Forged from the Depths Bronze Hatchling
Mined from Pern's core, melted in the depths of southern volcanoes and brought to the frozen north to temper and harden, the durable hide of this young bronze makes no question his color or his purpose. Gleaming bronze darkens around his muzzle and up between his eyes, subtle shifts of color adding both high and low lights to the contours of his face and the rest of his body. His coloration is smooth and constant, any shifts in color coming naturally and without sharp edges. He is built majestically, proportions correct and powerful. There is strength in his limbs, a promise of great power to come when he reaches full size, though never to the point of being bulky. His wings gleam with pale bronze, almost translucent sails shimmering with flecks of gold and pale green, tempered bronze suggesting weathering by the elements. Wind and rain streak the coloration on the back of his wings, but so very subtle it's almost impossible to see. The bronze darkens over his neckridges and the coloration continues along his spine and down his tail to its fork. His talons are ebony, wickedly sharp and curved.


"Do you have anyone here who can do them ALL?"

Zhirazoth is an astonishing dragon, and he knows it. From the moment he hatched he has been looking forward and pushing you on to achieve and to learn, so the both of you can be the best that you can possibly be. Because that is what is most important to him - being good at /everything/. Of course that's impossible, but for his entire life he will be learning new skills, and pushing you to do them as well. Could you take a knot in every craft? He would want you to. If he had his way you both would be learning all the time, apprenticed to every craft, and traveling across Pern mastering all the talents and skills that interest him. He wants you to be a master swordsman and a master weaver. He wants you to be able to farm the best crops and make the sweetest music. Be a healer and also the best at dragon poker. And he will push, push, push you to work towards those goals. But he only pushes because he knows you can do it. He's confident in your abilities and he knows with an unshakable confidence that you can master whatever you put your mind to. After all, he wouldn't have chose you if you didn't hold the potential for greatness. He just needs to get you to where you need to be. And he doesn't ask anything of you that he won't do himself.

"It is a good champion-cast," said Lugh. "I will better it."

He is insatiable in his lessons, wanting you to master every task, and he will /push/ for that mastery in himself as well as in you. « Not good enough. Again. I must do it again. » He will devote himself to his lessons until he has mastered every task. He will keep you up late with visualization practice, he will push himself to the brink of exhaustion in his exercises (and you'll have to force him to stop before he does himself harm), and he will test, test, test you with your lessons. Those he can remember, that is. His lack of long term memory will be frustrating to him, and he will often dive into your thoughts to just pull what he wants, as if your brain is nothing more than a storage space for whatever he can't remember. You will have to learn to guard your private thoughts around him, because he'll have access to everything if you're not careful. Not that he'd ever use those thoughts maliciously, but if you don't want him to know something you'd better lock it away somewhere where he can't find it. So lessons will be a time of hard work for him, and he is not one to lounge about or sleep late, or encourage you to slack off in any way. No, he'll be the dragon front and center, eager to learn (almost to the point of being demanding at times) and looking with disdain at any of his clutchmates that aren't taking things as seriously as he is.

He has an incredible ability to focus, almost to his detriment. He will focus so strongly one one thing that it will be at the cost of all else. If he's working on landings, trying to get them absolutely perfect, he will not eat until he's reached the perfection he so desires. Even if his color goes ashen and he begins to tremble, he will not let himself stop one task until he's mastered it. You will have to force him to shift his focus (or at least pause it) so that he does not do harm to himself. This ability to focus can be a great strength but also a terrible weakness if he (and you) can not master it.

In his youth (and as he grows, let's be honest here) he will have moments of recklessness. « What do you mean we can't fly in the storm? I am a dragon, the storm will bend to my will, not the other way around. » He loves the challenge of difficult and tricky flying, and will be the first to try out anything of that sort. And he will push you to do things as well. « You can climb that outcrop, you are the strongest rider among us. Do it. » It will be up to you if you let him push you into doing things, or if you are able to tell him no and deal with the teasing and disappointment that follows. He will also try to push others to be reckless as well, at times. And he will not take kindly to anyone who says no to him. Or fails. It's hard to determine which is worse in his mind - not trying, or attempting but failing.


This might cause some difficulties during threadfall, and you will have to make sure that you can keep a hold on him so he does not endanger himself, you, or others. At the same time, with that recklessness there comes a certain amount of courage, but it will be up to you to help him temper the reckless behavior and come to realize that taking a chance is not always wise. He will need to learn that just because something is risky doesn't mean he's courageous to attempt it - sometimes it's downright stupid. He might not make friends all that easily, because they will either need to be someone he thinks is his equal (and there are few of those!) or someone that is willing to do as he says. He might not have the best relationships with the lesser colored dragons in the weyr because of his elitist views. Plus, he has little patience for others in the beginning. He can not fathom why others do not think as quickly as he does, or make decisions as swiftly. He might even ridicule or tease dragons (or people, privately) that do not respond how /he/ wishes them to. However, over time, he will come to realize that greens and blues are essential and he will start to recognize them as his equals in ways other than size and intelligence. After all, what is a leader with no one to lead? Still, it will probably take many rebukes before he comes to understand that a leader needs to value all of the members of his team, and not just expect blind obedience.

