Memories and Mudpies Brown Hatchling

Even with all his turns, Valtheoth still has the soft youthfulness of his hatchling days. A soft and supple build molds the appearance of youth into this lively little amaretto brown. His head is slightly angular with alert eyes deep set beneath sharp ridges. A snip of fawn brown worms a sinuous path between flared nostrils. Sharp headknobs spring up just before the arch of a shapely neck flowing into the stocky body. His legs are a smidge on the short side, matched by a slightly stubby tail. Mud brown coats his legs, tail, and underbelly in goopy drops as though he'd wallowed in it. One can almost hear the squishing sounds as he walks on ebony taloned paws. Mud droplets splatter up his shoulders and one big splotch covers the left eye to drip down the fore of his neck. Oaken ridges branch off his neck, down to the shoulders and return on his tail. With the crack of thunder, great wings spread: slender oaken spars supporting leaf patterned russet on amaretto sails.

Valtheoth is 24.3 feet long, and has a wingspan of 40.5 feet.


«It's a dangerous business, M'ac, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.» And so begins the grandest adventure of your life. Valtheoth is a somewhat child-like fellow. Not childish but child-like as in eager to learn, explore, and grow. He will always look to the world with a sense of wonder, wishing for the next adventure no matter how old you both grow. He has within him a spark: a lively, joyful energy that seems boundless, especially when he is young and you are so very tired from sleepless night. He is very alert for a dragon, less likely to sleep than others and much inclined to watch the goings on with the weyr bowl. He is always up for whatever you may ask of him, day or night, and gives of himself so fully that you must be the one to watch over and be sure he doesn't stress himself. As weyrlings you were often in trouble simply because he was so eager to be out and doing. He was the first of his clutch to fly and the first to be grounded for overstrained muscles. You both spent more than your share of time in the infirmary for minor cuts and nicks, aching muscles and cracked talons. But you both survived, moving out of the weyrling wing into a real one at the respectable age of 12 months. And Valtheoth did learn to curb his enthusiasm somewhat with the wisdom of age. Valtheoth's favorite thing in all of Pern is you. But second only to that is flying. Not just any flying either. He loves to fly long, high, and fast. He loves to feel the wind whipping against him as he rips through the sky or races the light of Rukbat. He'll spend every minute he can squeeze up in the sky or wheeling for hours on sweeps. All this working stands him in good stead with the ladies, for he can chase long and high and fast for so small a brown. Chase he will, too. Never against your will but be she green or gold, if you do not object, he's going to give it all he's got.



Egg Name and Description

A Summer Night's Chorus Egg

Gentle darkness falls as a blue-black cloak onto the thick shell of this largish egg. Sparks of light seem to burst into being for a short moment and vanish, drifting across the velvety night, where random beams of light within the cavern strike the surface. It brings to mind fireflies and soft southern nights, evoking even the warm teasing winds rustling the pine trees and the loud rhythmic chur-chur-chur of the Katydids.

Impression Message

The heat of the sands has become exhausting and though you remain alert to danger, your mind starts to feel distant and vague. A puckish laugh echoes faint as memory to your ear, were no child is to be found. It is followed by the faint rumble of a distant storm. Cool, moisture flows over you but doesn't stir the air. Just as you begin to recognize none of this is real, the tiny brown's eyes meet yours and you hear the merry tenor call «I am looking for someone to share in an adventure, M'ac». Again you hear that gleeful laugh coming from both within you and the brown in front of you. « Valtheoth. » he interrupts you mid-thought and you know you will never be alone again. The tenor returns more piteously. « I am very hungry…»

Inspiration and Credits

The theme for the eggs in this clutch was insects. Your egg is based on two common summer insects in the US south, the Common True Katydid for sound and Lampyridae family of beetles commonly known as firefly or lightning bug, dependent on your location. The theme for the dragons was things children collect. Valtheoth is inspired by the idea of a young boy out playing in the woods and mud and what he is collecting are memories, snapshots of the pure innocent joy of childhood in its many forms. Please note the worm balanced forever on his nose. Valtheoth was a name you suggested and his personality is an amalgam of the whimsy, personal development and adventure to be found in children, The Hobbit and the series The Belgariad. He was designed by Trouble with hopes you will love him. But as ever, if you wish to change him or have him changed, he is yours to do with as you like.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Valtheaoth
Dam Gold Xaeth
Sire Bronze Coresanth
Created By Trouble
Impressee M'ac (Merimac)
Hatched 16.05.739 (OOC DATE)
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