Autumn Leaves Gold Xaeth

Brilliant reflection of turning gold splashes across the hide of this dragon, covering her from her blunt muzzle to shadow along her back and down to end as turning flecks of gold on her tailtip. Shaded hollows on her body seem filled with deeper hues, golden rust until it blends in against the buff faded tones that swirl across lean shoulders and along thin wiry forearms. She is moderately barrel chested, thick through the rest of her body, until finally ending with strongly built haunches balanced by the sweeping length of her tail. Brighter, nearly pure gold are her wings from her leading edges and then sweeping back across the main sails. Sundappled and slightly darker are the wingspars, although barely noticeable against the larger expanse.

Xaeth is 29.4 feet long.


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles MUX
Name Xaeth
Dam Gold Kasath
Sire Bronze Tyolith
Created By Bingo, Scrabble, and Trouble
Impressee Sazey
Hatched 732.04.03 (Off Camera)
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