Lord of the Wild Hunt Bronze Hatchling

His is filtered light, the gleam of sunlight as it slides down through the trees and illuminates the dark bronze hide of this dragon. Shadows shimmer and fade as they float along his head, outlining the fine boning of his muzzle and back along to his headknobs before they vanish into another beam of sunlight that dazzles along his neckridges. Streaks of mossy greens smudge the tree trunks and limbs of the ancient forest and reflect again across the limber lines of his shoulders and back to the thick curves of his haunches, while the green deepens and darkens as it covers the bronze along his tail to the verdigris pattern on his tail fork. A canopy of darkly shaded bronze are his wings, with a pattern of overlapping leaves that trail along the seeming translucent membranes and allow just a little of the light to filter through while stretched underneath are his wingspars, twig slender and fragile. Sharply cut are his talons, wickedly curved on both forearm and back and brightly polished to glow with a glittering bronze hue in the uncertain forest light.

Unvreth is 29.3 feet long, and has a wingspan of 48.8 feet.


Your Unvreth has a sort of duality unseen in many dragons, as his personality encompasses both the bringing and celebration of life to the acceptance and necessity of bringing the end to life. Of course, right out of the shell, he's not quite this philosophical, being a bit more interested in you and food and not necessarily in that order. — It's often said that the metallic dragons know that they are special, and this is quite definitely true in Unvreths case. He was born to be a leader amongst dragons and he's going to push to make that happen. Will you, nill you, if you don't agree. He's liable to pout, to push, to prod or do anything he can to make you see his way on this issue. So what if it's not what you wanted out of life. It's what he does. « Yh'val. You have to understand, I'm only wanting what is due a bronze dragon and his rider. » — He has a slight distaste for authority, when it comes down to him being ruled. However, if he were the one to make the rules, he expects them followed to the letter. And no, he doesn't see any humor in this or why others might. For all of his posturing though, he does try to help as much as he can anyone with a problem, even though he may have little experience with what they're trying to combat. So, he'll push you to doing what you can to help, even if you have no experience, either. — He's bolder than a lot of his fellow clutchmates, or even his fellow bronze dragons, willing to take risks that others decide are fool hardy or too dangerous. But for him, they're always worth it for what he gains, either in material goods or stature in the eyes of others. Or even sometimes it's worth it just for the doing and no other reason beyond that, than to say that he did. « I just wanted to, Yh'val. Because I could, that was it. » — He's going to push himself and you to be the first to attempt each new lesson and ability that the pair of you learn about from. From his first unaided kills, to paired flights, to between, he'll always want to be first and the best at each lesson if he can be. « Oh, come on Yh'val. This is fun, always learning and finding out something new. » — As for what the pair of you do after graduation, as long as he gets to fly and do his part in the exploration, he doesn't care so much how it's accomplished. Whether by search and rescue or as part of a messenger wing, as long as he's in the air and allowed to fly, he'll count himself as very happy. — He's also a big one for participating as much as possible in mating flights, be they for a green or a gold. He's not one to discriminate against a dragon on a basis of color, or even less on personality and he won't allow you to do so either. « Why don't you like her, Yh'val? She's such a pretty glowing shade right now. Such a bright chartreuse. » — Should he ever sire a clutch, expect him to enamored beyond belief by the thought of eggs. Eggs that are related to him of all dragons and he'll follow each dragon's progress as much as he can, and as he remembers. — His voice is a deep baritone, heading into bass that sort of rumbles through you, reverabating in your chest as he speaks. Rarely does he ever raise it or get upset and he's hardly ever strident or squeaky when he speaks.


The Hunter's Call

This mind carries with it, the smell of the forest, from the pine forests of the north with their bitter cold touch of snow to the heat and humidity of the tropics. The brush of wind that carries the perfume of flowers and the scent of animals to the sharp tang of the forest's death itself and eventual decay to nourish yet another generation of woods. Both youth and ageless time are wrapped in its touch, as everything moves from one cycle to the next, never ending and always changing slightly. Somewhat distant, a casual observer to the patterns of life and not usually tempted to join in, until the pull is too strong to ignore once more, to hurry back to the bustle and fray that marks time for those that have only limited years.

Egg Name and Description

Towering Wonder of Steel and Glass Egg

A shimmering dark sheen transforms this awkwardly oval egg, looking liquidly wet as the dark color spreads across the majority of the surface. Interspersed across the luminous slick patches are a duller taupe lines, an oddly rough stop amidst the dark seeming translucent panes. Flashes of waning light, appear and disappear across the surface, a display of starlight across the groundbound form of this egg. Finally, far toward the apex of the egg is a patch of clear sky blue, perfect in mirrored reflection that shadows swirls of rainbows across the thousand panes.

Impression Message

It is the distant baying of the hounds that might first touch your senses, then the rushing noise as something scrambles through the trees and thick brambles and the snap of twigs in its haste. «Yh'val. Hurry, we've much to do and little time, and itis gaining on us.» Then the smooth baritione is gone, lost once more into the crash of the undergrowth. « Yh'val. As sure as my name is Unvreth, I'm telling you that we need to get going. »

Inspiration and Credits

The egg theme for this clutch was scenes from college and university life. For that, I chose to take one of the buildings from the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences: The Jackson T Stephens Spine and Neurosciences Institute. It is one of the premier places in the southeast for neuro/spinal treatment, from either disease or injury. I chose to base your dragon on one of the prevailing myths of ancient culture, that of the Green Lord or the hunter Cerrunnos. You wanted something masculine as a basis for your dragon and there isn't much that comes to my mind as more masculine than a god of male fertility and the hunt. His name, Unvreth comes from the Breton word hunvre with a meaning of dream. Breton is one of the places in Europe where the myth of Cerrunnos/the Green Lord is particularly common so I wanted to tie in with that language and you also wished for a name starting with "U" as one of your choices. — Your dragon was created by Bey, with his description tweaked by Kathryn. I hope that he is everything you were looking for.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Unvreth
Dam Gold Gienith
Sire Bronze Finbarith
Created By Bey of PW
Impressee Yh'val (OLDNAME)
Hatched 76.03.20 (OOC DATE)
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