He is a large and rangy fellow, long of limb and length, with a deep, springy chest and the type of lean, rolling muscles that can run for hours. Keen, sharp eyes are set in a head both heavy and long muzzled supported by a thick, slightly shortened neck. From muzzle to tail he is a clean, rich hydrangea blue. The color is a soft, cold blue tinted with hints of mulberry in the shadows of muscles and bones. His ridges are indigo mountains, tipped in ice. They march down the neck, lower at the back to rise again along his tail. Ice blue, bright and frigid, clings to the high points of muscles, frosting the dorsal surface of neck, back, and hips. It freezes his wings whose spars of solid ice hold sails patched by indigo laced over with icy blue hoarfrost. When extended, those wings stretch as vast as the frozen winter sky. Indigo returns as a darkened line along his underside from throat-latch to tail spade limned by icy blue in delicate snowflakes. The final touch is talons of pure ice, like curved icicles cutting into the ground.


With a fiery spirit as strong as this one, Vintroth promises to be quite the handful growing up and even into his adulthood. With an aversion to authorities that borders on insolence ( though never seems to quit cross that line), Vintroth is intent on creating his own path through life and to the Red Star with what a blue is 'supposed' to be like. When the lessons get harder and more intense that is when the challenge will be presented to you. Keeping him in line with what he is supposed to be doing will be hard if not downright impossible at times. He won't understand why he needs to wait to do something. Sometimes with only a vague idea of what needs to be done he'll dive right into it. 9 times out of 10 though he'll do one minor detail wrong and thusly get the entire lesson wrong. Over time though he'll give in to your insistence to slow down. Somewhat. Ultimately when he's older he'll actively seek leadership positions regardless of what you Ariah, may be comfortable with. Vintroth constantly will push your comfort level to the absolute limits though he'll always know just how far to push and when to actually back off on a subject. With Vintroth you must certainly be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime. After all the simple fact is you are a female who impressed a male dragon means you are off to an auspicious start indeed!

From the moment he's awake everyday he's active. For him it's always Go Go Go! « Why aren't we doing anything, Ariah?! » will be his constant complaint. Active, intelligent and over-eager he'll want to try everything out. When not in lessons he'll insist on practicing or simply exploring. Naturally he'll sleep a lot when he's younger but there will come a day when a meal won't make him sleepy or he'll decide on exploration instead of sleep. It'll no doubt happen when you least expect it when you wake up and discover him already awake and into some kind of trouble in the barracks.

This is when you'll discover some of his more peculiar quirks in his personality. He loves to collect things. Obtaining either by finding or stealing, he really doesn't know the difference. Don't be surprised when you find his hidden stash of goodies. Anything from clothing, blankets, pillows, books and even rocks. You'll be able to convince him that you should return everything to their proper owners for everything but the rocks. His insistent to keep his favorite rocks found outside will be strong enough for you to eventually relent. The nicest rocks he finds he'll insist on them being rigged up to his fighting straps when the time comes. Vintroth loves the outdoors and everything in his. His love for collecting things will extend to bugs as well from the first time he sees a bug. Perhaps he finds one when digging in the training yard. Or perhaps it's a flying bug that lands on his muzzle but before he's too old he'll want you to collect them in jars for him to see whenever he wants. He'll insist they are for luck and it'll take some convincing on your part to get him to understand bugs should stay outdoors. Once he starts hunting he'll be insistent on seeking out just the right herdbeast. The perfect one. Not for eating though! This will be the one he wishes to keep and protect. All defenseless things needs to be protected. In his opinion. Lucky for you though his dragonic memory is quite short so when you next return to the feeding grounds and his special 'friend' isn't there, you'll be able to convince him another one is his friend. Of course woe be tide the day he sees his 'friend' being eaten!

There's a natural sense of playfulness to Vintroth in that he'll want to play, romp around and even try to take part in a snowball fight. Vintroth adores the cold and will spend hours and hours in the perfect snow couch he builds. It'll take some convincing that he needs to take you back up to your weyr for the night! As he matures though, he'll grow zealous in his life's pursuits. There'll be a pivotal moment in your life that makes him do a complete turnaround from the laid back, relaxed blue to a more mature blue who seeks responsibilities. Perhaps it is an injury, a thread fall accident or some other event but he'll eventually realize that everything they've pounded into his head during training meant something. It'll be up to you to help him find meaning in the accident and define what it'll mean for his future. Don't worry though his natural abilities will come into play with this. Very strong for a blue he's also blessed with incredible agility in the air. Compared to a dance, he's quite light on his feet per say. In a way he commands the skies with his ability to turn on a dime, ride any wind and Between with the minimum amount of space needed. He also has excellent control of his flame. While he can't sustain it as long as some, he's very accurate and better at exchanging width for length as needed.

