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An 'at a glance' listing of IC Dragon Statistics for High Reaches Weyr.

The Weyr's population during the interval is presumed to range around 150 dragons, or roughly half the normal fighting force needed in the Weyr during a Pass. As the Pass approaches the population begins increasing overall as more eggs are laid. The normal age distribution of riders becomes skewed as more younger riders are added, however as the Pass begins the same attrition rate from aging populations is expected. As a tradeoff once the Pass begins there are more deaths from threadfall and more deaths during weyrlinghood as they are exposed to threadfall for the first time as weyrling. Accidental deaths also occur, these are deaths from rider illness, childbirth (for green and gold riders), poor between visualizations, and so on.

Attrition from age runs around three dragonpairs per turn.
Attrition from accidents runs one or two dragonpairs per turn.
Attrition from weyrlinghood runs between 20% and 60% on average.
Transfers in and out of the weyr are generally uncommon.
Death from threadfall, or post-threadfall related injuries averages one or two dragonpairs per month.

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