DTU Help

The DTU provides primarily the way for dragons to communicate telepathically but also an an information resource.

File Description
+Help DTU-Info Informational Commands
+Help DTU-Chat Speaking Telepathically
+Help DTU-Between Teleportation Functions
+help DTU-Search Information on Being a SearchRider
+Help DTU-Setup Setting up and Personalizing your dragon

For help on Flights, please see '+Help +Flights'.


Syntax Purpose
+dtu/who List of Connected Dragons
+dtu/wholine List of Connected Dragons Lineage
+dtu/whoflight List of Connected Dragons Flight Info
+dtu/color <color> List of <color> Dragons
+dtu/color <color>line List of <color> Dragons Lineage
+dtu/color <color>flight List of <color> Dragons Flight Info
+dtu/all List of ALL Dragons
+dtu/allline List of ALL Dragons Lineage
+dtu/allflight List of ALL Dragons Flight Info
+dtu/dam <dam> List of <dam>'s offspring
+dtu/sire <sire> List of <sire>'s offspring
+pair <dragon/rider> Dragon-Rider Pairing Info


The chat system primarily utilizes the borgcomm knot system, so these commands may look rather familiar.

Syntax Purpose
=dtu <message> Projects to all Dragons
=dtu/color <message> Projects to all Dragons of your Color
=dtu/loc <message> Projects to other Dragons in your Dragons Location
=dtu/flight Projects to all Dragons tuned in to Flight

If you do not wish to hear chatter from the above commands, simply set yourself quiet on the DTU knot.

Syntax Purpose
Project <list of dragons>=<message> Projects to listed dragons
Bespeak <list of players>=<message> Projects to players


As there is only one area, this function is not yet setup.



Riders of Green, Blue and Brown dragons may sign up to be Searchriders. Those who sign up for a clutch may request an on camera search. By registering yourself as a searchrider you will recieve these requests.

+Searchrider On - Access the Searchrider System
+Searchrider Off - Remove yourself from the Searchrider System

Currently requests are handled via BBposts. When you search someone on camera please bbpost it for other searchriders to know.


dtu setup - in progress

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