Candidate Help

Candidate System

The Candidate System is the OOC system by which you can register your interest as a candidate, and stand for particular clutches. Candidates must be between the IC ages of 14 and 22. When you reach the IC age of 23 the code will remove you from the candidate system.

For color preferences you may only note them as Yes (willing to impress) or No (do not want to impress). You are either happy with a color, or you are not, just be honest with yourself. The code randomly picks a color from your preferences for each clutch, in the order the clutch comes up to hatch. This will then create a pool of candidates for each color, and names from that pool will be randomly picked until the given number of eggs of each color within the clutch are filled.

Please note that the clutch system is random and gold riders have NO control over the number of eggs, color distribution, assigning of size, or matching of candidates to dragons or colors. The Code does all that to keep the system as canon and fair as possible.

For a more detailed example of the color assignment see '+Help ColorCode'

Candidate System Commands:

+CAN Register=<On/Off> Register (or remove) yourself on the OOC Candidate System.
When removed color information set will NOT be kept.
+CAN Color <Color>=<Yes/No> Register your color preferences.
All colors are assumed to be NO unless you specifically set them to YES.
If you do not set any colors to YES this is the equivalent of being Stand_Only.
+CAN Notes=<Notes> Any notes you wish the clutch builders to see.
For example any dragon name preferences you might have long, short,
starting with a certain letter, as well as preferred themes, colors, inspirations,
personalities traits, things which make you love or that you would hate about a dragon.
All the stuff builders need to make you as close to a perfect partner as we can.
+CAN Fate ? See Candidate Fate System below
+CAN Hname=<Your Rider Name> For Females your rider name will be the same as your non-rider name. For Males your rider name will be an honorific of your existing name or one you make up.
+CAN SignUp <ClutchID> Sign up for a clutch. Each clutch is given a unique clutch ID number. Watch the bboard for clutch announcements.
+CAN Status Your system status and information.
can .who/<ClutchID> Shows everyone signed up OOCly for <ClutchID>

Candidate Fate System

? = The number is the Level Of Freedom with which you allow fate to randomly determine your future as a rider. ICly the majority of riders die within their first two turns of paired life. To reflect this in game we have set up a system of "fate" which players may choose to, or not to, participate in. The level to which you allow fate is the MAXIMUM "worst case" fate you allow, not necessarily what will be allotted to you. So for example if you choose 3, your fate can range from death in the sevenday after impression to a happily ever after that sees you both off in old, old age.

0 = No Fate. Your future is as you decide
1 = Fated Level = Up To Injury - Temporary - Heal Fully Over 2-6 Months
2 = Fated Level = Up To Injury - Permanent - Some Permanent Loss of Function
3 = Fated Level = Up To Death

In the end you may choose to ignore the fated outcome of your partnering, should you impress, as it is ultimately your character but the point of this system is to incorporate a bit of reality into the game. If you do not wish to participate, please simply mark '0'.

When you sign up to stand for a clutch this is an OOC registration. You have two options for being searched ICly. You can request of the searchrider volunteers to have an on camera search, or you can just decide when you have been searched and RP from that point appropriately. The commands to do so are contained under '+Help +Search'. You MUST be searched either by IC method, or OOC method before the hatching.

If you have been searched on camera once, you are ICly considered as an automatic candidate for any future clutches, so you do not need to be searched again. You can request to if you want, we're here to have fun after all.

Candidates do not have a separate barracks, they remain in their regular rooms. When searched they will report to the weyrlingmaster who posts work assignments for the sevenday and any classes which occur periodically.

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