+Ratings help

To set a rating on your character type '+Rating <G/PG/PG-13/R/X>'

To check the rating of those in the room with you type '+roomrating'

1. All Players UNDER the Real Life age of 18 may only be rated G, PG, or PG-13.
2. If Players do NOT have a rating set, then they are assumed to be rated G.
3. At all times you should be aware of the ratings of those around you, and keep your RP level appropriate.
4. TS may not be done in Public rooms/areas.
5. If you set a rating of R or X you are indicating and agreeing that you are both at least 18 real life years old, *and* that you meet the requirements in your local area to role play and view the role play of sexual and violent materials.

G No Violence
No sexual situations
Watch your language
PG Some Violence is ok, but no gore or graphic detail
Light Sexual Situations. Like hugging, tickling, a light kiss
Stronger words ok, but no swearing
PG-13 Violence is ok, though not gore
Stronger Sexual situations. Kissing, sexual overtones in discussion
Stronger language, swear words as long as they aren't used in a sexual overtone
R Violence ok
Sexual situations, except nudity and TS
X At this rating most anything is ok. Remember no TS in public rooms.

Ratings such as XXX, and NC-17 are not recognized here.

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