Clutch Help

The dragon clutch system is a fully coded system that functions automatically and is available (except for hatching commands) globally. So, you egg builders don't have to be stuck on the sands all the time if you don't want to be, or shouldn't ICly be out there. How the clutch is handled is left up to the Goldrider, or in the case of her absence, the Bronze/Brownrider Sire, or the Wizzen if they both flake out. Clutch building coordination is generally through @mail.

General Commands

Any Player
+clcal <cid> OOC Calendar for specified clutch
+cl<cid> eggs Lists eggs you can build on
+cl<cid> eggstatus Lists status of each egg
+cl<cid> review <egg#> Reviews info on <egg#>
Clutch Admins
+cl<cid> addegg <egg#>=<player> Adds <player> as a builder on <egg#>
+cl<cid> delegg <egg#>=<player> Removes <player> from building on <egg#>

Building Dragons

Egg Names and Descriptions will need to be set before the end of the Laying period. At the end of the Laying period the code will set a random generic Egg Name and Description for any which are not so set and lay the egg(s).

To set Egg Names and Descriptions use:
+cl<cid> ename <egg#>=<Egg Name> - Sets egg name on <egg#>
+cl<cid> edesc <egg#>=<Egg Desc> - Sets egg description on <egg#>

Egg Names and Descriptions can not be changed once the egg is laid. Even if you have a very large clutch, the Pregnant period is quite long enough that at one Name and Description per day all eggs should be well accommodated. All GOLD eggs are to be named and described as such. They are golden hued and noticeably larger than any other egg.

PC Riders are chosen by the Code on the 31st RL day after the mating flight. The code does not yet filter candidates who may have already been selected for another clutch in the works, so in the interim the Wizzen will be reviewing and filtering them manually between day 31 and 35 as needed.

From the 35th RL dayafter the mating flight until the complete command is run you may set and alter the following:

For PC Dragons
+cl<cid> hname <egg#>=<hatch name> Sets hatchling name on <egg#>.
+cl<cid> hdesc <egg#>=<hatch desc> Sets hatchling description on <egg#>.
+cl<cid> notes <egg#>=<notes> Sets notes for <egg#>.
The code sets a few random words for persona inspiration
one may or may not use. (Optional)
+cl<cid> credits <egg#>=<info> Sets credit info. (Optional)
+cl<cid> imsg <egg#>=<message> Sets Impression Message sent to the candidate when
they impress.
+cl<cid> dname <egg#>=<dragon name> Sets dragon name on <egg#>.
Dragon names must end in -th, may not repeat any
existing names, and must be 5-12 characters in length.
+cl<cid> rider <egg#> View information about the chosen rider's listed preferences.
For NPC Dragons
+cl<cid> npcmsg <egg#>=<message> Sets message emitted when egg hatches.
Should include the egg name, dragon name and rider honorific.
+cl<cid> npcrider <egg#>=<rider name> Rider honorific. All NPC impressions are to MALE candidates.
+cl<cid> dname <egg#>=<dragon name> Name of NPC dragon. Must end in -th and have a length of
5-12 characters.

When you are finished building an Egg (PC *OR* NPC) use the following command to clear it as ready to hatch. This will also notify the wizzen that the egg is finished. You MUST run this command at least 24 hours BEFORE you hatch.

+cl<cid> complete <egg#>

While the code will automatically put in something generic for whatever the Goldrider and/or egg builders do not complete that is mandatory, not building will generally result in the loss of PC laying privileges.

Hatching Commands

The following commands ONLY work when on the Sands. Except where specified these commands can only be run by those with access to the specified egg.

Syntax Purpose
+cl<cid> lay <egg#> Lays specified egg.
+cl<cid> hatch <egg#> Hatches specified egg.
NPCs will hatch and emit the pre-set NPC Message of impression.
PCs will hatch and emit the hatchling description.
+cl<cid> impress <egg#> Impressed specified PC egg.
+cl<cid> pose <egg#>=<pose> Poses specified egg. The egg name or hatchling name is prefixed.
+cl<cid> selfhatch Command used by candidates during the self-hatch phase of a gold's cycle.
Candidates selected for PC impression the egg will hatch and impress.
If you were not destined to impress then no egg will hatch.
+cl<cid> conclude This command may only be used by the dam, sire or wizzen.
This will close out the clutch and remove it from the global builder.
This will only work if all eggs are impressed, or if the gold's cycle has ended.
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