eye. But he respects his rider’s desires, and with some help from the Weyrlingmaster learns to wait until you are ready as well. When you finally do release him to chase, he is likely to be a favorite for many greens with his graceful and aerobatic flight and his sunny disposition.


Cool Upwelling Waters

The touch of this mind is like the chill waters of the frigid poles rising up into a bubbling froth of excitement and energy. It has depth and power to spare, a vast ocean of strength of purpose and emotional range. In anger, it freezes with silent purpose: cold, dark and perilously still. Joy is the lighthearted run before the current, cool and fast but not so chill as to hurt. Sorrow is as the ocean depths. It feels of great weight and pressures and of the cold, lightest seafloor.

Egg Name and Description

Any Given Sunday Egg

The center of this smallish egg is filled by a field of green; a perfectly manicured rectangular lawn sure to call down the wrath of the local Weyrleader. Busy little trundlebugs of navy blue or dingy white are frozen in time scurrying over the field and each other in a manner that almost seems purposeful and coordinated. Circling the field and covering the rest of the egg is a blurry mosaic of burnt orange and navy blue hinting of perpetual motion and excitement. A dusky haze settles over the whole scene, colored by the pale fading light of autumn.

Impression Message

In a bracing shock, a cool ocean current washes over you and startles the fear and grief right out of your mind. Thoughts of your brother and your fears vanish. The boiling heat of the sands before you and the screams of your parents and other spectators just seem to be gone so that the quiet tenor voice can be heard. « Why are you so sad? Barqeth and C’mir are quite happy together! » The cool waters rush up again, spraying excitedly before the wind. «I am Tapoth and we will be happy together too!» The froth fades into puzzlement. « Why are you up there? Come down here and feed me.»

Inspiration and Credits

The themes for this clutch are Autumn for the eggs and All Things Aquatic for the dragons. Your dragon’s egg is based on the excitement of fall sporting events. Your dragon is based on the dusky dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) found in southern oceans. Tapoth’s name is based on the Maori (native New Zealander culture) word for obscure, tapouri.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Tapoth
Dam Gold Xaeth
Sire Bronze Mwoth
Created By Trouble
Impressee I'vor (Inevor)
Hatched 18.06.751 (OOC DATE)
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