Now You See Me, Now You Don't Brown Hatchling

The deepest shadows of the woodlands cloak this dragon, draping dramatically over his blocky frame from his ungainly, thick head and back through his thick neck to overbroad shoulders. Dark, dark browns color his hide, draping down and covering him from view with a mantle of earthy tones that allow him to hide in the shadows despite his size. His arms and haunches are bunchy, lined with muscle and even his taloned feet are large, capped by talons thick and wickedly curved. His wings are darker even than most the rest of him, deeply dark espresso colored from wingtip to wingspar and all across his wingsails without another color to enliven them and leaving most of this dragon lost amidst the shadows once more.

Tsemeth is 28.0 feet long, and has a wingspan of 46.7 feet.


Tsemeth is a quiet dragon, never demanding anything from you and truly embodies the phrase gentle giant. He's afraid of his giant size, of stepping on something, or hurting something or someone if he's not careful. He's not one of the dragons that uses his size to force issues and will often back off for even weyrling dragons that are more willful than he is.%R%RThe one person that Tsemeth is not shy around is you, you are the rock that Tsemeth builds his world around. Don't ask him to give the same consideration to other folks, but he's willing to make an effort if you want it from him.%R%RTsemeth is a clumsy mess as a weyrling, falling all over his feet and his tail, tripping over you and his clutchmates and he scarcely becomes more graceful as he ages until he finally grows into his enormous feet. After that, he's a good deal better although he's never going to be graceful on land. He's better in the air but nothing compared to the delicate acrobatics that the blues and greens can do.%R%RAs far as mating flights go, Tsemeth is rather picky and only goes after those greens which he knows quite well, or ones that you're very interested in their riders. He may chase after a gold if you're pushing him but he's also not going to be after them with the intensity of other browns or bronzes. Should he ever sire a clutch, he will be attentive as he knows how to be, but you'll have to remind him of his duties somewhat, and he'll look to you for a great deal of reassurance about the entire affair. Still this is only a guide, and Tsemeth is now your dragon to play.


A Rustle in the Woods

Quiet and shy, this mind is rather tentative and quick to leave. It only touches gently before it backs away, leaving behind the scent of the woods of spring or fall, wet earth and moldering leaves. If you should startle it, it almost completely shuts down, going into a hiding mode until it feels safe.

Egg Name and Description

Sudden White Fury Egg

Thick bands of white bisect this egg, between seeming painted points of darker browns and beiges. Slowly as the light traverses it, the thick ridges of white seem to move, slowly at first and then with greater speed until they overwhelm the darker spots, leaving nothing but an overwhelming rush of white.

Impression Message


Inspiration and Credits

Tsemeth is from Seven Spindles second clutch, where the eggs were based on natural disasters with the Sudden White Fury egg being based on Avalanches. The theme for the dragons themselves were monsters and Tsemeth's monster was Bigfoot or Sasquatch. His name derives from Ts'emekwes the name given to the Bigfoot legend by the local northern California Lummi tribe. Tsemeth was created by Scrabble.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spidles Mux
Name Tsemeth
Dam Gold Xaeth
Sire Bronze Kraketh
Created By Scrabble
Impressee I'son (Iason)
Hatched 743.09.21 (OOC DATE)
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