Those that he does deem his friends though, will see a different side of him. He is fiercely protective of his friends, and should he ever achieve Wingleader (or Weyrleader), he will push his dragons further and harder than other leaders, just so they are more prepared and more safe when they take to the skies against thread. The same goes for any mates that he takes, especially any golds. When he participates in mating flights is a time when his focus serves him will. He will settle into a single minded state where winning is the only goal and the only option he gives himself. Losses will be taken hard, and wins will be accepted with an « of course I won » attitude. His duties as a sire will vary depending on the gold. If she is silly or vapid he might lose interest rather quickly, but if she is a gold that is as quick witted as he, or one that captures his interest, then he will stick around and might even dote on her a little.


Threadfall is another time when his focus is beneficial. There is no room for any distractions in his mind, and he will push you to enter the same state of mind. He is large enough to last the entire fall, and more than strong enough to do so as well. But he is reckless and will take risks that might prove dangerous. Should he be leading, he might push those risks onto his wingmates if you're not careful and don't temper him. He wants the glory and he wants to cut things close, caught up in the battle-lust and wanting to truly shine and show off his abilities.

In his quieter moments he will like to learn. It is rare that he will just lay around chatting, or dozing. But along with learning, he also has a desire to collect things. But not just anything. Special things. He wants items with power and with stories. It's not good enough that you find a stone. No, he wants a piece of stone from the ledge where Janja took her tragic fall. He has a desire for the darker things in life, finding those items and their stories fascinating. Anything that captivates his thoughts and his imagination will be something that he wishes to have in his possession, and he will sometimes go to whatever means necessary to get it. Sometimes he'll coerce others to go fetch it for him, and other times the two of you will go on a grand adventure to acquire the item.

As he ages his patience will grow, and when he realizes that he should be a /teacher/ as well as a learner, he will have a shift in his personality. That role of teacher and mentor might not stick with him at first, but the more he ages the more he'll be drawn to share his knowledge with others. And with that will finally come the patience he's been lacking. His recklessness will wane and his patience will rise, and he might seek a Weyrlingmaster position for the both of you. However, it's hard to tell when this switch will occur. It might not happen until he's in his 40's, or it might come upon him sooner than you would have thought possible.

Overall though, your dragon has the potential to be a very powerful leader in the weyr. But he is not without his faults. His brashness, his over-confidence, his recklessness will all be things that you need to temper in order to bring out his true leadership potential. No matter what though, he is totally devoted to you. And if he pushes you a lot, it's just because he knows you can achieve everything you set your mind to.



Zhirazoth's mind is that of the sky and the sea before or after a storm. The build up, the pressure, the change in humidity before the storm, and then the crackle of lightning, the booms of thunder and lashing of rain before all is calm once again. Different parts of the storm will be focused on for his varying moods, lightning flashes used to drive home a point, thunder in its various tones meant to convey anything from laughter to distain.


A gentle mist, a raging tempest, all of these things add flavor to the rich baritone of his voice. Day or night, with gentle breezes or fierce gusts, all of these subtle changes will help him display his wide range of thoughts and emotions with his audience. For you, though, he will usually keep things more calm. However, if he needs to push you, you might feel his thoughts like a rising barometric pressure in your skull, a pulsing pressure until you agree to whatever it is he wants you to do - or fight it off and put him in his place.

Egg Name and Description


Mottled Depths Egg
Slightly larger than its siblings, this egg is shaped just like an egg. Not overly rounded, nor overly slender, it's the perfect curve all across its shell. Brown at the base, the shell is flecked with splatters of different colors, adding depth and texture to it. Shimmers of bronze and gold fleck with deeper orange hues, looking very much like a piece of ancient amber uncovered from the earth and polished to a shine. The egg is not flashy, but simple in its coloration, though the depth and layers of color add a complexity to it that might be mirrored by the dragon within.

Impression Message

From the depths of the storm reaches into your mind, surrounding you suddenly, swiftly, with heat and humidity. Is the hair standing up on your arms, or is it just your imagination? Do you hear the boom of thunder on the High Reaches hatching sands? Or was it a dream? Into your mind seeps the dampness of the storm, a gentle mist which touches all and seeps into the cracks of your mind, taking root there and holding you fast. « Mr'az, » the dragon god names you. « I am Zhirazoth, and together we will do many wondrous things. Come, let us feast before the trials begin. »

Inspiration and Credits

The egg I modelled after an actual falcon egg. I'd never seen them before and they are stunningly beautiful! I had to use it to describe Zhirazoth's egg.

All written and created by the lovely Nyalle! Thank you again, I <3 him to pieces!


High Reaches Weyr - Seven Spindles MUX
Name Zhirazoth
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Kaeoth
Created By Nyalle
Impressee Mr'az (Mrovazny)
Hatched N/A
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