ColorCode Help

This is a more detailed Example of the way the code selects colors.

Ten Male Candidates:

Adam - Green Blue Bob - Blue Bronze Dale - Blue Brown
Dave - Bronze Jack - Blue Brown Jim - Blue Brown Bronze
Ken - Green Karl - Brown Bronze Mack - Bronze
Walt - Green Blue Brown Bronze

The code first RANDOMLY selects a color from each candidates color pool. If a candidate has only one color choice, then by default that is selected. ONE way our theoretical pool of candidates could come out would be:

Adam - Blue Bob - Bronze Dale - Blue
Dave - Bronze Jack - Blue Jim - Blue
Ken - Green Karl - Brown Mack - Bronze
Walt - Bronze

The selection is then organized into a pool by each color. You can see by this means of random selection, its possible that there could even be no candidates for a particular color.

Green: Ken
Blue: Adam Dale Jack Jim
Brown: Karl
Bronze: Bob Dave Mack Walt

Given a theoretical clutch distribution of 6 eggs: 1 bronze, 2 blue, 3 green we can see that anyone who was randomly selected to impress brown will not impress in this clutch as no browns are available, and it does not matter what other colors they are interested in as that is what fate would have impressed them in this clutch. So, in our example Karl will not impress but in future clutches will have equal chance of impressing brown or bronze.

As there are fewer green candidates than green eggs all green candidates that were randomly selected for this clutch will impress. So Ken will impress.

Now, in our theoretical clutch we have two pools of candidates which exceed the number of such colored eggs available. In this case the pool of blue and the pool of bronze candidates will be shuffled. The shuffle function returns a random permutation of the elements put in. So one possible output:

Blue: Jack Dale Jim Adam Bronze: Bob Walt Mack Dave

From the shuffled list the code selects candidates until it runs out of eggs. So for our example Jack and Dale would impress Blue and Bob would impress Bronze. So the final PC results of the clutch would be:

Bob - Bronze Dale - Blue Jack - Blue Ken - Green

While Adam, Dave, Jim, Karl, Mack and Walt would remain in the candidate pool to stand again for the next clutch they sign up for.

Females are similarly selected. Those picked for green will be added to the green pool. Those picked for gold will be put in a gold pool. In our example there is no gold, so any who would have been selected for gold would not
impress and would stand again, even if they had green in their preferences.

There is no perfect system, but this is the way we have chosen in order to reflect the randomness of impression as well as avoid favoritism and disappointment. You will only be disappointed with the color you impress if you are not honest with yourself about your color preferences in the first place, so be honest with yourself and be happy with what results.

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