+Finger help

Command: +finger <name>

This command shows you various bits of information about and will also accept "me" as an argument. +Finger is a command that conveys OOC information.

See Also '+help +finger-setup' for configuration options.

Finger Setup

To input the data, type the following commands:

&E-MAIL me=<Your email address> (optional)
&POSITION me=<Your IC Position/Job> *
&PLAN me=<Any plans your character may have>
&RP-PREFS me=<Any RP Prefs that you may have as a person>
&ALTS me=<Alternate characters you may be known as>
&OFF-HOURS me=<When you generally available for RP or Chat online.> *
&TEMPERMENT me=<Should explain itself, really.>
&VACATION me=<The dates you expect to be gone.>
&URL me=<Your homepage, if any.>

Add your own fields:

&FINGER-<whatever> me=<Whatever's info.>

* denotes a field required to clear through Character Generation.

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