+Flights help

This is the coded system that allows riders of female dragons to announce and hold flights. For Fertile Gold dragons it is also the first step in the clutch cycle. Female dragons stay proddy for 14 RL days.

General Commands
+Flights List of Dragons who are Proddy
+FLT Record <Rider> Displays Records of <Rider>'s Dragon
Rider Commands
+FLT Next Lists RL Days until next Proddy Cycle (Greens Only)
+FLT Pass Sets a Green !Proddy OOCly.
+FLT Trigger Triggers a Gold proddy for an NPC Clutch
+FLT Join Tunes in to Flight Chatter
+FLT Leave Tunes out of the Flight Chatter
=dtu/flight <chat> Chats on the Flight bandwidth. Flight chatter is generally OOC.
+FLT Rand <Yes/No> Sets or removes a MALE dragon from the pool of males available
to win a random rolled flight.
Flight Commands
+FLT Announce <Flight Info> Info posted to +Flights. Max 57 Characters.
+FLT Part <Rider> Marks <Rider> as participating in your Flight
Greens and NPC Gold cycles
+FLT PCWin <Rider> Marks <Rider> as winner.
+FLT NPCWin <Player> <Color> <Dragon> Marks your NPC Winner
+FLT Random Determines a Random Winner, based on males that have put
themselves in the random pool. Limited to Bronze or Brown for Golds.
PC Gold Clutches
+FLT CLWin <B/E> <H/L> <Rider> Sets the winner of a Gold flight that will produce a PC clutch.
Variables explained below.

There are a number of factors which will effect clutch size and distribution. Two of these factors are included in the win command so that you can reflect what you ICly play out and thus what the IC result is. The first factor is whether a female bloods (B) or eats (E) during the first phase of the flight. The second factor is whether the female is caught up high (H) or lower (L) in the sky. Only PC dragons may sire clutches. If you do not declare a winner by the end of your Proddy cycle the code will assign the winner as NPC M'am and his Brown Yessyrth which is a very BAD thing.

Green dragons rise several times a turn, which we have translated codewise into every 4-6 RL weeks. You may pass on a cycle OOCly anytime you like by using the '+FLT PASS' command. This will simply reset your Green's cycle and she will go Proddy again in 4-6 RL weeks.

Gold dragons rise infrequently, though ICly more frequently as a Pass approaches. Since Gold dragons rise perhaps once a Turn at most, they are NOT on an auto cycle. They will NOT go into cycle unless their rider triggers it with the '+FLT TRIGGER' command for an NPC Clutch. Goldriders may trigger their dragons no more frequently than once every 12 RL Weeks. All PC Clutches will be triggered by a Wizard, and then Gold Rider notified by @mail.

If you would like to run a PC Clutch please submit a +Request to the Wizzen in the following format:

+request Clutch for <Dragon>=<Details>

In the Details please include the Months/Dates you would like to be considered to go PRODDY (IE when to BEGIN the PC cycle). Keep in mind the hatching window is 63-73 RL days /after/ your Flight. Please also note if you only want to clutch if there is at least one PC Candidate, or if you are ok with a clutch which may end up with only NPC's.

The Wizzen will contact Goldriders in order of requests and dependent upon dates, activity levels, and specific requirements. Clutches may be as frequent as every RL month, or as infrequent once a RL year depending on interest. If you run a PC clutch, whether or not you get PC candidate, you will be expected to complete each step in the code process. If you do not, you are not likely to be considered for PC clutches in the future. Please review '+Help +Clutch' for specifics on what this entails.

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