Tropical Breeze Blue Hatchling

He is mostly the color of the tropical ocean, a turquoise bright blue that moves along from his elongated head to his slender neck. Hints of paler colors open up across his hide as it drapes down, filtering along his shoulders and along thin forearms, down to the incredibly dark half moons of his wickedly sharp talons. His back is frosted in a lighter blue shade, nearly a pale icy color that contrasts with the bright turquoise that still limns the ridges that float along his back and follow the entire length of his tail to the very end. His wings are splashed between pale blue and a slightly darker sky, melding across the entirety of his wingsails and causing them to become darker the farther you get from his leading edges, while his insubstantial wingspars at darkly outlined in cobalt colors, a tattoo so dark against the light.


Waiith is a laid back dragon, that is the only way to say it. Nothing much bothers him, nothing much gets him excited, ever. Even being a weyrling and having everything be new and exciting for the first time does not do much for him. « I'd really rather nap, Neska.» Still, he is not lazy for all of his phlegmatic personality and you two should coast through training with ease. It will only be his growing up that will keep the pair of you from graduating the first of your clutch.

Waiith always seems ready for all of life's challenges, whatever they may be. It's not that he is not scared, just he figures there's nothing to be done about it but forge ahead, so there he goes. Besides, he has you right there with him so he can face anything. As he gets older, his steady nature might push others to want him as a weyrling assistant, or a wingsecond because they know he can be depended on and that you will grow with his nature.

While he will chase greens, he's not one of those blues that is overly interested when the golds rise. «I'm not going to catch her, so why waste the energy and time?» Still, he'll find greens endlessly entertaining and there are more than enough greens to keep him occupied for quite some time.


Sound of Waves

Waiiths mind is filled with the sound of water, or more specifically the spash of waves up on the beach, where they meet the sand endlessly. Along with that sort of timeless repetition, heÂ’s got an eternal, internal calm to his mind. Nothing much bothers Waiith, nothing much gets him upset or fussed, he's just along for the ride. This placid personality also shows in how his voice appears to you, a deep rumbling bass that just resonates.

Egg Name and Description

A Piece of My Heart Egg

A pale peach oblong, the egg sits apart and yet somehow not alone. Though all one color, the faint texture of the shell itself paints shadowed shapes along the exterior, phantasms of the heart and mind. On one end two faces rest against each other, painted by a faint impression of cheek and mouth, eye and nose. At the other end, folded limbs support another, where tiny toes wiggle freely in space. A pair of hands, fingers interwoven, one small, on large sits center stage supporting the lone spot of color against the peach, a pink heart glowing right above the hands.

Impression Message

The rush of the ocean overcomes you, barely into your mind and washing away all other thoughts you might have had except those for the little blue sitting in front of you. «Neska.?» He waits just a moment, so terribly uncertain and so unlike him, wanting you so terribly badly. « Neska, I am Waiith, and I already love you so very much.»

Inspiration and Credits

Waiith's clutch was based on two things. The eggs were based on things you'd do with a child, and Waiith's egg was based on cuddling up. The dragons were based on alcoholic drinks and Waiith is based on a Blue Hawaiian, which is mix of light rum, vodka, blue curacao, pineapple juice and sweet and sour mix. His name, Waiith is derived from the Hawaiian part of the drink's name. He was a fun dragon to make, and I hope you enjoy him.


High Reaches Weyr - Sevenspindles
Name Waiith
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Denskith
Created By Trouble,Scrabble
Impressee Neska
Hatched 749.01.13 <Jun 10>
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