Age Help

Characters here age at a rate of 1 RL day = 2 IC days. Dragons age at the same rate from birth, they do not have any accelerated aging. There are several different functions you can use to show your age in your @desc.

[age-short(u(birthsecs))] - Result: X turns

[age-long(u(birthsecs))] - Result: X turns, Y months, and Z days

To set your birthsecs use the following command. Please note that all characters must be at least 14 IC turns old.

+age me=<turns>.<months>.<days> - Ex: +age me=15.6.7

It is referenced that Pern has about the same span for a turn as Earth has for a year. A 'sevenday' is a week, and literally seven days long. For the math to work right this means each month has four sevendays (28 days total) and that there are thirteen months to a turn.

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