Of Course I Look Good Bronze Hatchling

Pale weathered bronze hide gleams, showing brightly across the elegant boning of this larger dragon, from his slightly snubbed nose that leaves his otherwise aristocratically framed head looking short, to the long lithe sinuous span of his neck. Narrow shoulders are subset above a slightly sunken chest, whilst his forearms are exquisitely slender with the boning fine, delicate and yet still more than substantial enough for support. Brilliant half moons compose his talons, of a pale bronze that fades into his hide and only shows for a moment from the wicked arches of their curves. Sun-leeched bronze hide touches across his lanky haunches and brushes up from his belly, before slowly darkening as it collects in shadows below the ridges that follow along his back, sharp as razor's points where they lead into the long and increasing length of his whiplash tail to the final sharp hook of the finial. His wings are swept back, traceries of wingsails that seem stretched too thin through fragile wingspars and splashed with darker whiskey hues above the lighter weathered bronze boning.
Voldranth is feet long, and has a wingspan of feet.


Voldranth is a sly dragon, never one to make a statement that can be taken at face value, unless the purpose served by that would be better than the innuendos that might be made of something he casually mentions. He very rarely trusts anyone and would never completely let down his guard without very good reason, indeed you are the only one that may ever hear his completely frank thoughts. Despite what Voldranth may think of others, it wouldn't do to tell them of it, because burning bridges or even acquaintanceships over words that once spoken can never be taken back will not do at all. He'll encourage you to be as reticent, as well.

Never mistake his quiet behavior though for shyness. He's very confident in himself and his abilities, well aware that he is a bronze and that his color alone makes him one of the higher class of dragons about the weyr, or so he will tell you. Despite that inborn, inbred arrogance, he's determined to succeed as well from practice and will keep after you too. You need to be a fit partner and he's not going to let you slack off and drag him down. Shards forfend, if you get taken to task by one of the weyrling staff, the tongue lashing or chores from them will be nothing compared to what you get from Voldranth. Actually that will be true at any stage in your life together, should you disappoint him, he'll be vicious in his chastisement of you.

Voldranth is always seeking to lead, as a young dragon and even then as he grows older. He'll never be quite content as just part of a wing and will work feverishly toward his goals, even if he has to put long term planning into play. He's also got something of a grandiose nature, wanting to show others up and prove how much better he is. It is this failing that will trip him up the most when he is young and even as he grows older, his love for elaborate, complicated plots will often be his downfall.

He'll take interest in female dragons, for what male dragon doesn't? But outside of flights, well, they serve no purpose for him and are likely to be dismissed from his thoughts, if he even thinks of them in the first place. He'll certainly have no sympathy for you if you start to moon about over a love interest. He'll be happy enough to win a flight and certainly happy to sire a clutch but those are only stepping stones on his way to power, not something to be celebrated as achievements in their own right.

Lastly, Voldranth will only ever completely love you. Have a certain limited affection for others, he's certainly capable of that. But he's only going to truly care about himself and you. He'll care about the weyr, because it's important to his plans and because you care. Not because he, himself truly cares.



Egg Name and Description

Taste the Blades Egg

Tawny browns and yellows enwrap this parched egg in mingled hue. As if to announce the fading echo of summer in grasses parched by the burning sun, and the transition of autumn to touch and settle the land before the chill of winter arrives. The blades of grass seem to rustle now and then in the soft hand of the invisible wind, or the passing of some unseen creature. That is until one looks ever so much closer and it is almost as if a pair of deeper brown eyes look back between the blade. A fuzzy outline in that same tawny color which hints of the predator within the shell, waiting until its moment.

Impression Message

So subtle it may be unnoticed at first is the faint brush of another mind against yours. A delicate fingering touch that rifles through your mind, slowly becoming stronger as it haphazardly looks around and tosses memories past. « F'min. I know you're in here somewhere. Answer me, boy. » A slight slowing of your memories, a lessening of the headache induced before that presence is back. « Well, what do you have to say for yourself? I had to come and look for you, me, Voldranth. That is completely unacceptable. I am also hungry. Why are you waiting to feed me? »

Inspiration and Credits

Voldranth is of course based on your remembered inspiration of Voldemort, somewhat tweaked by how I saw him. My basis is the sly, manipulative, somewhat unable to form emotional attachments of Tom Riddle than the more basic cruelty and insanity of Voldemort, but there is something of both in this dragon. His egg was based on a Wolf Spider and their abilities to hide in the natural territories of trees and grasses. The theme for this summer's clutch was Mimics for our eggs and our dragons were Heroes and Villains. Taste the Blades Egg was completed by Bingo, while the rest of the dragon was completed by Scrabble.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles Mux
Name Bronze Voldranth
Dam Gold Xaeth
Sire Bronze Mwoth
Created By Bingo, Scrabble
Impressee F'min (Firmin)
Hatched 02.09.755 (June 5, 2013)
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