Multidesc Help

Multi-Description System

This is an optional coded system to allow players to have multiple outfits described for their character for quick and easy changes, for instance, to match seasonal attire.

First: '@parent me=#125', then make sure your @desc is clear '@desc me='

Syntax Purpose
+mgeneral <General Description> This sets the general unchanging portion of your description.
Such as your height, hair color, face, eyes, build, etc.
Do not include any age function.
+mknots <Knot Desc> This sets the description of the shoulder knots and/or badges
you wear to show your rank. (Optional)
+mdescs List of Outfits
+moutfit <Name>=<Desc> Sets the description of outfit with reference <name>.
+mset <Name> Changes the outfit portion of your description to <name>
+mdelete <Name> Deletes <Outfit>
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