As if a switch were flipped there will be changes within Vintroth after the life changing moment happens. That's not to say his core self changes. That playful, rambunctious blue you know and love will be there. Instead though Vintroth will see things more black and white with little grey areas. True social norms will be hard for him to comprehend and while he makes friends easily enough there will only be a few people/dragons in his life that really will know the 'real' Vintroth. Naturally you will know his fears, his loves and his obsessions for there are no secrets between you to. Your bond will grow closer and stronger than ever before and after the accident. But to others Vintroth sometimes doesn't understand when he should tell the truth or give a little white lie. « You failed at that lesson. Clearly you need to practice more, Eganeth ». You'll struggle to make him understand that wasn't constructive advice. Often as a result of his sometimes harsh truth he'll alienate those around him. Naturally he'll love his siblings and will be quite close to the other weyrlings that hatched not too long before he. Quite often though he'll do completely opposite of whatever Ruebalth or Orayth suggests for he'll consider the two Golds much like bossy sisters. Obviously he knows more than they do. Right?

When it comes to flights Vintroth will want to chase all the greens that fly. Part of it will be he wants to prove his agility in the air isn't just for Threadfall. He'll flirt with all the ladies though it'll take a lot to commit himself to any one female. How can one choose when they are so many lovely ladies within the weyr! If though, perhaps, you find yourself enjoying the company of one greenrider over another he may indeed try to woe the dragon of said rider.

Overall, Vintroth is a bundle of energy that is yours for life. Always will he put you first in anything he does. He has a keen sense of justice; wanting to do what is right! From now on life will never quite be the same.



Swirls of icy cold accompany Vintroth's mindvoice. While completely masculine in tone there is a faint feminine quality to his mind voice. While Ariah might not realize it when listening to him, the occasional time he's spoken to someone else, they have noticed his mindvoice sounds vaguely in tune with Ariah's voice.

Egg Name and Description

The Distant Gleam Egg

A dark ovoid of average size, it is the strange coloring which sets this one apart. Black obsidian cloaks in the background, contrasted by a huge fireball of red and orange. It scorches any liquid from the shells surface and makes one hot just to look at it. What is most peculiar however is the shadow of a perfect circle which cuts in front of that blazing star. A world on the edge of existence which seems like it shouldn't be and might fade just as quickly into the oblivion just beyond the horizon.

Impression Message

Bitter cold invades your mind, freezing as it slides through your brain and slowly brings a halt to all thinking. Overlaid across the cold is the hint of something preditory lurking in the distance and steadily drawing nearer. Finally a voice framed by ice is heard « Ariah. Ariah. » Certainly a sound close to a howl that finally allows a bit of warmth to sneak out. « I am Vintroth, you are my Ariah and we will be together to fight the cold forever. »

Inspiration and Credits

CREDITS: The Egg theme was based on real alien planets, expressly from: Of these worlds your egg was inspired from #10 - The hottest planet ever found. Formally recognized as planet WASP-12b it orbits its star in one earth day. It sees the highest temperature ever found on a planet, over 4000F and is one of the gas giant type planets.

You suggested Game of Thrones for a theme and so your Vintroth is based on Arya Stark. But to keep with a gentler, more playful blue, he is the Arya Stark just before the series begins. All her strength, defiance, and leadership is there, just undeveloped by experience. It will be up to you how and why those traits develop in Pern. You asked for the more unusual letters in a meaningful name. Vintroth's name comes from Vintro which is Esperanto for winter. Esperanto is a made up romantic language designed to be easy to learn while remaining politically neutral. His desc is partly based on a wolf crossed with the unending cold of a Westros winter. Vintroth was written by Trouble. I hope you like him. But as always, he is yours to do with as you will.


Name Vintroth
Dam Gold NAME
Created By Trouble
Impressee Ariah
Hatched Turn 760 ( Aug 31, 2015 )
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